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Letters to the editor


Too noisy here

As an East Vail resident living under the (still ongoing) sinkhole aftermath, I’ve nearly reached my noise level limit. Spruce Way is a war zone, complete with trucks and trailers, nuisance and noise.

While I realize this is a necessary evil to the sinkhole dilemma, and I’m very thankful to all the workers putting in their hard effort to clean this mess up, when coupled with the constant I-70 traffic noise, it really is ridiculous.

To put it in perspective, I work from home, and just the other day I had to hop off a conference call mid-meeting, as there was no quiet place in my house and I was disrupting the other attendees’ ability to even hear each other. Granted, all of East Vail doesn’t have the added noise of the Spruce Way cleanup, but even without it, the I-70 noise issue is a very serious reality in front of this community.

We moved over from Frisco one year ago, and I have to say I very much miss the quiet serenity of a Main Street community. Vail’s a wonderful place, but there’s no question that the whole allure of the mountain experience, and the very reason we live here, is diminished by I-70 traffic.

Tennis at Ford, hoops at Donovan, a bike ride to Copper – none are exempt from the sound pollution. Several seasons ago, Warren Miller opened one of his ski movie segments on Copper Mountain by saying “a highway runs through it.” I remember thinking, “Maybe, but really he’s off by about 22 miles.” Vail truly has the highway running through it.

I understand CDOT is also going to be doing major roadwork on eastbound I-70 this fall, too. I’m not too worried about that, as I don’t think it can get much louder than it already is.

I truly hope that these issues can find their way onto the ballot by this November, as it sounds like we’ve got some council people that will give it the backing it sorely needs.

John Monson


Missed that one

I am a Democrat and an environmentalist and I was very interested in Alan Braunholtz’s most recent column, “Bush, the anti-environment president.” You presented many interesting facts that were unknown to me.

At the end of the column you stated that this government has made many changes without public comment or congressional approval. Well, the only issue that I know for certain that you are mistaken on is the Yellowstone snowmobile issue.

When Clinton passed a ban on snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park there was an extensive period of public comment and criticism on this subject. Many companies and individuals make their living guiding snowmobile tours in Yellowstone, and many more private citizens enjoy this recreational activity.

This subject can be debated all day long, and it was. They were disrupting the the wildlife, etc. Well, the snowmobile companies responded by producing a 4-stroke engine (previous models had been 2-stroke engines). These new engines (which they could have manufactured many years ago, but did not because it would be expensive) are much quieter and produce far less pollution. This is the reason that the ban was overturned.

I do not know for sure if Congress approved this measure, but I am certain that there was extensive public comment and debate on this subject. This inaccuracy led me to question the validity of many of your other claims. Did you research everything you wrote about? Obviously not!

I have noticed inconsistencies like this on a regular basis in the Vail Daily. I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you (Vail Daily writers) write your columns; however, I no longer take as fact what is published in the Vail Daily. I implore all newspaper writers to fully research your statements and claims before you publish them.

Mark Krasnow


Great fund-raiser

We want to thank the many people and organizations who helped with our car wash last Saturday. The Gypsum Fire Department let us use hoses, nozzles and a splitter.

Steve Carver bought us lunch and donated to our program. Dave Scott allowed us to use the high school’s parking lot. And Jan Hiland organized this very successful fund-raiser.

Also thanks goes to our incredible sponsor – the town of Gypsum and other businesses who continue to support us – AmericInn and Eagle Dance Academy.

Thanks to all of the people who bought car washes and please come and watch us dance at the next home football game in Gypsum on Sept. 19. We’ll see you at halftime!

The Eagle Valley High School Dance Team

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