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No answer thereAbout David Le Vine’s recent letter: Socialized medicine has not proven to be a resounding success in other countries.Until recently, the United States has had the best medical care in the world. As we have delved deeper into HMOs, with government interferences, we have delved deeper into losing the finest medical care in the world.If our government begins setting the stage for whom, when and where a person can seek treatment, what provider would be willing to step out of this tidy package deal? Even if they wanted to, their hands would be tied.What Terry Quinn was pointing out is the following: Do we want government taking over another aspect of free enterprise services?Our Social Security and our Medicaid programs are facing bankruptcy in the not-too-distant future. Ditto Medicare. Free enterprise and open competition with choices seem to provide the best services for citizens overall. I also would venture to say that most members of Congress (be they Democrats or Republicans) would not join the government medical programs. Standing in line with an “Approval Pass” would not appeal to them. They seem to prefer the best care and retirement that money can buy.I think it is rather like “naying” school vouchers – limousine liberals like Senators Kennedy and Clinton send their kids to private school but oppose giving poor and middle class kids a similar opportunity. Because we are (according to David Le Vine) a country that can afford new tax cuts, one would assume that there would be no tax hikes imposed for government-subsidized medicine.As an intelligent conservative citizen, I am going to suggest that based on previous historical governmental dabbling, hikes will be a given in spite of what the liberals always promise.To close, be careful what you wish for. You may just get it, and then some.Marty LichGypsumGreenwashI was given a copy of the latest serving of chop liver from columnist Alan Braunholtz, which ran under the headline, “Bush an anti-environmentalist,” or some such nonsense.As Twain would say, there are lies, damn lies and then there are green statistics. Braunholtz’s commentary was basic propaganda. The commentary was filled with distortions and unfounded claims.A community newspaper fails its readers when it stoops to printing partisan garbage verbatim, and when, despite requests for more diverse views (remember that catchphrase?), that paper persists in printing screed from a resident alien like Braunholtz.I guess you can lead the management of the Daily to talented and honest writers, which many readers have, but you can’t make that management think objectively. That would also explain Braunholtz.Mike SpaniolaMinturnNot this groupI got a big chuckle out of the item, “The perks of being over 50,” which was published on the Town Talk page of last Sunday’s Daily. Talk about being out of touch!Whoever put that article in the Vail Daily sure doesn’t know who lives in this valley!Speaking for all the 50-year-olds and older – just to address part of the list – our brain cells are growing, our joints are active, we wear out hiking boots and ski clothes among other things, we have better sex than some younger people would like to imagine, our pension plans have long ago been settled, our parties aren’t loud because we’re smarter than that, and the reason we quit trying to hold our stomachs in is because we have learned how to exercise and eat right and have no stomach to show for it!These are reasons, by the way, that the over-50 crowd who live in this area do live in this area – to fraternize with those of similar ilk.The contributor should check out the annual list of activities of the “Vail50 Club,” which has nearly 1,000 members, to see how incredibly out of touch he/she is!Eileen MillerVailThe Dorsey focusMr. Dorsey’s focus is obviously a choice to ignore the facts and postulate half-truths. President Bush, with the approval of Congress, declared war on terrorism following the unprovoked attacks of 9/11.The facts are: 1) The Taliban were given AMPLE opportunity to turn over Bin Laden and his Al Quaeda cronies or face the consequences. 2) Saddam was also given MORE THAN AMPLE opportunity to fully cooperate with WMD inspections, but he refused to do so. 3) That Iraq’s WMD have not yet been found does NOT mean they did not exist (possible, though unlikely), but rather that they remain well hidden, were destroyed or moved outside the country (Syria? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? California?). 4) Top Al Quaeda leaders traveled to Iraq for what reason – “Fun & Sun Vacation” package – or just needed to use up their “sky miles” before they expired? 5) President Bush has kept his word to the American people and to the world.We are at war with the terrorist groups and will hunt them down wherever they exist. This will be a VERY long war.Mr. Dorsey’s “red herring” assertion that the Bush administration is protecting the opium trade demonstrates just how absurd he is.Richard Musick

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