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Letters to the editor


Give us a break

All of those Vail Town Council members who voted in favor of an ordinance that would prohibit the use of “jake brakes” over a stretch of eight miles between mile marker 181 in East Vail to marker 173 in West Vail – have you lost all sight of what it means to be a public servant?

What happened to that promise made to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens that you represent?

And we wonder why the average American feels disassociated from their political representatives and why the average American has become increasingly apathetic to the whole political process!

So I guess we have relegated ourselves to caring more about those second- and third-home owners who feel somehow that the serenity and tranquility of their winter home has been disrupted by the terrible rumblings of the blue collar worker in his semi-truck who, pardon his crude behavior, might just have to use his “jake brake” to keep himself from flying off the twisty mountain road or even worse, from crashing into the Range Rover in front of him whose driver is by the way oh so disturbed by the loud noise behind him. Let me remind you that it is these very construction workers driving their big loud trucks who built the lavish places that you call home!

One would think that the Vail Town Council members in weighing the various interests at stake here would prioritize safety of our truckers and other motorists over the petty complaints of those individuals who have nothing more pressing to worry about then how they can lobby to try to eliminate these loud and unsightly work trucks from the picturesque horizon of the Vail Valley.

Hey guy, humor me if you will, and try to look beyond your own self-indulgent egotism for just one brief moment and recognize that these people are just trying to make a living out here. Let’s not make their jobs anymore difficult or dangerous then they already are.

And in response to Councilman Chuck Ogilby’s assertion that “Two of my friends have left the valley because of the noise. Our message needs to be loud and clear.” I like to think of this as natural selection, “survival of the fittest,” you know, nature’s way of weeding out the idiots.

No offense, but would you want those people as your next door neighbors? I’ll keep this short and sweet.

From a young voice who has had experience in the political arena and who truly believes there are still some politicians out there who have not forgotten the real reason they first became passionate about politics – to help people (and I don’t just mean those constituents with deep pockets) and to make a difference and to stand up for things you truly believe in and things that feel right in your heart – you five Vail Town Council members should be ashamed of yourselves and what you fail to stand for!

Over and out, Good Buddy,

Sol Paradise

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