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Letters to the editor


Too costly

How do you reason with unreasonable people? People that value death more than life? You make life so unbearable for them that they will want to move on. Unfortunately, every U.S. administration has taken the approach that peace is attainable in the Middle East through negotiation and reason. Is the administration so dumb as not to have caught on by now? Or are there other factors in play of which we are not aware?

For example, our government agreed that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, and the embassy was to be moved. It was never done. The recognition of Jerusalem was very important because it sent a message. It turned out to be a false promise, as well as many other agreements that were made. One would think that after all these years and lies from Arafat, President Bush and company would abandon a phony road map and let the Israelis do what they have to do.

Because of false propaganda, the world has been brainwashed to think that the West Bank and Gaza are not Israel, but “occupied” territories. False. They are part of greater Israel (1947) and taken back from Jordan and Egypt in a war. Unfortunately, due to left-wing pressure, Israel never pushed forward to straighten this falsehood out. Today the word “occupied” is the Palestinian watchword. It is not “occupied”; it is Israel.

Arafat is their false prophet and a thief. He has stolen millions using some for terrorism and some for him personally. The damage he has done to his own young people will be irreparable for at least another two generations.

Unless Israel can control the security, there will be more damage. The Palestinians have dropped below the poverty level because they can’t work. When the wall is finished, they are finished.

The only place in the Middle East that gave them jobs cannot trust them and will not trust them. Their destitute situation will become an Arab problem, and the Arab countries have already written them off. If the oil-bearing countries of the Middle East don’t take care of them, who will? It is their responsibility, not American tax dollars.

America cannot be the world’s policeman or the world’s breadbasket. It is too costly.

Arthur Kittay


A printable

Kobe fan letter

What a hypocrite you are, Don Rogers. You sit and talk about a “bastion of democracy is open court proceedings,” which is true AT TRIAL but doesn’t mean everything has to be given to the public WHEN they want it; and certainly not at a defendant’s expense.

In the same breath, you then bash David Stern for saying that people are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. His only point was that those same individuals have a right to have their lives continue until that proof has been made. Most Americans believe in that, even if you find it appalling.

I’m sure many people will catch the contradiction in terms of your complete bias and hypocrisy. Why not just dispense with the trial all together and give Kobe Bryant and old fashioned lynching? After all, this big black athlete raped one of your own, right? Unless he can prove he’s innocent, he should just lock himself away and forget any attempt to live his life until his prison term begins.

And you call yourself a journalist? What a complete and total joke. Seriously.

Patricia Galindo

Successful summer

People aged 5 to 80 enjoyed another summer full of recreational activities offered by the Vail Recreation District. Our sports department saw record numbers of trail runners and bike racers, softball and soccer players.

Youth Services entertained and taught numerous children, our nature center led breathtaking hikes and nature tours, while the Vail Golf Club showcased its beautifully manicured greens.

The summer began early at the VRD with a mountain bike race on May 14 with over 800 racers participating in the eight-race series.

New courses were tackled and additional age groups were added with over 100 kids under the age of 14 racing in the series. Mountain biking is a growing sport and the VRD looks forward to offering a multitude of opportunities to participate.

As the riders ride, the runners run in the VRD Teva Vail Mountain Trail Running Series. The seven-race series was elevated to the next level by obtaining two key races this past summer.

The Teva Mountain Games Spring Runoff was the 2003 USATF Colorado Association Trail Championships and a selection race for the 2003 USA Teva Mountain Running Team and the Vail HillClimb was the 2003 USA Mountain Championships. An average of 150 participants entered each race, with the top finishers setting amazing records.

More record setting was done at Vail Gymnastics. Since the move to the Avon location, the VRD has experienced growth in the triple digits.

The number of programs and classes have been increased, hours have been expanded, staff has been added, all keeping up with the demand.

The quality of coaching cannot be found anywhere else in the valley.

Quality programming is also found at Vail Youth Services. Throughout the summer, three day camps were held: Camp Vail for ages 5-12, Pre-Kamp Vail for ages 30 months to 5 and not entering kindergarten, and Camp Eco-fun for kids 4-11. If that wasn’t enough, there were numerous other programs like Creative Spot, Skateboard Clinics, and Leapin’ Leonardos.

In all, whether just visiting the valley or living here, Vail Youth Services makes it fun to be a kid.

If a day camp wasn’t the choice of the day, VRD Youth Sports offered endless alternatives. New this summer was the Howard Head Youth Performance Enhancement Camp.

It was a great partnership between two experienced entities, Howard Head Sports Medicine and the VRD. From baseball to T-Ball, soccer camps to soccer leagues, lacrosse to High Country Hoops, kids were kept busy!

Busy was an understatement for the Vail Nature Center. Hikers enjoyed wildflower tours, bird watching and backcountry hikes.

The pinnacle of the summer season were the three overnights at various 10th Mountain Division Huts. Trekkers indulged in home-cooked meals and endless beauty while telling stories around the campfire. All in all, new friendships were formed as well as old ones rekindled.

You didn’t need to hike to take in the views of the valley. The Gore Range can be seen almost in its entirety while golfing at the Vail Golf Club. Thousands of golfers chipped, chile dipped, and putted their way through the course.

Dobson Arena was swinging with ice skaters and hockey players. As host of the Vail Ice Skating Championships, Dobson saw hundreds of Olympic hopefuls while the Bob Johnson Hockey School trained future NHL stars last July. In between ice time, various performers entertained crowds with all types of music.

The Vail Recreation District staff would like to thank all those involved in making this a fun-filled and enjoyable summer season. From our sponsors, who are many, to our thousands of participants, our success could not be realized without you. We look forward to expanding our relationships, both old and new, as we begin to prepare for another year of quality mountain recreation.

And do not forgot to check out http://www.vailrec.com for information on upcoming events this fall and winter.

Wendy Cheff

Vail Recreation District

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