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Letters to the editor


Be there!

The people of Avon were sandbagged in 1998 by the rat-like cunning of Magnus Lindholm. Now, it’s time to “spread the alarm, for the country folk to be up, and to arm.”

Here we go again.

You may have thought that he had his PUD, with the usurpation of the town’s sales tax, and that that was all behind us. Well, he’s back, and he wants a great deal more from you.

He wants 15 acres of heavy REGIONAL COMMERCIAL zoning north of the highway to replace the residential zoning we already gave him. He wants big chain hotels, liquor stores, Quiznos, etc. And by the way, he wants the sales tax up there too.

But this time the people will win. Why? Because the council cannot grant a drastic zoning upgrade where there is no community benefit. Lindholm would be degrading our front door with his suburban commercial garbage. To grant this abomination would be in flagrant violation of our own master plan.

The vision for the Village at Avon is for the commercial space to be next to the existing shopping area, so old and new would feed each other traffic. The council would never turn their backs on the master plan. The people will win.

The economic argument in favor of the REGIONAL COMMERCIAL rests on the supposition that more sales tax in Lindholm’s pocket would mean that he would retire his bonds early, so that he could convey the sales tax to the town.

That is a lovely fantasy, but I just read the bond offering memorandum and while the bonds are technically callable, there is no obligation to do so prior 2021. At the interest rate of 1.65 percent, would you retire such an instrument early?

But the good news is that I am sure all of our councilmen have the bond documents, have read them, and know this. The people will be victorious!

On Tuesday, Oct. 14, our noble council will reject this proposal for all these reasons and more. You have nothing to fear!

But just to be sure, you better show up at the meeting at 5:30.

Walter Dandy


Where it belongs

My name is Steven Coyer and I am president of the Mountain Star Association (consisting of 90 lot and home owners in Mountain Star in Avon). For a number of years now my neighbors and I have been watching the development of our town, and recently have been so outraged that our board has decided to take action on a current issue now under consideration by the Town Council. I am speaking of the proposed PUD revision that would permit development of the area around the new interchange just being completed by Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

The 15 acres being proposed for commercial development is a small parcel, but one with a dramatic visual impact to all townspeople, as well as visitors to the town and valley.

Most of us moved here for the beauty and serenity that the valley provides – the proposed commercial development of this parcel would be outrageous. This is particularly true when you think about the hundreds of acres that this developer has yet to develop on the valley floor!

The gas station, hotel, fast food outlets, etc., that the developer would likely put on this parcel should be part of the planned development that former town councils have approved – on the valley floor. This would retain much of the natural beauty of the slopes around the interchange.

I have spoken with many of our full-time resident homeowners – their number is growing each year. We will support candidates to the town council that share our views on intelligent, well-thought-out development that is in the best interests of townspeople. And not hit-or-miss, give-the-developer-what-he-wants development.

I should let you know that we are not simply “anti-growth.” We are fully supportive of intelligently planned development that benefits our town – and this is what we expect from our town council.

We urge you to vote against this PUD revision, and take a strong stand for the natural beauty of our town.

Steven C. Coyer


We’re the sheep here

This ridiculous Bair Ranch conservation easement charade must stop. It is unclear whether the Bairs plan to pursue their RV resort and corporate retreat as part of the easement agreement – Craig Bair doesn’t return phone calls these days.

If they do, their cynicism is pretty stunning. Even if they don’t, this nonsense has gone far enough. The $2 million for the easement is Eagle County money that can’t be repaid next year when the open space tax is first collected.

Apparently the two commissioners who voted for it thought future open space tax money could be used to pay back the county – wrong, according to the county attorney.

Thus, the open spacers have effectively cannibalized the $1 million the county set aside for a much-needed day-care center at Berry Ranch in favor of their pet project, if this deal closes when the Bairs want it to.

We’ve been told incessantly that we’re “preserving our western working ranch heritage” with the easement on this ranch. But the Bairs got rid of their sheep in 2002; no sheep, no working ranch. All we’re preserving is our western boondoggle heritage.

Craig Bair told the commissioners he plans to buy a new gaggle of sheep. Should we believe him, given current developments? Enough already. This open space tax money wasn’t intended to give to private hunting outfitters and guest ranchers – which Bair Ranch already is – much less RV parks and corporate retreats – which the Bairs may well aspire to.

Instead, let’s look into buying an easement on the private and school section land above Homestead that now blocks access to the national forest above. People could actually use that land recreationally – hike, bike and ride horses up in that gorgeous country. If this decision stands, we will be paying $2 million to subsidize hunters and vacationers worldwide to come to Bair Ranch and play on land that we can’t set foot on. How ridiculous is that?

E-mail or call Menconi and Gallagher and tell them to rescind this preposterous decision. The commissioners’ phone number is 328-8605; their e-mails are arn.menconi@eaglecounty.us and michael.gallagher@eaglecounty.us.

Joy Overbeck


Bad deal

Regarding Amendment 33: On the outside chance some of your readers might want to read the actual legislation we’re voting on, here is the link:

http://www.leg.state.co.us/2003a/initrefr.nsf/Ballot Analysis?openview

If you read the legislation for Amendment 33 pay attention to page (2) (PDF format) lines 7-11 inclusive.

Point is, the accounting for the revenues is not defined!

As written this is a license to steal for the company doing the accounting for the profits.

In the age of Enron accounting, are you comfortable with this kind of legislation?

I’m all for supporting tourism. I refuse to do it with bad legislation.

Pete Buckley

Photo op

As several of us were watching Kobe Bryant hearing events unfold on TV we noticed that Mike Cacioppo, ye olde publisher of Speakout, was hanging around the base of the stairwell, like he was waiting for a bus or a pizza delivery or something. As Kobe approached, YOP suddenly turned and timed his ascent up the stairs to coincide exactly with that of Kobe’s, walking shoulder to shoulder with the accused for about 20 feet or so….

When he got to the top of the stairs he stopped, acting totally innocent, and let Kobe pass on. None of us can figure out what he was up to. At the least, he got this photo out of it.

Walt Bujaryn

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