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Letters to the editor


Yes on 33I strongly support Amendment 33 and hope the voters of Eagle County will join me. Amendment 33 is about our livelihood – it’s about bringing tourists to the state. Tourism is Eagle County’s No. 1 industryand the state’s No. 2 industry. This amendment enables the state to raise $25 million annually to help in this effort. Since the tourism tax went away in 1994, Colorado went from the third most-visited state to the 22nd.Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a big fan of gambling and I’ve never even bought a lottery ticket in my life, but this initiative will send 61 percent of the proceeds of the video lottery terminals directly to tourism funding, along with parks, open space, etc. When you vote on Nov. 4, please think about our livelihood in Eagle County, and how much of it is driven by tourism. I hope you’ll join me in voting YES on Amendment 33.Robin LittEdwardsTraer listening?I appreciate the coverage the Daily provided on the Village at Avon PUD amendment request. There was a lively meeting before the Avon Town Council’s vote Oct 16. We the citizens appreciate the council’s action to deny the amendment to the Village at Avon PUD that the developer, Traer Creek, was seeking.I would like to inform the public that Shane Bohart’s statement quoted in the paper is inaccurate. It read in part: “It seems the council’s decision was based on a number of new issues that were first presented at Tuesday evening’s public hearing,” Bohart said. “Traer is confident it would have been able to satisfactorily address these new issues, as well as the outstanding school district issues previously communicated to Traer, if Traer had been given adequate notice of the council’s new concerns prior to Tuesday’s hearing.”I personally addressed, in September, several of the issues that led to the denial of this amendment. On Sept. 24, I sent a letter to Shane Bohart at Traer Creek LLC addressing several issues that were cause for concern with the PUD amendment. Included in that letter was the following:”I believe that the placement of lodging at that intersection would be a mistake. The placement of lodging at that exit will create the appearance of another “village’ from I-70 and the tourists’ perspective. It would further draw revenues from the Avon town core and create a burden for either transportation or parking that the town currently would not experience.”Lastly, I understood that the developer intended to develop the big boxes and the I-70 intersection, then the valley floor from the existing town of Avon toward the east. It is my observation that the urgency on changing the PUD is likely to be driven by the developer’s desire to develop the north side of the highway before the valley floor. I believe that it is in the best interest of the town of Avon, its existing residents and businesses that the village core and valley floor be developed sooner rather than later. Please address this, when possible, though unfortunately I do not see how Traer Creek would be under any obligation to fulfill this request.”I have attended meetings with the developer over the past seven years on numerous occasions. It is unfortunate that the developer has chosen not to seek out the input of the citizens during the planning process. While they are under no obligation to listen to unsolicited advice or provide venues for additional community input other than the standard P&Z postings, they may want to reconsider their interaction with the citizens.This developer has chosen to ignore the concerns of the public that are being affected by their project. They have turned what could have been a cooperative effort of the current residence into an adversarial one. On several occasions the public has offered to participate in meetings with the developer and offer input. The developer has time and again ignored the rights of the citizens of Avon.The message to the developer should be listen to the residents, they have a vested interest in this development and the future of Avon. The Avon Town Council heard that loud and clear. Hopefully, the developer will as well.Amy C. Phillips

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