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Letters to the editor


Moffet for council

As friends and supporters of Greg Moffet for Vail Town Council, we are constantly impressed with the wealth of information and knowledge he brings to the position. Greg’s business expertise, foresight, and unwavering commitment to this community have served Vail well the past four years.

As a marketing professional and successful business owner, Greg understands the importance of promoting Vail in today’s economy. His legal background and experience in commercial real estate enables him to provide the aggressive business leadership required from the council.

Greg’s enthusiasm is contagious. He is able to maintain a sense of humor and keep perspective even in difficult times. Greg’s work within the community is a testament to his caring. He has been a catalyst for the Donovan Park Pavilion and affordable housing as well as the redevelopment of Lionshead.

Recently, Greg assisted the local preschool, Children’s Garden of Learning, secure a temporary location at Red Sandstone Elementary School during the new construction phase.

Greg continues to coach youth sports, sponsor town races, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Not only does Greg demonstrate his dedication to the community through his actions, he clearly has a firm grasp of the complicated issues at hand after serving on the present Town Council.

It takes a special person to persist under public pressure and advance the causes believed in so dearly.

Ultimately, Greg believes in Vail. It is our hope the community will stand behind Greg Moffet and allow him to continue the work he’s started.

Nancy Sweeney

Thomas Salamunovich

Forward thinker

During a recent visit to Mount St. Helens, the narrator of the interpretive video we were watching, closed by saying that we are no longer walking on the same ground we trod in the past and that we will be traversing as yet unknown terrain in the future. It struck me that he was speaking of more than just geologic time.

Eight years ago when I was elected to the Board of Trustees of Colorado Mountain College, the world was a different place. Without question, changes around the globe have affected even our local communities.

CMC has felt that change as well and has had to reposition itself to adapt to changing demand. One of the great things about community colleges is that they have the flexibility to make the move when necessary.

As I step down form my position on the Board of Trustees, I want to ensure that the college continues to assess the environment and deliver services to meet determined need.

In order to do this it is imperative that board members understand their role in this rapidly changing environment. Chet Gaede is such a person.

As mayor of Leadville for the past eight years, he has dealt with a myriad of changes. He possesses a realist’s eye of the present while holding a visionary outlook of the future. Chet realizes the significance of a community college not only in this community but also throughout the entire college district. Having been the mayor, he has shown his ability to work effectively with disparate viewpoints in decision-making, collaboration and teamwork being his forte. He understands the synergy of people and agencies working together.

One other attribute stands foremost in my mind. Mayor Gaede has stated, in no uncertain terms, that his intent as a member of the Board of Trustees is to govern the college, not to run it!

Ultimately his goal is to ensure the continued viability of Colorado Mountain College as an integral part of all our communities.

Therefore, without reservation, I ask that you vote for Chet Gaede for the Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustees. A vote for Chet is a vote to strengthen your community.

Dr. John C. Giardino

Chairman, Board of Trustees,

Colorado Mountain College

Gordon for council

Who are you going to vote for in the Vail Town Council election? And why? Here is why you should vote for Mark Gordon.

Mark Gordon is thoughtful and action-oriented. He is genuinely optimistic and has fun working with others to make things happen. He’s willing to hear different sides to a story, and change his mind or change the situation. And his various life experiences give him the depth needed for good decision-making in a town like Vail.

How can I say these things? As a friend, I’ve seen him do these things.

Here are things I’ve seen him do: Break bread with opponents. With his wife, Tracy, invite a diverse group of people to a party, most of whom don’t know each other, and everyone has a great time. Cook incredible meals. Move thousands of pounds of dirt from his basement in 5 gallon buckets. Build a new deck on his house. Read a short story he wrote in public. Get active in the affordable housing debate. Spend countless hours keeping up on local issues and going to public meetings. Share parts of his past lives in music, publishing, film, marketing and promotion. Change his life radically in moving to Vail. Teach me about conference centers based on his years of experience as an entrepreneur in the conference industry.

Ask for input on his campaign from a wide variety of people, constantly improving his ideas and approach. Shift from discussing art to discussing public parking. Build a team at work. Get to know his neighbors. Spend the better part of a ski day guiding some out-of-town guests we randomly met on the gondola around the mountain, and have a great time doing it. Vote Mark Gordon for Vail Town Council.

David Loughry


Provable case?

I am pleased to read a column (“Authorities do alleged victim no favors”) from a local newspaper that is objective about the Kobe Bryant case.

I tend to agree with your assessment and would also have given more thought to the question of whether or not this is a provable case before proceeding to indictment.

I pray that your paper will keep an unbiased prospective while covering this story as it seems to have done.

Again, kudos for a job well reported.

Todd Pendleton

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