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Letters to the editor


Need bus barn

I have been contacted by members of the school board and the Citizens for 3A group to seek a correction in a statement made in Monday’s editorial.

The district has launched discussions with Eagle County regarding shared space at the Eagle County transportation facilities near the airport. At this point, however, those discussions cannot proceed to the next level because the district doesn’t have a dedicated funding source to finance a new bus barn.

The current facility in Eagle is more than 30 years old and as as you could well expect, it was built at a time when the district had around 1,000 students rather than the current 5,000 students.

Also, by way of background, the district’s bus fleet numbers 48 vehicles which travel more than 1,000 miles every day. This information has been communicated to Vail Daily reporters and included in the district’s election fact sheet.

Pam Boyd

Communications Coordinator

Eagle County School District

Editor’s note: The Vail Daily’s position, stated in two editorials, is that we believe the school district can do more to work with the county and Avon on the bus issues WITHOUT the tax increase that the district seeks this election.

Try forgiveness

Mr. Rogers (I can’t stand to visualize that sweet Mr. Rogers I grew up with associated with your name):

I sure wouldn’t want to be one of your children. Your hateful, vindictive and arrogant piece, titled “My heart sure ain’t with Bryant,” made me sick to my stomach. I sure wouldn’t want to have to come to you about a big error in judgment if I was one of your children or in general a fallible human being that knows and trusts you.

As a journalist, you certainly have the right to express your opinion. However, when you use words like “bastard” in a piece where young impressionable people may be reading, it hardly makes you any better. That was shocking to me.

Whether you like Kobe Bryant or not, making him out to be the devil incarnate is childish. I know you are trying to score points with your readers, especially since you pointed out you live in Eagle. But expressing anger in a world that is already too filled with hate is inexcusable.

I would really like the opportunity to look into your past. What’s it like, Mr. Rogers, to never have made a mistake or an error in judgment? It must feel good to be on top of that pedestal, virtuous and chaste.

I believe in forgiveness. That is the only way you can encourage truthfulness. Degrading, humiliating and shaming a person that does wrong does not encourage truth-telling.

You need to take a chill pill and reread your article. You might want to write a little more objectively in the future if you want to be taken seriously.

Terri A. Frazier

Tustin, Calif.

Cleaned out

Regarding the janitor jobs at Wal-Mart, I also had a cleaning janitorial business. I didn’t make a lot of money, but it paid my bills. I lost my three contracts to illegal alien employees who paid no taxes, weren’t covered with workers comp and so worked considerably cheaper as it was cash under the table.

By the way, I am a white female (college educated) who needed to be a stay-at-home wife and mother while contributing to the shared household expenses.

So when Mr. Zavala says, “My family’s not happy about this,” I can certainly empathize with him because I am not happy about losing my job to cheaters who are also criminals here, either. Bummer, Mr. Zavala, I hope your entire family gets a free one-way ticket back to your home – which is not the United States, of course!

Marty Lich


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