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Letters to the editor


End Tipsline

This letter is in response to the unidentified person who phoned in the recent Tipsline attacking the Avon-Vassar Meadows land exchange. The Tipsline suggested that the exchange was being promoted for the “personal interests” of Eagle Valley Land Trust Director Cindy Cohagen to “be sure her back yard in Vassar Meadows is not developed.”

For the record, Cohagen was in no way whatsoever affiliated with the Eagle County Land Trust when the deal was negotiated. The Avon-Vassar Meadows exchange was struck many years ago by Cohagen’s predecessor, Brad Udall, the U.S. Forest Service, state of Colorado, Eagle County, Eagle Valley Land Trust and many others.

The more troubling question is why the Vail Daily continues to allow its pages to be used to spread lies and launch untrue personal attacks on citizens of our valley? I asked that of Editor Don Rogers (a truly fine journalist) the other day, and he told me the Daily would not get rid of Tipsline, basically because it’s too popular.The National Enquirer is popular with a certain element, too, but that doesn’t make what it does right. Does the Daily want to sink to their level?

What is the purpose of the muckraking, yellow-journalism component of Tipsline, where you can be attacked and lied about and not even know who your accuser is? I can see the usefulness of a column where unidentified callers or writers can discuss issues or blow the whistle on something, but to me it’s entirely different for a column to allow the dissemination of anonymous personal slander and outright lies.

Sure, people can read this letter and learn that the attacks on Cohagen are completely untrue. But what if they don’t read the paper the day this is published? Will there be a few, a dozen, or even a hundred people who now have a lesser opinion of a fine individual because the Vail Daily aided and abetted her slandering? It’s an outrage, and the Daily should apologize to Cohagen and discontinue any future Tipslines involving personal attacks by unidentified individuals.

Andy Wiessner


Thanks, Hoedown

This letter is an expression of gratitude and respect for the East West Hoedown that took place recently at 4 Eagle Ranch. As a member of a non-profit that works tirelessly to maintain financial stability and continue to work on development of healthy and happy youth in the valley, we understand the dedication, organization, follow through and interest it takes in creating and hosting an event like the Hoedown.

Thank you to Slifer Smith and Frampton, East West Partners, East West Technology, East West Resort, CME and the brokers, businesses, and individuals that have the foresight and interest in creating such an event specifically to benefit various non-profits in the valley. SOS was fortunate and appreciative to be one of those beneficiaries.

Thank you to Kim Bradley and her dynamic steering committee team for putting on such a wonderful event. We couldn’t provide the programs we do without dedicated and caring community members like you. A big thanks to all for making this years East West Hoedown a great success.

Anne J. Menconi

Director of Youth Programs

SOS Outreach

Superb help

On Monday, Oct. 13, about 8:30 or 9 p.m. my wife fell and was hurt badly. I was not able to properly thank the firemen and emergency team that took such great care of her. They took her to your outstanding Vail hospital and the excellent service continued. I hope that you might pass this along through your letters to the editors and hopefully these great people will see our hearty thanks to them, as well as your readers in letting them know how dedicated and outstanding emergency services you have in Vail.

Gene Firmine

Naples, Fla.

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