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Letters to the Editor

A good eye

I would like to thank the town of Vail code enforcement officers and the Vail Police Department for taking the time to walk through our neighborhood to address code violations and eyesores such as abandoned cars, piles of junk stacked outside of houses, mattresses tossed outside, old tires scattered about, discarded car batteries, gas and oil cans sitting about and general conditions that reflect negatively on our town and neighborhoods.

Many of the issues we are concerned with are health related as well (potential rodent infestations, soil contamination from gas and oil, acid from car batteries readily accessible for any inquisitive kid in the neighborhood). Along with these officers’ time and effort, we have been able to motivate landlords and renters to have a little respect for themselves and the properties they rent or own. The homeowners from the Donovan Park neighborhood area are grateful for these officers taking the time and energy to help make Vail the best it can be.

I would like to ask the hard-working people who are renting property in all of our neighborhoods to please be respectful of the homes you are renting and your neighbors. Please don’t leave trash out at night, as this only encourages the bears and other animals to scatter it everywhere. If this does happen to you, please pick it up. Please respect private parking spaces as these are assigned to tenants other than yourself.

If your mattress is old and you got a new one, throw the old one away. Please don’t put it on your back porch or lean it beside your back door.

If your vehicle is not running, how about fixing it or selling it? Do something other than ignoring it and hoping it will fix itself. It won’t. Sell it for scrap metal and make some money.

Take responsibility for yourself and do the right thing. Thanks, TOV, for your help and participation.

Farrow Hitt

Donovan Park/Matterhorn Neighborhood


Voter’s wisdom

Regarding David Le Vine and his statement of “like it or not, we simply have to spend $87 billion in order to support our troops in Iraq,”I have a little voter’s wisdom for future reference; when voted in, we better like it.

Lest there be doubt in anyone’s mind?

Whatever our government pays for, it also controls.

When our government makes itself the primary provider of anything, it immediately commands it.

Simply put, it owns it.

This is true whether it is local, state or federal government we are considering.

Marty Lich


Get over it

Oh, please. To the Tipsline caller complaining about Bill Sterret and the fellows posing for the Undressed calendar:

First, the proceeds from the calendar benefit a wonderful local charity.

Second, you must not know Bill Sterret. Apart from being a brilliant surgeon, he is one of the most compassionate doctors you will ever meet.

If he and the fellows want to let their hair – or anything else – down, while helping a worthwhile cause, more power to them.

Laura Bell

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