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Letters to the editor


Responsible journalism

As you are well aware, the printed word lasts.

Referring to the Daily’s “Tipsline”: Whether what is said or implied in this section of your otherwise rather good local newspaper has validity or not, the words and the impressions contained therein leave in the minds of the readers tend to linger on and on.

Allowing anonymous individuals to openly and freely slander good folks in the community I find, in a word, reprehensible.

A few days ago one such piece slandered the good name of Cindy Cohagen, an individual I know well and work with on a weekly basis as a member of the Eagle Valley Land Trust Board of Directors. I know the allegations that were put forward to be totally unfounded and far off the mark. As a consequence, I think far less of Don Rogers, Steve Pope and the Vail Daily.

Ours is a small community, and enlightened self interest would indicate that it is wise not to allow the small minds among us to throw stones at the productive members of the community without any consequences at all.

My advice and counsel, should you care to heed it, is to drop the “Tipsline” column from your paper. By continuing to run this too often slanderous and irrelevant gossip column, you debase yourself, the Vail Daily and insult the intelligence of your readership.

You have deeply offended me and many other leaders in the valley by allowing Cindy, and others, to be slandered. Is it really your intention to drive all good people away from their endeavors to make this community a better place to live?

Cut it out.

Peter Bergh


Keep 5 alive

The end of the powder appears to be in the not-too-distant future. It is not often that I write to object about something that Vail Resorts has proposed, but I feel that this is the time and the topic.

Chair 5 may be the limiting factor for skier numbers in Sunup and Sundown Bowls because of uphill capacity, but it is also the savior of the Vail experience, the unparalleled expanse of pristine powder and Pete and Earl’s dreams.

To replace Chair 5 with a high speed detachable quad and put in a second detachable quad up the Sundown side to Wildwood is ultimately replacing that Vail experience with snowmaking, groomed slopes, hard pack and moguls.

There are some who may say that the terrain is the limiting factor and that replacing Chair 5 is only going to make it a better experience for those who already ski there, that no additional skiers will show up.

I couldn’t disagree more. Snow condition is the limiting factor and with the increase in uphill capacity there will be a corresponding increase in skiers driving the need for intense grooming. The limiting factor will diminish and snow wear will become an issue after closing the south-facing slopes early one fine spring season, driving the need the next year for snow making.

If Vail Resorts is going to pursue the replacement of Chair 5, don’t say it is to better the experience of those who are already there. Be honest and say it is to raise the skier-day limit imposed by the Forest Service and increase skier days.

It will put additional demands on the front side of the mountain and will impact off-mountain facilities such as parking, all of which needs to be thoroughly discussed in a public forum and approved by the Forest Service and the town of Vail.

The end of the powder. The end of the Vail experience. The end of Pete and Earl’s dream. Let’s leave Chair 5 as it is and relish in our experience of an occasional long wait in the lift maze with friends and visiting skiers alike who know what sets Vail apart from other resorts.

Kent Rose

Can’t trust count

The voting-machine column by Alan Braunholtz was thought-provoking. In light of the fact that the Florida election debacle was created by a Texas PR firm hired by the Democrats, nothing abnormal happened in the election before the “great cry.” The abnormal part was the subsequent recounts with the seeming intent to continue until a different result was achieved.

It seems curious that the Republicans benefited from the change to a questionable new technology.

With the help of the media, many people believe that Gore won in Florida when the facts show that Bush won the first count and the recount.

Jack Phelps


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