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Letters to the editor


A mother’s gift

Unfortunately, I buried my mom recently (Oct. 24th). Even in death, my mom taught us a lesson about life, responsibility and consideration of others.

I would like to share this heartfelt experience with others in hopes that they too may learn from such a wise and wonderful lady.

Mothers are very special people. Their pain does not end once they have given birth. Usually a mother’s life is filled with pain, worry and difficulty associated with raising her children.

Often, children break their mother’s heart several times over the course of their lives. But no matter how much pain we may cause or how bad we may screw up our lives, our mom will always love us.

I realized when I lost my mom that I had also lost the only place in the world where I was always welcomed and loved unconditionally. No matter how old we may get, that secure feeling of being welcomed and loved is very important.

Sending a mother a card, a gift, flower arrangement, or box of chocolates means a lot to her no matter how many times she tells you to save your money and not to bother. A simple telephone call means a lot, too.

From a mother’s view we grow up, go to work, get married, and form our own family, which makes a mother proud and happy. However, when all of this occurs, some moms no longer feel needed. When we reach this stage of our lives, it is important that we as her children replace that feeling of being needed, with the sincere and deep feelings of love that we should all share with our moms. If we do, then they will feel no emptiness, which is how it should be.

My mother was a cook for over 42 years. She was a great country cook. My mother raised my siblings and I by herself on a cook’s salary, often cooking at one restaurant during the day and another restaurant at night.

When I received the news that mom was ill, I got in my vehicle and drove straight through from Colorado to Illinois. I was too late. Mom passed five hours before I arrived. When I arrived, I went straight to the mortuary, where I asked the funeral director, “What do I need to do?

He replied, “Nothing, your mother took care of everything.”

My mom had purchased her grave site, headstone, casket and service. She had even bought a blue dress in which to be buried in, and she had chosen the music to be played at her service.

In addition, my mom had no debts. She literally did not owe anyone anything. To the surprise of my three remaining siblings and I, Mom had also established funds for each of us where she had arranged for all four of us to receive $50 from her each Christmas for the next 40 years!

Mom said, “I want all of my children to always receive a Christmas present from me for as long as they are alive, even after I have passed. No matter how old they may get, children should always receive a gift from their Mother.”

My oldest sister will have to live to be 98 years of age before she stops receiving Christmas gifts from Mom.

Thankfully, I always remembered my Mom on holidays and her birthday, never once did I forget. I tried to do special things like wiring her birthday cakes on her birthday that were baked and delivered from a bakery. On Christmas I always tried to spoil her. My mom had taught my wife all of her secret Christmas candy and cookie recipes and every year for the past several years my wife made Mom’s recipes and sent her box of them. I have always appreciated that my mom stood over a hot grill 12-14 hours a day her whole life in order to provide for me.

I had spoken to Mom a couple of weeks prior to her passing. Usually just before we hung up the phone I’d tell Mom that I loved her. She would always respond, “OK” and then hang up. Our last conversation she said, “I love you, too.” Those are the last words I heard from my Mom and they are the last words I will ever hear from her, I’m fortunate that once again Mom knew exactly what to say when I needed it most.

So even in passing Mom taught me responsibility, love, consideration and dignity. My Mom was a very special lady and I bet your Mom is too. I hope that everyone out there treats their mother the way moms deserve to be treated.

The world is certainly a very different place when you no longer have a mom. I sincerely hope that all of you who still have a mother cherish her and that you spend time with her while you can. I also hope that you make sure your children understand how very special their mom is and that they always remember it. Moms are a gift.

Steve Wilson


Please help!

My name is Michael Olsen, and my family and I have recently become members of this wonderful community. My wife and I moved up here from Salt Lake City with our two daughters, Ariel and Ashlie, our fish named Zen (who has recently left us for a bigger pond), and our miniature pinscher named Harley.

Before we moved here, we spoke with our good friends Abel and Tiffany Clark. We asked them about several things in Eagle, including restrictions on pets. It sounded very dreary. Well, Abel finally spoke with John Hannen at Red Canyon Townhomes (vice president of the association) who made mention to Abel that if he submitted a request in writing, there would be no problem with having this small animal here. Therefore, Abel submitted this request on our behalf.

We moved in with Abel and Tiffany on Sept.13. We stayed with them until the funds and availability was in order so we could live in our own unit at Red Canyon Townhomes. When we moved into our unit on Nov. 1, our new landlord, Scott Prince, asked for a copy of the approval to have our dog there. We felt there wasn’t a problem since Harley had been approved to live in Unit 29 (where we had lived for nearly two months), so we submitted our letter to John and asked him to transfer the approval to Unit 43.

John submitted our request to Chris Juergens (president of the association) to have Harley transferred. The same day, we received a hand-written note from Chris stating that it would not be possible for us to keep our dog and live on the premises. According to Chris, they had recently initiated a new rule that restricted any new owners or renters from having a dog. People who already had a dog had been grandfathered into the old rules and regulations, allowing them to keep their pet.

Now people are allowed to have cats, but no dogs. We called Chris to verbalize our protest. You see, we had already invested a fortune in moving here based upon the fact that we were able to find a place that allowed us to keep our dog. We have lived here two months, established ourselves, and had begun our new lives already.

If we are unable to keep our pet, we will be forced to move out. You see, this dog has a special purpose for our daughters. They have had some traumatic experiences in their youth, and therapists have suggested a dog.

Ashlie, our second daughter, has bonded with Harley and has made wonderful progress since then. He has been the key to her recovery. If forced to decide, we will have to break our lease and somehow find the funds to prevent us from living in our car. When Ashlie was told of this situation, she had decided to run away. It took nearly three hours to find her.

Chris said we could protest to the property management company (Rock Properties). We spoke with George, who notified us that Kent was out of town, but “shouldn’t have a problem approving it.” When Kent had returned, he simply left a message for us stating that under no circumstances could he go against the association’s decision about pets. He stated that Harley would have to leave.

Now we turn to you, our newly adopted community, as our last hope. Please, for our daughter’s sake, our family’s sake, and for Harley, help us prevent this tragedy.

Please call and voice your opinion to Chris Juergens (907-328-5627), John Hannen (907-845-5400) and also Kent at Rock Properties (907-569-3543).

Every voice counts and we are turning to you, asking you to voice your opinion and support us. Please call us with any questions (907-328-5466), or stop by and visit our family and meet Harley for yourselves (43 Christian Court). You will see that he is a small, but very loving and friendly creature. Again, please help our family avoid a severe tragedy. Thank you for your time, understanding, and most of all, your involvement.

Michael and Amber Olsen

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