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Letters to the editor


This letter is in response to your recent editorial regarding your stated preference among the three commissioner candidates. I found it hard to believe that you cited “political skills” as one of your primary reasons for endorsing Tom Stone.

I certainly don’t remember that trait being discussed at the recent leadership forum and I certainly haven’t heard any of our Eagle County residents saying “Gee, I love a good politician”. Americans are tired of “politics” and “politicians”. This is one of the main reasons why I am running and why I am running as an Independent candidate. It is time to get “politics” out of government. Newspapers have been endorsing “politicians” for decades, so this is nothing new, but I do hope Eagle County voters will remember that ultimately, the choice is ours. When we step into that voting booth, no one goes in their with us – not the media or the political parties or our spouse or anyone else. We are free to decide on whom we believe to be the best person for the job.

Laurie Bower

Candidate for

county commissioner

Conference center

I am writing on behalf of the proposed conference center in Vail. I encourage Vail voters to vote yes on 2D for several reasons:

There is a need for a conference center based on past interest from large groups that can not be handled currently, by the existing hotel base.

Off-season business will be positively impacted, meaning more jobs and work in the spring, summer and fall.

There are built-in firewalls to secure on-going financing/operations funding/project reserve funding through bonds. Even with a 15 percent shortfall in projected revenues, it can continue to function.

It appears that for once, the business community, town government, and employee base largely agree that this project is needed and should move forward.

The town of Vail would have professional help in selecting a professional conference center operator though an RFP. The land has been donated by Vail Resorts and it will likely not be offered again, as this choice piece of land will be used for something else, down the road.

Vail needs an economic shot in the arm. Vote yes for 2D. We need to seize this opportunity.

Bill Anderson

31’s a bad deal

As are many teachers here in Eagle County, I am very concerned about Amendment 31 and what changes it would bring to classrooms here. For one, this amendment would take away the opportunity for students to be instructed in their native language in order to be functional in English.

It would mandate students be in a separate English as a second language class for nine months, meaning students would be placed in mainstream classes after those nine months no matter what their proficiency in English.

Studies show non-native English speakers learn English best when they have support in their native language. As it is now, all children must learn English while in district programs while they receive additional support in their native language. Secondly, if Amendment 31 passes, parents wouldn’t be able to choose the program they would like their kids to pursue. Parents could apply for a waiver and keep their kids in bilingual classes, but the waivers would be very difficult to obtain because the schools could grant them only in very restrictive cases.

Thirdly, Amendment 31 would enable parents to sue teachers themselves if the parents later think a waiver actually inhibited their child’s education.

Additionally, Amendment 31 would mandate additional testing, as well as special classes, but would allocate no additional funding to pay for it all. Just how would this new, unfunded mandate be financed?

Amendment 31 – which, if passed, would become part of the Colorado Constitution – is unfair, punitive, costly and would take choices away from parents.

Maria Cristina Valderrama


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