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Letters to the editor


I am writing to ask every voter to vote for Heather Lemon to be his or her 56th Congressional Representative in the Colorado House of Representatives.

I know Heather personally and she would represent Eagle County brilliantly and would fight for our issues in the state House. Her opponent, although a very nice man, is term-limited and will have to retire in two years. He is from tiny Lake County and has just picked up Eagle, and Summit counties through redistricting.

He doesn’t know us. It makes sense for us to elect a person from our own community to represent Eagle County voters. Eagle County has by far the largest number of voters by twice the number of even of Summit County.

Heather has been active in our community and knows our specific needs. She has raised three teen-agers in the Vail Valley. She will work to diversify our local economy to make it less dependent on the resort industry. She will work to protect our water rights. She will work to reduce regulation on business. She will push for lower taxes. She is an immigration attorney and understands the needs of our Hispanic community and the vital part they play in our local economy.

Her opponent if elected will take awhile to get to know Eagle County’s needs and then he will be gone. Why not elect Heather, who already knows our needs and is one of our own? Please vote for Heather Lemon as our local representative for the 56th Congressional District.

Rob Spangler


Real leadership

It’s time we brought integrity to Eagle County government. Gerry Sandberg has promised to lead Eagle County by working with the people to build consensus and by recognizing others for their hard work and leadership.-

His opponent has demonstrated over and over again that he’s most interested in taking credit for other people’s efforts.

That’s not leadership.-

At best, it’s a thinly veiled attempt to set the stage for higher office.-

At worst, it’s a sign of an insecure, career politician who has to publicize his supposed victories instead of letting the record speak for itself.-

Vote for Gerry Sandberg for Eagle County commissioner.

Nanci Baker


Shaping future

Rarely, if ever, can the citizens of a municipality have a direct impact on the future direction of their town. This coming election day, the citizens of Vail have this power. The people of Vail can decide collectively what the future holds in store for the town of Vail.

Are we going to face the future with timidity and a wait-and-see attitude? Or are we going to be bold and forward thinking? Are we going to look at the two TOV tax increases as a meddlesome government bureaucracy putting its hand in our pockets again, or will we look at the tax increases as our opportunity to shape Vail’s future?

The mill levy increase will help the town wean itself from the stagnant sales tax. We need it to help fund the renaissance of Vail. I know many of you feel that this tax will just be rewarding the present town government for inefficiency and bad decision making. But these are two separate issues.

We must first give the town the resources to continue to provide the level of service that we expect and to expand the infrastructure so that we can remain the number one ski town in North America.

The town’s inefficiency and bad policy decisions are a separate issue that we have the power to change next November. Let’s make sure that we give the future town government the tools and resources to make Vail’s renaissance more than just empty rhetoric.

The sales and lodging tax increase in order to fund the conference center is the second of our opportunities to shape the future of our town. We need a first-class conference center. Conference centers by their nature are not moneymakers for that particular facility, but they are moneymakers for the municipality.

Sure there is fierce competition between conference centers, but ours will be located in Vail. With a modern state-of-the-art facility, nine times out of ten we will win the competition hands down. The only reason a meeting might not locate here is that the dates are unavailable.

We the citizens of Vail have an amazing amount of power handed to us this November. It is up to each and every one of us to vote in favor of both of these tax increases, because voting yes is a vote in favor of a bright future for the town.

I fear that if these two proposals are defeated, the slide into becoming one of America’s most expensive retirement communities will continue. We need to revitalize the town, and to do that the town needs the financial resources.

The naysayers are everywhere. It is human nature to try and go down the path of least resistance, but that isn’t the path of a world-class resort/town. For too long Vail has only looked in reverse; I want to see the town look towards the future. I’m asking the citizens of Vail to show courage and together we can create the type of community we will all be proud of.

Mark Gordon

Great leader

Recently, I learned that my good friend, Joy Hoy, is a candidate for sheriff in your county. I say outstanding! I have known Joe for over 30 years. We met as two young Army officers attending helicopter flight school. After graduation we found ourselves assigned to the same combat unit in Vietnam. Joe quickly established himself as a skilled pilot and effective leader who received the respect of all who worked with him, officers and enlisted alike. Many times Joe put his life on the line for the safety and welfare of others. I know, because he saved my life. If I ever had to fly into combat again, I’d do it in a heartbeat if Joe was there to get me out.

After Vietnam, Joe went on to make a name for himself in the field of Army aviation safety and airfield security. When he left the Army, he fulfilled his dream to own and manage his own business in Colorado Springs. He was really proud of his store and the positive effect it had on the local community. Unfortunately, the economics of the time and stiff competition from the big supermarkets forced him to close the doors.

I have not seen Joe in over 10 years, but we keep in touch. I know he takes pride and personal satisfaction in the role he has played in the prevention side of law enforcement. I know Joe would be an outstanding leader and would serve your community with commitment and pride.

Ben Hek

Hek Glass Inc.

Lexington, Ky.

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