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Letters to the Editor

Hockey fund-raiser

The 2003 Vail Junior Hockey Sportsmanship Tournament fund-raiser held the first three weekends in November was a huge success!

I would like to thank all the wonderful parent volunteers, the Dobson Ice Arena staff, the Town of Vail for donating the ice time and all the local businesses who advertised in the tournament program for contributing to the success of the tournament.

Thanks also to the Vail Daily sports reporters who covered all three weekends with great pictures and articles.

I would especially like to thank my committee chairwomen, who did a fabulous job organizing their committees – Sue Byron, Laine Coffey, Louise Funk, Deb Davis and Becky Maddux – and to Harvey Robertson for printing up the rosters for the program and game sheet stickers.

A big thank you goes out to VJHA Director Jade Kersey for the long hours spent at the rink during these weekends and all the parents who put in extra time volunteering to make the days run smoothly.

The purpose of this tournament is to raise funds for VJHA in order to keep registration fees affordable, allowing all children, girls and boys ages 5-18, the opportunity to play hockey in the Vail Valley.

Due to the success of this year’s tournament, we hope to see many hockey players hit the ice for the 2004-05 season.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all those dedicated and committed people who made the 2003 Vail Sportsmanship Tournament the best yet.

Beth Chow

2003 Vail Sportsmanship Tournament Director

Talk about bias

You allowed one of your reporters (Randy Wyrick) to represent you on the NBC “Today Show” yesterday morning, Wednesday, Nov. 26. Based solely on that appearance, my wife and I felt that Mr. Wyrick took a decidedly biased view of a Web site favoring the Kobe Bryant rape victim. He specifically made the comment that a pro-accuser Web site was “much more favorable” than the “shrieking” Kobe Web site efforts.

Given that comment, I took the liberty of examining some of Mr. Wyrick’s previous previous articles on this subject (see the Web) and have concluded that your reporter is not an objective journalist.

Nor should the Vail Daily would allow someone like that to represent them on national television. Reporter Wyrick is obviously biased and sharing that immaturity with a national audience, deteriorating impressions of your newspaper.

The situation with Mr. Kobe Bryant and his accuser is disappointing for all concerned.

We know that Mr. Bryant slept with someone out of wedlock. We also know that a young lady went to Mr. Bryant’s room in the middle of the night and was continuing an earlier “flirting and kissing” behavior, anticipating that something would happen.

We know that a district attorney elected by a small community to protect the health and welfare … has very few alternatives than to aggressively defend the honor of a town resident who makes somewhat credible allegations. We also know that both public prosecutors and multi-millionaire defendants are about evenly matched in their resources to spar in a judicial context.

Let’s all try to find some grace in dealing with the apparent indiscretions of two young people whose lives will be forever changed by your publicity.

Let’s try to help the people of Colorado and the world see the victim for who she is. Let’s try to help them see Mr. Bryant for who he is (role model who has misstepped vs. bad black man with no redeeming value).

Let’s allow people to understand that small rural communities have embarrassing moments also and that zealous prosecutors and defense attorneys only adulterate and exacerbate these situations. Let’s also try keeping reporters like Wyrick hidden from exposure that deserves more responsible commentary.

Tom Broadwater

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