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Letters to the editor


More baloney

The stated intention of the recently passed Medicare bill was to provide less expensive drug care for our senior citizens. So why did the pharmaceutical industry spend $40 million to support it?

Not because the bill would make that happen, but rather because the government will now assist with the payment of the same high prices. The provisions of the bill don’t include anything that will significantly affect their prices or their profits. Other legislation might have done that !

Incidentally, it has been acknowledged that a good bit of that money went to lobbyists who used their connections in order to influence (bribe?) various members of congress. Large contributions to re-election funds do get attention!

Incidentally, having passed the legislation, Congress also passed on to our children the monstrous costs associated with it.

Then our president hails it as a victory for him and his party. In order to gloss over the unattractive features, our president merely proclaims that we are “modernizing” Medicare. More baloney!

David Le Vine

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