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Still guiltyLiberal Bias In The Media Dept.: Studies have shown that when newspapers, etc., describe a person or organization, it is common to add an adjective like “conservative” or “right wing” when they are dealing with something alleged to be right of center.But there is a lot less of such descriptions when dealing with a subject that is to the left. The implication is that right wing is unusual or bad, while left wing is ordinary and OK.The Vail Daily is still guilty as previously charged.In Wednesday’s edition on Page A14, there was a column by William Kristol, “How Dean could win.” At the end, there was an italicized note “William Kristol is the editor of the conservative Weekly Standard.” Who made that choice of words?On Page B2 of the Dec. 9 edition, there was a story “Charity season brings cash to celebrities.”It just named the reporters, and showed their affiliation as “L.A. Times and Washington Post News Service.”Not “the liberal L.A. Times and Washington Post News Service.” What’s the difference?Terry QuinnEagleShame on you!This is to the “about age 50” female who slid into (on foot) and hit our 7 1/2-year-old daughter at the Beaver Creek ski races on Sunday: How dare you leave the scene of an accident? What were you thinking?You are at least twice the size and weight of this girl and yet you didn’t even bother to stop and see if she was OK. And by the way, yes, she was hurt.I hope you conscience will make you stop next time and take responsibility for your actions.Julia BarnettImmigrant tideI am aghast at the level of ignorance shown by Angela Trujillo in trashing Marty Lich regarding immigration and the liberal media.Trujillo is so concerned with “racism” of immigration reformists even while our nation is being overwhelmed by mass immigration. Instead of looking at the impact immigration has upon every aspect of life in Colorado today,Trujillo spends much of her letter expressing a vendetta against all things WHITE. It is amazing how Trujillo spews racist rhetoric while the elephant in the living room – 3million immigrants – enter the U.S. every year, against the wishes of over 70 percent of Americans of all colors. Why shouldn’t Lich be concerned with that? Does Trujillo even care about the impact? The liberal media welcomes the invasion of illegals.Guess Trujillo hasn’t noticed the invasion of illegals right here in Colorado. And the liberals are their biggest cheerleaders. What causes Trujillo to become so angry and bigoted towards Americans who care about this country, as demonstrated in her response to Lich who is concerned with this timely issue?I say you go, Marty Lich, and you are to be commended for your commitment to a cause that is destroying not only this state but this country. Your extreme intelligence on the issue is educating many.Jan HerronJefferson CountyThanks for helpThank you. On behalf of the Battle Mountain High School Landscape Improvements Group, I want to thank the following for their donation of professional services, personal commitment, products, and financial assistance.Colorado Alpine Gardens-Martin Jones & Jim Christie; Alpine Engineering-Glen Palmer & Bob Herbst; Gallegos Corporation-The Gallegos Brothers & Jake Jacobson; Alpine Trucking-Pattie Robak-White; Long’s Excavation-Jerry McArthur; Reynold’s Corporation-Buz Reynolds; Eagle River Water & Sanitation District-F. Haslee, R. Forsyth, & L. Sanford; Kemp & Company-Jim Kemp; CDOT-Keith Powers; Lafarge-Steve Wood; Arosa Construction Co.-Mike Baskins & Family; MJL Development Co.-Michael Lauterbach & Family; First Banks of Vail & Avon; Bachelor Gulch Property Owners Association; The Vail Daily; Lawn Sprinkler Specialists-Evan DeMuth; Four Star Development, Inc.; R.A. Nelson Co.; B.M.H.S.-PTA; Karen Strakbein; Rodger & Margo Behler; Bob Finlay; Kurt & Leslie Davis; Paul & Joan Gotthelf & Family; L.D. Chipman & Susan J. Miller; Sue Eves; Jim & Kathy Witler; Rick MacCutcheon; Mark Bulloch.Thanks to you and your companies, construction of the berm, adjacent to I-70 and the football field/track, was completed in November, 2003. Landscaping work has started on Phase I of the main entrance flag pole area to the high school. Our plans will proceed in the spring and summer of 2004. Volunteers and donations are still being accepted and greatly appreciated for next year.This project is needed to enhance the Battle Mountain High School landscape and make it a welcoming entrance for students, faculty, and guests. To join in, please contact me at the above stated address or ate 390-2617.Bruce DrummEnforce lawLet me step in and settle the dust-up between Marty Lich and Angela Trujillo. First of all the labels conservative and liberal have nearly lost their meaning.Issues are what animate voters today. For example: the 70 percent of California voters who went for socially left, economically moderate Arnold Schwarzenegger because ofGov. Davis’ pandering to illegal aliens. Ditto for 60 percent of voters from union households, and 40 percent from Latino voters.Another example: You may have watched Lou Dobbs’ series on CNN about border security, illegal immigration, etc. But did you see his column in U.S. News & World Report on population overload?Dobbs, hardly a fire-eating xenophobe, points out that our 3 million yearly population increase causes millions of acres of farmland to be lost and that we will cease exporting food by 2025 and become increasingly dependent upon foreign-produced foods.I wonder if the people made ill by Mexican green onions are liberal or conservative? Five of them are dead.People in fear of their lives are seldom either conservative or liberal, they just want the law enforced.Isn’t that what both of you want, too?Barbara VickroyEscondido, Calif.

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