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Letters to the Editor

My “disturbance’

Kaye Ferry, you sort of hit the nail on the head. Only when one is a bit tipsy, like our lucky friend in the group, one can endure this ridiculous Turn It Up! class. Sorry I was not in that state. Also sorry that you were not there. We would have made a formidable team!

Anyways, as you know, I already apologized openly for the not more than five minutes of “disturbance” I created. I am also mailing them back my “category L” discount pass, commonly know as the Vail Merchant Pass. I hope that settles the matter for the concerned people. As of now I did not have time to use it.

Since I am apparently not allowed to be critical about the quality of this class, and the underlying arrogance behind it, let me say something else, Kaye.

If I was Vail Resorts and enjoyed a sweet, total monopoly on the mountain, I would definitely tone down my strong position and try to give the people as much as possible back as a “thank you” for my privileges.

Monopolies can be revoked. It happened all over the European Alps, when the traditional village ski schools were made by their countries’ forest services to accept “new ski schools ” and let them also run their business with the village lifts. Same with the food and ambiance operation on the mountains: To give somebody a monopoly position in this sector is a big no-no in Europe.

So, thanks to this wise decision of the European forest services, beautiful and cozy restaurants with great food can be found all over the mountains, making a ski day also an unforgettable romantic event. Anybody who skied the Alps knows that this beautiful ambiance is clearly lacking in Vail. No wonder!

For example, I do not see why a couple of local restaurants could not also get a spot on the mountain by order of the Forest Service. Beautiful 300-year-old mountain farmhouses can be still purchased in Austria for a good price and remodeled into most romantic little restaurants.

All what is needed are some wise decisions. If the monopoly holder in Vail would support this, then he really would show what he wants to be – world-class.

All right, Kaye, hope you can help push us all into the new direction. I promise to go to any good class you want, even without getting a pass.

Dieter Menzel

Not sympathy

Hey Don Rogers: FYI, Kobe led the entire NBA in votes for last year’s all-star game. The fact that he’s leading the Western Conference in votes this year isn’t a surprise and it’s certainly not as you called it, “a sympathy vote.”

Fans realize he’s a great talent, appreciate it, and vote for him. He is, after all, the best 2-guard in the game.

The surprise isn’t that he’s leading the Western Conference in votes, but why he isn’t leading the entire NBA. And I think we all know the reason to that, and it’s not his statistics.

If Kobe were to average 30 points a game this year, it would be counterproductive to the team. Yes, he isn’t shooting a high percentage, skinny and isn’t rebounding as much, but fans realize he’s playing a long with O’Neal, Malone and Payton.

Malone and O’Neal grab the boards and Payton dishes it out. Kobe is supposed to score, and he does it, and does it well on most nights. As of today, he leads the team in scoring.

Despite the rape trial, fans realize this and make their votes on who truly is the best, not on those for whom they have sympathy.

If sympathy were a factor in votes, 5-foot-5 Boykins would be an all-star every year. Of course, this is just an opinion of a West Virginia Lakers fan.

Frederick Milam

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