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Letters to the editor


Following are letters from eighth-graders in Nanci Almonte’s class at Eagle Valley Middle School:

Long wait

Have you ever been up valley and missed the bus, and had to wait an hour for the next one? Those of us who live in Eagle, especially us kids who can’t drive, run into this problem all the time, especially during the snowboarding season. Although they have a bus that runs just about every hour, I think that they should provide more buses.

The main reason I think that we need more buses is because when we all go up snowboarding we always end up missing the bus. Then we have to wait around for an hour for the next one to come. Then, by the time you get back to Eagle, it’s a lot later than we had expected in the first place. Most people like to get home earlier in the evening, especially if you just had a long day of snowboarding. That is one reason why I think that we need more buses.

Another reason why we should have more buses that run on the hour is because around 4:30 and 5 p.m. the buses are very full. They are so full that you may not even be able to get a seat. Also, the bus makes about seven to eight stops in between Avon and Eagle. After a full day of snowboarding you just want to get home, and not sit on a bus for up to an hour. And if the buses are very full you have to wait for the next one to come, no one that I know would want to stand up with all your snowboarding equipment for a whole bus ride home.

Clearly, I think that there should be more buses running every hour.

Lainey McDonough


BC gondola

Have you ever been to Beaver Creek and gone on Chair 6? And when you got to the top, there was another chairlift to the left that goes to the very top. Well, don’t you think that is a big deal? Why? Because that is just a waste of time when you could have one chairlift that goes to the very top in one trip, instead of two trips. That is why I think Beaver Creek should put a gondola in.

See I think they should because that is a big hassle moving from chair to chair, when you could build a gondola so you only would have to make one trip up to the very top. Also, if they put a gondola in they could have so much more money it will be a big investment. Also, so much more people would come to the mountain and have a better time because they won’t have to wait so long to ski.

Another reason why they should is because you can warm up in the gondola on a snow day. Second, a gondola will be a big help for transporting stuff back and forth. For instance you can transport food, or you could transport people that get hurt. Also it could be useful by taking more people up and it will go a lot faster than the regular chairlifts. And I think people would much rather have a gondola than a four person chairlift.

So in conclusion, what I think Beaver Creek should do is put a gondola in so they could get more money and more people to come to the mountain. Also, I think that the people would much rather like a gondola at Beaver Creek.

Daniel McKiernan

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