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Letters to the editor


Following are letters from eighth-graders in Nanci Almonte’s class at Eagle Valley Middle School:

Monorail needed

Do you hate driving to Denver? I do, and I can’t even drive. My mom is so slow and boring to drive with, I hate it and I don’t want to drive with her because you have to navigate and tell her how slow she is going. Wouldn’t you like a faster way of transportation through the I-70 corridor?

Driving from Eagle to Denver going 75 mph the whole way takes about three and a half to four hours. I think that you would get tired driving all that way.

A monorail will solve our problems with traffic and high gas prices. You will have to spend less on road repair and car repair plus you won’t have to drive. It will be twice as fast, you won’t encounter traffic slippery roads or road problems. You also won’t encounter those bad Californian drivers also. The economy will flourish because they will not have to buy expensive overseas oil because it will run on electricity.

Clearly you can see why we need a monorail. It will be twice as fast. It will be cheaper on us, other people, and the economy. It will be much, much smoother and more comfortable.

Jimmy Foley

Stop building

Why would you want a town where everything is the same and the town won’t stop getting bigger and looking more and more like Vail?

Well that’s why I think we should stop construction in Eagle Ranch because they make the wildlife that I know leave, just like the bike trails that I have gone on for many years.

If you like the wildlife in Eagle, why should we have the construction taking out our precious life and good bike trails?

Last year I went to a bike race in Eagle Ranch and at least a quarter of it had to be a road or sidewalk when it was a mountain bike trail.

I can remember when I was 3 and there would be cows running through Capitol Street and they would be going to Eagle Ranch to graze on all their property. I haven’t seen that since.

Even though I like a lot of things in big towns, I like how we are a small town. We should keep the small town and make it so we can be a small town and not many people knowing our name.

Why should we look like Denver if the reason why many people moved here was because we wanted to move away from Denver?

If we like to come here to see the wildlife, why are we making them run away?

Matthew Brubaker

Bowling’s great

Would you want to drive an hour and a half away to go bowling? I don’t. I think it is great that they are putting in a bowling alley in Eagle. It won’t be a long drive and it can give kids something to do.

Driving an hour and a half every time you want to go bowling might drive people crazy. Also, it could take up too much time, especially if you have a birthday party to go to or it’s your birthday. But now that we are getting a new bowling alley in Eagle, it is going to be great because it could only take less than five minutes or you could even walk.

One more thing is that it is great for kids so they will have something to do. They will be able to just go downtown to a new bowling alley for their birthday. Also, it can keep kids off drugs and alcohol. The last thing is that you can do your homework and then go bowling with your friends.

I would just like to thank the community again for deciding on putting a bowling alley in Eagle. Let’s support our new bowling alley with good business so we can enjoy it for years to come.

Mikeila Van Dyke

Build their image

Why do newspapers and magazines only show what an athlete does wrong? Don’t you think that if children see the stuff that they do wrong, that they would look at them as bad guys and the children might also want to imitate them? I think that newspapers should have a section where all they talk about is the great things that athletes do to the world and to the community.

Athletes have many young fans. Don’t you think that if they see that an athlete does something wrong that they might want to do it too? Children might say, “They do it. Why can’t I?”

In the case of Kobe Bryant, once a child sees what is happening they will wonder why he did that and they won’t think that it is bad. They might want to do it once they grow up. If children don’t follow, they will no longer look up to that person as their hero and they won’t admire them.

My little cousin is 6 years old and he loves basketball. He is a huge fan of Kobe and the Lakers. Once he heard the news about Kobe, he no longer dressed like him or was a fan of Kobe.

It would be good if our local newspaper had a section where they show what an athlete does to help the world and the community. This way if they have sections weekly, children will see that the athletes made a mistake and aren’t bad people. Children might follow the good things that the athletes do and they will become better people once they get older. I think that it would be a great idea if this were possible. Also, if other people see that they not only do bad things they might also become their fans.

If a section like this is put in our local newspaper, children will then begin to see them as heroes. A section on how athletes do well in our world and community would clearly help. This would help because then the little kids might think, “He does things that change the community, so why can’t I?”

Virdiana Carbajal

Closed off

Have you as a nature lover ever gone to your favorite place and found out it was closed? This has happened to many public lands around the county. I understand closing it to motor vehicles, because they do cause a lot of damage, but closing it to nature-loving mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians is not right. There are so many beautiful trails, and roads to explore; it’s sad that no one else can appreciate it.

Mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians do very little damage to the environment. There is no loud noise, or tires that rip four inches into the earth. Just the quiet rolling of the tires and bouncing chain of the mountain biker, or the slow clip clop of the horse and its rider moving slowly down the path, or even the crunch of the hikers boots on the ground as they pick their way along the trail.

I’d like to thank the people who live near the North Eby Creek access road, who took the problem into their own hands. They put up a fence that only let the people who did little damage to the environment, the mountain bikers and hikers. This now lets the nature lovers through, but not the jeepers and dirt bikers that tear up the land.

Many lands around Eagle County could also be easily conserved, just by doing what we did to Eby Creek to many other lands. There is so much beautiful country in Eagle County, let’s try to preserve it, but still let people enjoy the beauty of it all.

James McGoodwin

Grapevine hurts

Do you like living in a small, talkative town? If something happens the whole town knows about it by the next day. It scares me to think how judgmental of other people’s lives we are when we ourselves are much less than perfect in the things we do.

Next time you hear a word of unbelievable gossip think about what you are doing to the person who it is about, and how you would feel if someone said that about you.

As you all know, we live in an amazing valley with creations, other people can only imagine living by. Why is it that our perfect little valley has people who choose to infect their tongues with the poison of gossip? Living in a community where everyone knows everyone is a point we pride ourselves in; we use it to lure tourists into this charming town. Yet, if we use this to our advantage of good gossip then we are no better than a big city full of strangers.

How often do you catch yourself talking about someone you once called a friend? Whether or not you know you are doing it, I am sure you have. Does it ever even occur to you when you spread a juicy piece of gossip that you are hurting a person who makes your community what it is? It takes quite a person to keep their mouth shut when a secret is shared. Yet every time you do you are improving our community, making yourself a better person, and taking a stand on a huge problem in our community.

Certainly you now realize the errors of your ways and can work on correcting them. If we all try to improve our hurtful ways we can all improve our community.

Breanna Carroll

Need a gym

Would you like to have a gym in Eagle? Even though Eagle is a small county, we should make it grow. We should have a gym because we want to be more healthy, to stay in shape, and do not have to go to other places.

We want to be healthy and we do not get sick easily. Do you like to be sick? I do not because it feels so bad, and I like to feel good like a normal girl. We want Eagle to be more popular like Denver.

I like to be in shape but we need a gym to do exercises, because we do not like to be so fat. Some girls that are 14 years old or more and they weigh 180 pounds, they eat more fast food, and that is not a healthy food. We want a gym to be strong.

If we can have a gym, we do not have to go to other places like Gypsum and Avon. In addition, this is a small town and we want more people.

We should have a gym because we want to stay healthy, get in shape, and have something to do instead of watching TV all day. We want this town to grow.

Mary Cruz Rodriguez

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