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Letters to the editor


Following are letters from eighth-graders in Nanci Almonte’s class at Eagle Valley Middle School:

Dotsero store

Even though in Dotsero people are building houses, they should build a store in Dotsero so that people don’t have to drive to Gypsum.

In Dotsero, some people live so far away they have to drive to Gypsum to get their food at the store. Now they are building houses and all the people will not be happy to drive all over Gypsum. If they are going to build more houses, they need a store.

Because there are too many houses now in Dotsero and too many people living there they should build a store or something so people don’t have to go to Gypsum to get their food.

Hugo Cerna

Tell us more

I believe that many people in this valley would like to hear a little about what is going on in the community. One reason why is that many people in Eagle didn’t know about the Bluffs development until construction started. I also know that many people oppose this development. If people had known what was going to happen, they might have wanted to try to stop it.

For this and other reasons, I believe that at least once a week the Vail Daily should put up a column or article about projects that the county is planning. This way, the people of Eagle County can know what’s going on in the valley.

To begin this process, I believe that the Vail Daily should send a reporter to the county building to find out what’s going on. Then add this information to the newspaper.

You’d only need to do a column on this once a week because there aren’t new projects every day. All we want to know is what the county is planning so that we can support or go against the idea.

Many people like to know what is going on in their community. If they don’t, they may begin to distrust it. I’m sure that the community would enjoy articles that informed them about what’s going on in the valley.

As you can see, it would be a very easy process that could interest the people in Eagle County. All you’d need to do is put a page in your newspaper once every week talking about the projects that we have planned. The more informed the community is, the better the job you’re doing.

Ethan Smith

Jobs for teens

Have you ever heard someone say how irresponsible and lazy teens are these days? Well if companies and stores created more jobs for teens, those days would be over. More jobs would teach teens responsibility, keep them out of trouble, and help them make money for college.

After more teen jobs are created, teens that have jobs will become much more responsible. First, they will have to be responsible with their money. They will need to learn how to spend it, save it, and handle it. Another way jobs will make teens more responsible is that they will have to be at work on time.

Another benefit to teen jobs is that they will keep teens out of trouble in many ways. First, teens wouldn’t have time to get in trouble. For example, work starts at 8, pretty early. There would probably be an hour lunch break, and most teens just want to eat. After work ends at 4, most teens would be exhausted. I’d go home, eat, watch TV, and go to bed. No time to get in trouble. Also, teens wouldn’t take their free time for granted any more. They would use it to do something productive. Finally, teens would be more responsible and wouldn’t want to get in trouble.

Since many teens can’t get a scholarship or afford college, jobs for teens will help with this in a few ways. To start, if teens start working at a young age, they can save enough money for college. Getting into college is a major goal for many other teens and me.

Clearly, there are many things that will benefit from teen jobs, including the community, teens themselves, and the future of the USA. If companies and stores created more jobs for teens, the future would be much brighter for teens and the rest of the community.

Hunter Blevins

Growth’s perils

Did your family move or plant their roots in Eagle just to see it get developed? I know mine didn’t! Even though many developers think that they are doing good for the people, they didn’t stop and think about what the landowners wanted.

Some problems that many came up with is that the farmers and ranchers had to move, there aren’t enough people to fill the jobs in this valley, and the habitats of the wildlife and livestock are being destroyed.

To start off with, many ranching and farming families and their livestock have to move from the houses that they have lived in for years and years. I know one family that couldn’t stay up in Frost Creek where they were living. This family had to move to Montrose so that they could keep their animals and families happy. The livestock, including hundreds of head of cows, have to cram into the fields that are still owned by

very day. Who is moving to the Eagle to fill all the homes and jobs?

The developers that think they are doing good actually are ruining new owned businesses. Many new businesses have gone out of business because they have no one to work for them.

The valley has gotten larger with development but not in people and workers. If there are so many new homes, then where do all those people work? So many people have moved into the valley, but not as many companies or jobs.

The animals’ habitats and their food sources have been destroyed.

When the developers go out and dig foundations they probably do not realize that about 1,000 or more different animals’ homes are being destroyed. The livestock have to cram into a few fields instead of grazing freely as they used to.

Truly, the developers should stop and think about what they are doing.

The homeowners in Brush Creek have complained about many things. Some of those things are the animal habitats, the empty spaces in the buildings, and how their families and friends have to move very far away.

Michaella Noel

Crazy drivers

How would you feel if you killed someone? I believe that you would feel really bad. Although you might feel terrible, I believe that some people don’t feel this way. This is because in the mornings, while kids are going to school, some people drive like they are maniacs. They think that by driving faster they are going to get to work faster. If you are driving a car, please think like an adult.

While kids are getting to school, some people drive their cars too fast. If you are someone who does this every morning, please don’t do it. You can hurt someone’s life, or even hurt a whole family, and would you want to hurt a whole family?

Also, please think that if they go faster they can get to work faster. This is not true because if there is a lot of traffic, even if they try to go faster they are not going to be able to fly above the traffic. Also, if people try to go over the speed limit, the police can stop them. It is not necessary to go over the speed limit.

If you are driving a car, you are probably an adult, so please think like one. Think about what you learned in driving school, and what could happen to you or to someone else.

Maybe you could have saved a life.

Eduardo Leivalives

Price too high

Do you think that if Vail were increasing their parking prices, anyone would go to their skiing resort? First of all, they are trying to get more money by raising the parking price. Secondly, I think that not as many people will park in the parking garage. Finally, the buses will get more money because of the price increase.

Since the prices are going up, not many people will park in Vail’s parking garages. A bad thing is that Vail will get less business and not as many locals will be skiing or snowboarding on the mountain.

A worse thing is that with less business, Vail makes less money. With that, Vail won’t be able to make new runs or bowls. The worst thing is that if there are fewer people on the mountain, more people will go to Beaver Creek. That would be bad, since Beaver Creek is Vail’s big rival.

Unless Vail doesn’t lower parking prices, I think that the buses will be more popular with the public. Also, the buses will get more business from driving all these people instead of people parking in the structure. Then, with Vail getting less business and less money, the bus system is getting more money than Vail. The only benefit there will be out of this is the buses will develop more routes and make more buses.

Vail should lower their parking prices for everyone because it will benefit Vail very much. With Vail lowering their prices, they will get more business and more money than the bus system because more people would go to the parking garage.

Chad Strakbein

Need arcade

Haven’t you ever wanted to play Mortal Kombat or Skeeball, or any other classic games? You can satisfy your need for these games if Eagle had an arcade. The arcade would help the youth stay out of trouble and if the town ran it, it would make some money for the town.

I have been to many arcades. I think that Eagle would be more lively and cool with an arcade. In addition, the new bowling alley will be up soon and both the arcade and bowling alley would be a big hit here. Last, it would help kids stay out of trouble.

I don’t think that Eagle has the most money of some of the towns in the Eagle Valley, so the arcade could help them out. If the town ran the arcade, all the money could go to it and we could buy some new stuff or make some stuff better. Couldn’t the town use the arcade’s revenue?

Andy Friestad

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