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Letters to the editor


Never recant

Looking at James Dorsey’s letters to the editor (Jan. 5 and Jan 9), one wonders why he chose to apologize for his witty comments about Vail Resorts and Adam Aaron.

Dear Mr. Dorsey:

“Never complain and never explain” – this was excellent advice written on your behalf to Mr. Fat Cat Aaron. Please follow this yourself and don’t apologize or explain why you for wrote emotional thoughts shared by many in the Vail Valley.

You were accurate in your statements, just not as narrowly focused as your Jan. 9 letter. In your apology letter, you commented on AA’s 8 MMMMMIIIILLLLLIIIIOOONNNN DOLLAR bonus, and how it might actually be … OK. Yuck!

Aaron’s $8 million bonus should be deleted from his contract. Whoever came up with that idea, to give an executive $8,000,000? No. Aaron does not do $8,000,000 worth of work. Mother Teresa, on the other hand, did. Aaron does not. Instead that $8,000,000 worth of “funding” should be disbursed to employees via hourly wage increases, better health benefits and rewards for working on days originally allotted to spend with families. Does Christmas ring a bell? How about Turkey Day? Nobody, and I mean nobody, deserves a

n $8,000,000 bonus – unless he/she formulates a cure for cancer or AIDS. (Let’s keep $8,000,000 accomplishments in perspective here, people.)

As far as your retraction statement regarding VR’s donations: Did you forget the gradual deletion of local businesses throughout the ski resort indirectly due to VR’s malignant actions? Where did longtime mom-and-pop shops peppered throughout the resort go? VR has been like a cancer growing throughout the resort.

Sure a few donations help, but come on. Please. Recall the past 10-plus years … VR has taken far more away from the community than any tax-driven contributions have provided.

In closing, Mr. James Dorsey, please do not apologize for comments driven by passion. These are what keeps debate alive and kicking in this country. Never complain and never explain. You did good work, and it was a pleasure to read. Your retraction letter on the other hand looked a little … well … mmmmm … corporate driven.

Colby Scudder

Hitt for council

Farrow Hitt is off the fence and has thrown his hat into the ring for the remaining town of Vail council Seat.

Farrow, a modernday Renaissance man, is committed, determined, and very qualified to be our new Town Council member. A longtime Vail resident, businessman and dedicated family man, Hitt is deeply involved in practically every aspect of “what’s happening” in Vail.

His love for this community is well known, and his advocacy for Vail is well documented. Those who know him, Vail citizens and visitors alike, have strongly encouraged Farrow to run for Town Council for years, and he has finally acquiesced! He will be a valuable addition to an already superior group of council members.

In addition, Farrow has a great working relationship with the town and is the choice to move Vail forward through the challenging yet exciting times to come. He is right on the money by saying, “The revitalization of Vail is key to our success.”

Hitt will give you an honest, straightforward answer to any question – just ask him! His moral strength, intellectual spirit and non-stop determination for “what’s right” will boost this council and Vail to a new level.

Farrow possesses a candid perceptiveness and the unique ability to visualize the future of Vail. Hitt is sincere in his desire to help maintain Vail as a premier Colorado mountain town and the No. 1 ski resort in North America, and perhaps the world!

Please attend the Town Council Candidates’ Forum on Wednesday, Jan. 14, that is being sponsored by the VVCTB and The Vail Daily. It will be held at the Town of Vail Council Chambers at 6 p.m., and anyone is able to pose questions to the three candidates. Thanks in advance for supporting Farrow Hitt – “the right choice for your voice” for Town Council. Do your part – VOTE HITT on Jan. 27!

W. David Prowell III

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