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Letters to the Editor

A critic

I am writing this letter in regards to Vail Associates and to the Vail Daily photo editor. I would like to commend and condemn Vail Associates for actions that have been considerate and cold. As for the Vail Daily, I have a few suggestions for the overall quality of the paper.

First, I would like to thank Vail Associates for the opportunity to purchase a discounted merchant pass as opposed to paying full gouge. The $699 for a season pass is a bargain any way you look at it. I am happy to have this pass offered to me and all the hard-working locals in this valley. To all the whiners complaining about restrictions, you have options to get around them: 1) Pony up the extra $700 for the full adult pass; 2) work for the man; 3) or find a way to get up on the hill. Be it legal or not. As some wise person said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

My final comments on Vail Associates are directed to Mr. Aron. Kudos on the bonus. I am glad someone received a bonus last year. You have received some undue negative press for the hefty bonus when it should be directed at the person(s) responsible for cutting the check. Was it one of those 5×2 jumbo checks golfers receive after winning a tournament?

In spite of everything, I believe you should have personally lifted restrictions on Jan. 3 (the 19-inch powder day) as a gift to locals for their hard work and to help your public image. Mainly for the latter reason. Keep that in mind for next season. To all the restricted locals who did0 not let the man keep them down, hell yeah!

Now on to the Vail Daily. I have lived here for eight seasons and can count the number of cover photos on my 20 digits (fingers and toes) that make me proud of our local newspaper. This valley has beautiful places abound and interesting events all year long for there not to be a quality photograph on the cover every day.

The cover photos on Sunday Jan. 4, the day after the biggest powder day in years, were very disappointing, to say the least. The skier is not even getting a face shot on a day when all but the jolly green giant were choking and coughing up snowballs. Also, the sports picture of the rail jam was far from doing justice to the winner, Mr. Rodriguez.

The quality and ease of work flow with digital cameras should enable the Vail Daily to obtain quality photos easily and efficiently. With the money saved on developing and scanning, buy your photographers some pro digital SLRs and teach them how to use them. Take a minute to look at the cover of the Vail Trail. Mr. Davis has a good eye and his pictures make you want to grab a copy and peruse. Thanks and good luck.

Nate Meister

Hitt for council

I have known Farrow Hitt for almost 15 years. I am glad he has finally agreed to throw his hat in the ring for a seat on the Town Council instead of serving on advisory committees.

I know of no one more qualified to sit on the Vail Town Council. Farrow’s passion and energy toward the future health and vitality of Vail are well documented. And I am sure that his further efforts will reflect positive actions for the future of Vail and our valley.

He will be a welcome addition to the decision-making process in the revitalization of Vail. He has worked hard to provide a good life for his family and has proven to be a valuable asset to our community. He’s one of us and is anticipating working for you. I know we will be glad we elected him. It will be good to see his face on the other side of the council


Get out there and vote on Tuesday the 27th and put a good man on the council. Elect Farrow.

Stan Gillis

Doesn’t like deal

“Immigration law changes on tap for foreign workers” : Vicente Fox is going to be celebrating in the streets of Mexico City if our President Bush gets his way.

The president of Mexico will lose millions of his most uneducated citizens to the United States for us to “baby sit.” His economy will get a boost from the billions sent back from these expatriates.

No doubt, Vicente likes this because he cannot get his economic house in order. In return, George W. will very possibly get the Hispanic vote in November. All of this costing the American taxpayer in the end.

Rich Mahoney


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