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Letters to the editor


Just enforce law

I read with great interest your piece about how the Army can’t stop the flow of Illegals into this country. And you may be right. Of course, one could argue that if we enforced the existing immigration laws in this country, most illegals would have no reason to come here.

I refer of course to the law forbidding an employer to hire an undocumented worker. If that law were enforced, if there were no jobs. Only the criminal element would cross the border and would be much easier to control.

You state that projections are for 30,000 more jobs than residents in the Vail area in two decades. If those jobs were not filled by illegals who are paid subminimum wage, the employers would be forced to pay a higher wage, which would attract Americans to those jobs.

You also mentioned that the Border Patrol budget is $3.8 billion. That is a drop in the bucket compared to what the taxpayer is paying in social services for these people. California alone had over $12 billion in costs associated with illegal immigration in 2002.

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Today’s immigrants do not care to assimilate into our society. They merely come for the benefits we provide them. Most legal immigrants consider it a privilege to come to America and share in its promise. Today’s immigrant seems to feel we owe them a living just because they made it across the border.

These are serious problems and could very well determine our nations fate.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Ski shill

What were we thinking, Mr. Rogers, when we decided to protect American sovereignty? What were we thinking when we decided to triple an already inadequate Border Patrol to try to keep illegal immigration as low as possible?

Just what were millions of Americans thinking as they responded to poll after poll around the country expressing disapproval to the president’s “guest worker” plan? More than 65 percent of Americans want our borders more secure, disagree with amnesties, and want our current immigration laws enforced – now that’s an idea!

You do know, Mr. Rogers, that it’s illegal to hire illegal aliens? Yet, you sound as if you personally represent the ski industry’s desires to continually hire them? If that’s the case, let me know so I can call each one of them and ask if they stand behind you.

Shame on us, Mr. Rogers, the U.S. government wasn’t thinking of you and Vail’s desire for cheap imported labor. We should have known to put your wants above the needs of the majority of Americans and some 12 million unemployed Americans around the country.

What do you say? Let’s just remove security all together and merge our two countries. Would that make things better in the center of the universe – Vail, Colo.?

Ken Estes


It’s all over

Where to begin with Kaye Ferry’s Jan. 28 column on illegal aliens (“Have to start somewhere”), jam-packed with catchy, clueless cliches from the open-borders brain dead?

Ferry states that without “undocumented,” aka illegal, alien workers, Vail’s beds wouldn’t get made and dishes wouldn’t be washed. Flash to Ferry: If they are working here, these border jumpers are “documented” – with papers faked, forged or gained through identity theft.

Just 10 years ago, Eagle County had a much smaller percentage of illegals. On my visits to Vail at that time, your city was pristine, a true mountain jewel, brought to you by, gasp, Americans! Sleeping in Vail’s high-end hotels didn’t involve being exposed to body lice and scabies – now rampant in U.S. and Canadian hotels serviced by bed-making illegals from Third World countries. Dining in fine Vail restaurants didn’t mean worrying if Hepatitis A, Chagas disease, e coli, and any number of gross intestinal parasites carried by unscreened illegal-alien kitchen workers,

were being served with my salad.

Ferry claims that “documentation” through President Bush’s ill conceived amnesty scheme would “allow these workers to get drivers licenses and purchase car insurance.”

Illiterate drivers who can’t read basic road signs like “accident ahead” or “icy roads” are a danger to our citizens. They don’t obey our laws now. Why should illegals start buying insurance? The only road they should be on is the road home, on a Greyhound bus, courtesy of the U.S. government.

Finally, Ferry chirps that greedy employers will happily pay a taxable $12 an hour for illegals they now pay $6 cash under the table while we pick up the tab for every social service they can find. I’m starting to look for Dorothy, Toto and the Wizard, Ms. Ferry.

A recent Rocky Mountain News reports that Colorado may have to “re-use” water due to projected population growth – virtually all driven by high-fertility, Third World immigrants.

So, toilet-to-tap water will soon be served in Vail’s finest establishments. Visitors to once beautiful Rocky Mountain resorts will be advised: Come to Colorado, but don’t drink the water, sleep in the beds, or eat the food.

Ms. Ferry needs to get a grip. Take a long trip to Los Angeles or another of the many American cities destroyed by massive immigration – legal and illegal.

Terry Graham


Editor’s note: Somehow Vail has managed to avoid all these ill effects.

Future doom

So, using American troops to secure American borders (what a concept) is tantamount to using “a few H-bombs” to solve that “little problem with the commies” huh?

So, stopping the ongoing invasion, as required by our Constitution, may force your lodges and restaurants to actually pay a living wage to some of the 15 million underemployed American citizens, eh?

Quoting the open-borders, globalist, Wall Street Journal on illegal immigration must have required a lot of courage on your part. Next, how about sharing some gems from The National Council of La Raza with us to justify your inability to deal with the fact that our country is losing its culture and sovereignty to Mexico and the Third World because you and people like you do not have the courage to face facts.

That the U.S. military would be unable to “hold back this tide” that is flowing in to our nation is as absurd as your elementary school reasoning. The “doom” mentioned in your editorial is that of our republic, and the future of our children.

How will we know when we have enough illegal aliens in our country, and how will we stop them then?

D.A. King

Marietta, Ga.-

It’s simple

Regarding “Army can’t hold this tide” by Don Rogers, Mr. Rogers does not know what he is talking about. If Mr. Rogers actually believes that this country cannot secure its borders, then he is saying that we cannot prevent another terrorist attack, which could come across our border.

I am not sure of the budget figure he gave for the Border Patrol, but I do know that the number of agents has not tripled. I retired as a supervisory Border Patrol agent in 1982. At that time we had about 4,500 agents. It is my understanding that there are about 9,000 agents. What we need is to hire are least 50,000 agents, the same as we did airport screeners.

The simple way to solve the problem would be to inform the Mexican government that if they do not stop the illegal aliens, we will close all ports of entry between the U.S. and Mexico.

We can secure our borders if the politicians have the backbone to do it.

Frank Thurlow

Vista, Calif.

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