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Letters to the editor


How is this?

What’s wrong with this picture? Statements made by Kobe Bryant to police during their investigation are shielded from the public, in part, because they are too “personal” and might be “irrelevant.” But privileged and constitutionally protected medical information about the victim that is deeply “personal” and might be “irrelevant” is allowed to be shared with the public in defense motions – even before the judge issues a ruling on disclosure.

Why wasn’t there an order forbidding public disclosure of the victim’s “personal” and “irrelevant” records just like the one that now shields Bryant’s statements to police?

The right to privacy does not exist only to protect the accused. Indeed, the due process-based privacy doctrine as well as the plain language of the 4th Amendment clearly apply with equal force to all persons.

If, as expected, the judge determines the victim’s medical records cannot be released because they have nothing to do with what happened on the night in question, what will be done to repair the harm to the victim? The criminal justice system must find a better way to respect the privacy rights of all people – defendants as well as victims and witnesses.

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Protecting the privacy rights of people charged with serious crimes while ignoring the privacy rights of those who are victimized is a perverse way to run a justice system. It not only punishes people for reporting crime and participating in the process of criminal justice, it rewards wrongdoers with government-sanctioned power to intrude on the private space of innocent people – a power that would not exist had no crime been committed.

Wendy Murphy


Coming together

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund would like to send a special thank you to all the folks that made the Peter Apostol Fund-raiser at 8150 in Vail on Wednesday, Jan. 28, a great success!

Peter’s friends and family came together and collected fantastic silent auction items, food and a great people to attend the fund-raiser that raised more than $20,000.

A special thank you to: Lisa Bouvier, Kaye Ferry, Nikita Apostol, the staff at 8150, Moe’s BBQ, DJ Scully, and everyone who helped make it such a success!

For more information about the Vail Valley Charitable Fund log onto VVCF.net.

We live in a wonderful and giving community.

Tracy Kurt

Missed point

Don Rogers has it all wrong regarding giving up on protecting our nation’s borders.

His philosophy of acquiescence is unfortunate and if logically extended, anarchy will be the order of the day.

The reason the Army cannot stem the tide of illegal immigrants is twofold: One, they are scattered all over the world protecting the borders and sovereignty of far away nations. Two, ethnocentric lobbyists and the cheap labor cheerleaders have successfully demanded that we not place troops along our own borders, despite the fact it is the most compelling justification to have a central government.

Weak-kneed panderers like our current president and the politically correct media elite have insured that despite the vast majority of American’s wishes to the contrary, our nation’s existing immigration laws remain largely ignored and the massive importation of poverty continues unabated.

I am curious what other laws Mr. Rogers deems unworkable, robbery, tax evasion, homicide? Our founding fathers would, and should, roll over in their graves.

Tom Wright

Santa Barbara


Are you really willing to sell our country to the highest bidder? Supporting anything but secure borders and the control of illegal immigration is morally apprehensible. Do you not have any children or grandchildren? You disgust me with your attitude towards America: sell it while you can. You’re a piece of work.

Rick Goss


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