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Letters to the editor


Likes council

I am writing to congratulate the citizens of the town of Vail for making the right choices in our recent Town Council elections. Our Town Council members represent nearly as diverse a body as possible in our town, and all realms of the political spectrum are represented.

The members share our mutual concern for the environment and it is clear that they believe it is in part the government’s responsibility to care about the quality of life for all its citizens. Most importantly, I see in each member a belief that government can be a force of good.

Voices of newcomers are prevalent. It’s a very exciting time to live in Vail, and the presence of such a talented body of exceptional individuals on the Town Council is inspiring.

Another very important factor is that there is no power structure in town. I believe that establishment powers present in so many communities in this country are wholly absent here. Our community’s founders appropriately acknowledge that change is imminent and actively encourage newcomers to be involved in governing the town.

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It is truly a pleasure to have spent another day in paradise.

Scott Proper


Obvious disregard

It’s so very heart-wrenching to see the obvious disregard for the human condition completely based on nationality and the color of one’s skin.

To say that an individual carries “Hepatitis A, Chagas disease, e coli and any number of gross intestinal parasites” along with “body lice and scabies” just because they are not from America, legally or otherwise, sounds like a complete uneducated, racist moron.

To also communicate that “today’s immigrants do not care to assimilate into our society” is a crock, as well.

My children attend one of our local public schools with a substantially large populace of Hispanic children. I attend and participate in every PTA meeting and all school functions, and I can assure you that these parents DEEPLY care about their children assimilating into the American culture. The last thing they want is their children not to learn English, to stand out as an outsider like themselves, to face the hardships they have faced growing up.

They come here to better the lives of their children. To put value on education. To offer a better chance for their families. One they would not receive in thier homeland.

Who are we to judge? Would you not choose to do the same for your children if your situation were reversed? This is a HUMAN issue, not a race issue.

There are plenty of legal Americans sitting on their rumps at home and living off our government. Not working at all, not caring about our society or bettering their lives or their children’s lives. Hell, they may even carry scabies and any other sort of horrible parasitic desease. Is it because they are Americans? Of course not, it’s because they are lazy, uncaring human beings. If you choose not to work hard it’s because it’s your own stupid choice.

Please, let’s not continue to keep making this a race issue. If you choose to call names and make negative assumptions about others just because of their nationality (legal or illegal), that just shows your complete stupidity. And thats NO ASSUMPTION.

Alice Pankey



Most people would agree that no one should be imprisoned for surfing the Web. Yet a recent Amnesty International report indicates that China is holding at least 54 Internet users for expressing opinions or reading banned information from the Web.

Amnesty’s report also mentions four Falun Gong practitioners that died in police custody. The reason for their detention: downloading or posting information about Falun Gong, a spiritual meditation practiced in 50 countries but banned in China. Of the four was a 56-year-old woman named Zhao Chunying, who was reportedly beaten to death by police for posting information about being tortured during a previous detention. China’s crackdown on the Internet is only part of its strategy to control what people read, hear, watch or think.

As for Falun Gong’s case, the state-controlled media hides human rights violations against the spiritual group while spreading slander intended to justify the ban on the practice.

With no means to respond to unsubstantiated allegations, educating the Chinese populace has been Falun Gong’s biggest challenge. As for those who believe China’s one-sided propaganda, the persecution somehow becomes acceptable to an unknowing public.

If more people knew that innocent people were being unjustly persecuted, things would turn around. Zhao Chunying lost her life while letting the world know of torture occurring behind closed doors.

When Chinese citizens risk their lives to uncover human rights violations, those of us living in free societies should at least acknowledge their plight. Better yet, we should stand by them.

Leejun Ivie


Run its course

I wanted to clarify some information printed last week in a Vail Daily article regarding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) and the American Ski Classic.

Since 1999, the American Ski Classic has named the CRPF as its charity of choice. In that five-year span, the Vail Valley, via the Ski Classic has raised more than $1.2 million for Christopher Reeve and both the Vail Valley Foundation and the CRPF have enjoyed this relationship.

However, in 2003, Christopher was no longer able to attend the Ski Classic. Without his presence, proceeds from the auction dropped significantly and in the summer of 2003, the foundation and CRPF mutually agreed that the relationship had run its course.

The CRPF has achieved wonderful things and we are proud of our past affiliation with Chris and his Foundation, wishing them all the best and hoping that the significant funds raised in this community assist in finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Ceil Folz


Vail Valley Foundation

Coming together

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund would like to send a special thank you to all the folks that made the Peter Apostol Fund-raiser at 8150 in Vail on Wednesday, Jan. 28, a great success!

Peter’s friends and family came together and collected fantastic silent auction items, food and a great people to attend the fund-raiser that raised more than $20,000.

A special thank you to: Lisa Bouvier, Kaye Ferry, Nikita Apostol, the staff at 8150, Moe’s BBQ, DJ Scully, and everyone who helped make it such a success! For more information about the Vail Valley Charitable Fund log onto VVCF.net.

We live in a wonderful and giving community.

Tracy Kurt

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