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Letters to the editor


ThanksThe family of Jason Fleishman would like to publicly thank the many individuals and local businesses that joined together to help us during this time of great difficulty. The outpouring of love from this Vail community has been overwhelming.The business community donated a variety of goods and services, including Avon Bakery & Deli, Colorado Mountain Express, EEF Productions, EPS Print Shop, Donovan Pavilion, Vail Resorts, Vail Valley Foundation, West Vail Liquor Mart, The Antlers at Vail, Vail Racquet Club, LionSquare Lodge, and Lodge Tower. If we have overlooked anyone, please forgive us. There have been so many willing to help out!We’d also like to thank all those involved with his moving memorial service, especially the speakers who inspired and comforted us with their memories of Jason. Many behind the scene workers lovingly volunteered their time, food and other contributions in order to provide a warm environment for the reception at the Donovan Pavilion.Frank Johnson and Tina, Brett and JodiWill work hardMy special thanks goes out to all the people who supported and voted me onto the Vail Town Council last month. Having hit the ground running, I look forward to the days in front of me and the challenges ahead. I am getting my feet wet and have delved into my new stacks of papers, hoping to get up to speed quickly.I appreciate the confidence and trust you have granted me and will work hard to do what is right for Vail and assure your decision was the right one. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or concerns at fhitt@vail.gov.com.Thank you all for your support.Farrow HittVail Town CouncilmanExtra mileI am writing this letter to illustrate the fact that Vail is full of great people willing to go the extra mile because they are just plain nice and also to thank Mike Pilkington, Patrol P-20 of Dowd Junction CDOT.Recently I was driving with a friend and her child back from Vail after skiing when I hit a large rock or concrete block just east of Dowd Junction. Luckily, I was able to pull my limping, flat-tired car over to the shoulder. As I pulled in I noticed another car in front of me with a flat, to be quickly followed by a third and fourth car, all with the same complaint.While I was calling for roadside assistance, a big orange CDOT truck stopped to offer help to get me out of there as quickly as possible. Mike Pilkington not only positioned his truck to protect us from the oncoming traffic, he also helped unload the cargo hatch of multiple skis, poles and boots and changed the tire, all within 20 minutes!We all know the wonderful job CDOT does to keep us safe on our highways in the worst of weather, so it’s particularly nice to make an association with a name and a face in order to say thank you.Pam TimminsEdwardsWhat if your job?Have you noticed that the only people that claim illegal immigrants are good for this country have jobs like heads of big companies, politicians and managing editors of certain newspapers? You know, the kind of people who aren’t worried about losing their jobs. Illegals are obviously destroying the middle class in this country. It’s about the rich getting richer and middle class America disappearing at an alarming rate.I’ve been here for 25 years, and in the early days of Vail, while learning a trade, I washed dishes at the VVI and the Blue Cow (Tyrolean Inn), bused tables at the Lancelot and worked construction cleanup. That is how we all survived, by working the jobs that were available, the ugly jobs, while scrambling to get something better. Illegals have taken over one trade after another, by working for less than minimum wage or less than the going rate in construction.If illegals were to start applying for Don Rogers’ job, at half of what he makes, I wonder how many minutes it would take for him to burst into tears and demand the government do something about this problem.Since that is not likely, and our public servants and law enforcement obviously aren’t going to do anything about it, it seems that what is left of middle class America needs to get on their computers and start e-mailing and faxing our senators and representatives relentlessly until they get the point or are replaced by people that will listen. It doesn’t matter what kind of immigration policies you make if you don’t enforce them at the border.Steve DziekanThat glareWhy does Eagle County go against their own land use regulations on lighting when they built the new bridge over the Eagle River on the Miller Ranch Road?This is a copy of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations for illumination standards {Section 4-250 Illumination Standards; A. Purpose. This section establishes stands for controlling illumination to prevent intense glare or direct illumination that would create a nuisance, detract from the use or enjoyment of adjoining property or cause traffic hazards to motorists. B. Standards. Exterior illumination shall not cast glare directly onto adjacent properties. Low pressure sodium (lps) lamps are the preferred illumination source, but other sources can be considered depending upon the filtering, shielding, height and number of sources. Mercury vapor lamps are discouraged. Streetlights used for illumination of public ways are encouraged 20 feet or less in height. Outdoor lighting used for decorative effects (architectural illumination, flag and monument lighting, illumination of trees, bushes, etc.) should be located, aimed or shielded so as to minimize stray light trespassing across property boundaries.}Note the part about standards for controlling illumination to prevent intense glare, and the part to detract from the use or enjoyment of adjoining property. The following is one of the definitions and example of glare from Webster’s Dictionary, “a harsh, uncomfortably bright light, example – the glare of a neon sign.””The glare can be seen as far as Wildridge,” says Buz Reynolds of Avon. I live about 200 yards to the west of the bridge, out of my east facing windows, my back porch and my back yard, my friends and I look at what looks like light sabers from “Star Wars,” circus, or Vegas style lighting. This style lighting detracts from the use and the enjoyment of our property and thus is a violation of section 4-250 of the illumination standards of Eagle County Land Use Regulations. If the county can use this style of lighting, it will make it harder to keep others from using it. Will the next set of neon lights be next to you? What part of the land use regulations will they not follow next?Call, write, e-mail or fax your county commissioners about your thoughts on this.David KudelEdwards

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