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Letters to the Editor

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It’s about Bush

I have just finished reading Butch Mazzuca’s column, “Kerry for President?” and would offer the following comments:

Butch, you’re really on the wrong track. This election is not about what John Kerry said or didn’t say 20 years ago; it’s not about whether John Kerry has a liberal voting record; and it’s not about John Kerry’s ultimate disdain for the war in Vietnam.

This election is about the nightmare of the George Bush presidency. It’s about the size of the federal deficit, the tax reductions for the wealthy, the lack of concern for our environment, the sleazy justification for the war in Iraq, and the dishonesty regarding the duration and the costs of that conflict. It’s about joblessness and poverty and a ballooning trade deficit and the weakness of the dollar.

It’s an election in which the Republicans will spend $150 million slinging mud at John Kerry because they don’t want the voters to dwell on the record of George Bush.

David Le Vine

Gas on a fire

Regarding Don Rogers editorial March 19 on the war in Iraq: I agree that the Bush administration bungled the run-up to the war.

I would go further by saying that there was a high degree of deliberate deception of the American people and Congress in the run-up to the war. The timing of the war was based on the weather and the election cycle, and little else. Far from being “hamstrung,” the United Nations behaved in a correct and principled manner based on the facts of the situation.

Moreover, I think Don is quite wrong in saying that the world has been made safer by the war. I believe that, in fact, the world has been made less safe.

Contrary to the Bush administration’s unequivocal assertions, there were no weapons of mass destruction. And unlike our “good friends” and allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the Iraqi government was not supporting or promoting militant Islamic extremism or international terrorism. There was no threat. In the absence of a threat, the world could not possibly have been made safer by this war.

On the other hand, the invasion, humiliation and occupation of an Islamic country by 200,000 Christian boys and girls is sure to be a massive recruiting campaign for Islamic militants. Just as each Israeli incursion in Gaza or the West Bank is a small recruiting campaign for Palestinian militants, to the point where there is now an unlimited supply of suicide bombers lined up waiting their turn, the U.S. invasion of Iraq is a massive recruiting campaign benefitting Islamic militant groups throughout the world.

It is reasonable to expect that we will be paying the price in lives for the rest of our lifetime, our children’s lifetimes and our children’s children’s lifetimes. These are people who are still furious over the Crusades – they won’t forget.

Guy Ayrault



My son and I were scheduled recently to fly from Vail/Eagle to Denver and then on to New York. After the doors of the aircraft closed the captain announced that weid be delayed about 20 minutes due to a large number of departing private jets. Almost two hours later we took off. With apologies, we were told it was air traffic control’s doing.

Later, in Denver it was confirmed that Eagle air traffic control made those decisions, not a national or regional controller. Almost every person making a connection missed their flight. We had an hour and 45 minutes, plenty of time, and we still got stuck. With cutbacks, all the flights were oversold. The next flight we could book was the next afternoon.

I don’t begrudge people flying private aircraft. What makes me livid is that an air traffic controller would upset hundreds of people’s travel plans in order to accommodate a few. Private plane take-off slots should be scheduled around commercial schedules. It’s not rocket science.

On the rebooking line the common theme among the angry fliers was why return to an area that can be so indiscriminate when there are lots of places to vacation? My brother told me the exact same thing happened to him last summer. If air traffic control doesn’t get smart, the ultimate loser will be Vail.

Roger Sherman

New York, N.Y.

Casino Night

Casino Night 2004 is just around the corner! The Early Childhood Community, including 10 local programs, is working collaboratively to continue to provide high quality and developmentally appropriate programs for the valley. Extensive research shows that providing children with quality early experiences will lead to successes later in life in all developmental areas.

Earlier this month, parents and early childhood educators had the privilege to attend an Early Childhood Summit with Dr. Lisa Klein, a national expert in kindergarten readiness. She stated that high quality early learning is the strongest predictor for success in elementary school. She also stated that children need not only strong cognitive growth but also the social readiness to succeed in later school years. “Young children who do not have opportunities to engage in stimulating cognitive activities and nurturing social – emotional relationships are already behind their peers when they enter kindergarten.”

Simply stated: Early Childhood programs give children the social-emotional foundations needed to succeed.

I write this letter to urge the community to come support a very valuable fund-raiser that benefits 10 early childhood programs in the area. Casino Night 2004 will support Children’s Garden of Learning, Avon Elementary Preschool, Brush Creek Elementary Preschool, Edwards Elementary Preschool, Gypsum Elementary Preschool, Family Learning Center, Mountain Tots, Pooh Corner, Prater Lane Play School, and Vail Childcare Center.

Mark your calendars now! Friday, April 16, at the Vail Marriott Grand Ballroom from 7 p.m. to midnight. Tickets cost $20 per person, which entitles you to $400 in gaming chips. There will also be a silent auction as well as door prizes. Tickets are sold at the door and at the individual preschool sites. Please dress festively and be ready for some fun while supporting our young children!

Nicole King

Early Childhood Services Coordinator

Eagle County School District Head Start/ CPP

Spanish precedent

This is a rebuttal to Richard Carnes column on March 23. While your column does a good job of regurgitating the official Republican line of what the election in Spain meant, it doesn’t have anything to do with what the voters in Spain said.

The reason they voted out the old leaders after the bombing wasn’t about appeasement. It was about false information.

The old government repeatedly blamed ETTA for the bombings, even after evidence started coming in that pointed to Islamic extremists. They were voted out of office for

lying about who was to blame. That is what the voters said in interview after interview.

On talk shows, in newspapers, and on corporate television in the U.S., we are being told that the Spanish have started a dangerous precedent of appeasement. Actually, they have started an excellent precedent of voting out leaders who lie about who was to blame for terrorist actions.

Here in the U.S., we now have the ability to vote out an administration that lied about who the biggest terrorist threat was before 9/11. They focused on Iraq even though counter terrorism specialists all agreed it was Al Qaeda. We can also vote out of office an administration that lied about who was the biggest terrorist threat after 9/11. It was still Al Qaeda-linked Islamic militants, NOT Iraq.

Bill Lindsay


Worthy idea

I bet I’m not the only one who feels sorry for Debbie, who didn’t get to adopt the little dog she’d bonded with over the course of five visits to the Eagle County Animal Shelter.

Because of her work, she was a few minutes late on the day the pup was first eligible for a new home, but the shelter stuck by its “first come, first served” policy, and the dog was no longer available when she arrived.

It’s painful to picture the crying puppy and heartbroken Debbie! I don’t know all the details, but I can’t imagine shelter employees or volunteers being so mean. I can only assume that the person on duty that morning had no idea that a relationship already existed between the dog and Debbie. Otherwise, surely he or she would have saved the pup for Debbie, even if it meant hiding it somewhere.

Debbie’s suggestion to

the shelter makes perfect sense. If its policy allowed for a non-refundable deposit in such cases, this very sad outcome could have easily been avoided. Neither animal nor potential owner would be disappointed, and the coffers of the Eagle County Animal Shelter would swell. Let’s hope the powers that be at the shelter seriously consider Debbie’s idea.

Gay Steadman


Enjoyed story

Veronica Whitney’s March 15 article “Haute couture for hair comes to Beaver Creek” was one of the best I have read regarding Pascal Bensimon.

As a long-standing client of Pascal’s, I have had the pleasure of reading many articles that were written throughout Europe and the United Sates about this incredibly talented man. However, your article captured the essence and magnificence of his creativity and talent as well as his enchanting personality better than any I have ever read.

Now ,not only do I wish there were more outstanding hairdressers in the world like Pascal, but also more talented writers like Veronica Whitney! Thank you for a great article. I would love to see it syndicated !

Patti Ruffin

Thanks for help

I would like to thank Bruce and Stacy Kelly from the Pedal Power Bicycle shop in Eagle Vail for organizing and hosting the eighth annual Pedal Power Snowshoe Adventure Race Series.

For the past eight years the Kellys and the shop staff and a host of volunteers have offered locals fun and challenging events that help other people. The motivation behind the events is prioritizing the needs of others. Past beneficiaries have included families in our valley and members of our community.

A huge THANK YOU to the following local businesses: Park Hyatt at Beaver Creek, ACG/Nike, Pazzo’s, Billy’s Island Grill, Paddy’s, KZYR, Season’s at the Green, Vail Nordic Center, Vail Resorts, U.S. Forest Service, Vail Daily, Sweet Basil, Gu Energy Foods, Carboom Energy Foods, Northern lites snowshoes, Mountain Quest Sports, and the Vail Athletic Club, and the following individuals, Mega hugs and thanks to Bruce and Stacy Kelly, Michael Sinini, Adam Plummer, Tim Moffet, Robin Gersten, Cindy Hanrahan-Lewis, Casey Strahan, Moose Hutchinson.

Thank you Pedal Power, for your years of hard work and for giving back to our community! Speaking for many athletes in the valley, we love your events!

Ellen Miller

Recycling woes

I read the letter describing the conservation between the two squirrels below the chairlift. My take is that if anyone has ever tried to recycle at the center at the Vail Town Hall, they would be sorely disappointed. The Dumpsters are nearly always full and also, since they put the taller bins closest to the light source, you couldn’t see if they were full of vegetables or critters. It’s not a good thing to have to haul my recyclables home only to come back to full bins again!

Turrie Borgen

Quick thoughts

Three quick comments here: Richard Carnes, you are one great columnist. Second, overall we have a wonderful school board and school district. Richard and Janet DeClark’s letter was right on target. And last, we live in a small town. Enough already with the pot calling the kettle black, Arn. Geez.

Marty Lich


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