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Letters to the editor


Great memories

It has been a privilege to work with this community for the past 11 years in my role as director for Eagle County School District Head Start. I have resigned from the Head Start and Colorado Preschool Program and want to thank the hundreds of individuals and agencies who have contributed to the program.

I have many special memories of those people who make these programs so successful. Together we have made a huge positive impact in the lives of low income children and their families. Some of the projects in which Head Start has been a “founding partner” include the Eagle Care Clinic, Early Childhood Connections, Eagle Valley Family Assistance Fund, Rotary Child Health Opportunity Task Force, Family Learning Center, Early Childhood Mental Health Coaching and Consultation, Eagle River Youth Coalition and MtAEYC. Many other task forces have been convened to address gaps in services with new projects.

Our community is unique in having so many giving, caring individuals, with the ability to work together to create solutions. I feel fortunate to have participated with all of you in creating new resources for our community.

My hope is that we all can create even more opportunities to work in partnership and positively impact the future of children, families and the community. My heartfelt thanks to all of the community partners and friends who continue to contribute to others, day after day, year after year.

Tsu Wolin-Brown

Nurturing kids

At the Children’s Garden of Learning, we believe that children are eager and creative learners. They have an incredible capacity to teach us how to teach them and our

staff members take cues from the children to encourage, enable and extend their learning. Our curriculum is not decided by the teachers; it is developed by the children in an ongoing and participatory process.

We strive to create environments and opportunities which allow children to learn through exploration. At Children’s Garden children and teachers are active partners in learning. The physical environment of the school is built on the needs and creativity of the children and will transform as their projects progress. We maintain a comfortable and home-like setting where children feel secure and free to develop projects based on their interests and investigations.

Parent, teacher and community collaboration plays a crucial role in our early childhood program. We keep lines of communication open and constantly abuzz with new ideas and information. We have an ongoing commitment to staff development and are constantly testing new ways to document and honor the projects emerging from our classrooms. Our staff listens to what children have to say throughout their projects and they record the motivating ideas, and thought processes using voice recordings, video, photographs and computer software. Parents can follow the progress of their children’s work and help guide them towards logical outcomes and conclusions. At Children’s Garden we are committed to nurturing families and helping young children to realize their ability to construct knowledge.

Liz McGillvray

Children’s Garden of Learning

CADS works

I am intrigued with the follow-up to Murray Heminger’s letter which you ran in the Tipsline column under the heading “Just advertising.” Based on his comments, the caller obviously has a limited understanding of CADS.

I am a ski instructor at Vail and use CADS. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Steadman of the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, told me last year after he had performed several operations on my left knee that I should ski using CADS to prevent further deterioration of my knees.

My inclination is to follow his advice and not this secret caller’s for three reasons: (1) Dr. Steadman did a biomechanical laboratory analysis of CADS to understand the effect for the osteothritic knee. He put his name on that study. (2) His name is known all over the world for the care of skiers’ knees. (3) Whatever reputation is associated with the closet critic’s name, I note that even he chooses not to use it.

Your naysayer seems to be one of those individuals who expresses a biased view while having little or in this case no understanding of the subject matter.

The opinion that being in good physical shape obviates CADS misses the point. I am in good physical shape, but that has little to do with the condition of knees. As an aside, I did a sampling several weeks ago of 10 individuals using CADS. Each of the CADS users I spoke to were destination skiers (the lifeblood of Vail) and 10 of 10 said they would not be skiing without CADS.

“Blank’s” ill-informed and irresponsible rantings could hurt Vail Valley livelihoods. Why don’t you, Mr. Blank, put your money where your mouth is and challenge him to a Super GS. I’ve seen him ski, and I know where my money would be. Oh, but then you would lose your treasured anonymity.

K.D. Gustafson


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