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Letters to the Editor


at Middle Creek

Yes. Currently the Ritz Carlton in Bachelor Gulch is hiring 400 people. Home Depot in Avon, (voted to have the best employee benefit package in the country) will be hiring 250 people next summer. The super Wal-Mart will be opening in Avon next fall with a projected need of about another 200. If all 10 of the major projects on the table for the town of Vail go through in the next three-five years, there will be a need for an additional 1,000 jobs at the very least. Without this affordable housing, jobs in Vail will go unfilled as employees move into the new affordable housing developments in Avon and choose to work close to where they live, without the necessity of paying to park and commute. Call Nina Timm at Town of Vail, 479-2144, for more background on this.

2. Is this location suitable?

Yes. This land was not purchased with RETT funds and is currently zoned as appropriate for a work force housing development. Call Russell Forrest at Town of Vail 479-2146 for more info on this.

3. What about the size and appearance?

The Middle Creek development is working to meet all planning and environmental requirements, and has complied with all procedural requirements of the town code. There have been no concessions made by the town of Vail, and no shortcuts were taken. There have been about 30 public meetings on this, and the developer has gone back to the PEC and DRB repeatedly to make sure all concerns are being addressed. The developer is required to meet the same standards as any other project going before these boards. Russell Forrest at the town of Vail 476-2146 for verification of this. In addition, Nina Timm at the TOV will have information regarding current plans of Middle Creek. If anyone is interested in viewing them, they may go to the front desk of the Community Development Building.

4. Are the rents affordable, and who qualifies to live there?

The starting rents are $540-$695 for a studio, $780 for a one-bedroom, $930-$1,350 for a two-bedroom, and $1,595-$1,750 for a three-bedroom. The variances have to do with income levels. All units are subject to an annual rent increase cap of approximately 2 percent a year, which has been set by the Colorado Housing Finance Authority. For more info on this call Mike Coughlin at 303-863-1900. Several independent market studies have confirmed that these rents are below market rates for Eagle County, and affordable. For more details call Nina Timm at the town of Vail, 479-2144.

As far as who qualifies to live at Middle Creek, there is a point system similar to that of the Vail Commons. Top priority goes to employees working within the town of Vail. Call Nina Timm for more details.

5. Is there on-site management?

Yes. There will be a full-time manager living on the premises, as well as a full-time maintenance person 24 hours a day. Call Mike Coughlin for details. Management and maintenance are subject to review by the Vail Local Housing Authority.

6. What about pedestrian access to the town from Middle Creek?

There will be a turnaround bus stop directly inside the property. A sidewalk/bike path connecting Middle Creek with the sidewalks of the Vail roundabout, as well as to the recreation path to the west, will be a required part of the project as well.

Ghiqui Hoffmann

Hoffmann has lived in the Vail Valley since 1974, and has managed numerous retail stores, as well as owning the Laughing Monkey. She provides affordable housing for 10 longtime locals.

Best choice

I would like to express my support for Kara Bettis for coroner. I believe that she has the qualities which a coroner needs. After working with a coroner through Eagle County Sheriff’s Victim Services in past years, I believe that a coroner needs the following abilities:

1) The ability to explain the cause of death in layman’s terms in a thorough and compassionate manner.

2) To explain who, what, where and why some services are used in Glenwood, Leadville and Denver and not Eagle County.

3) To have a good working relationship with the agencies

who work with the families or friends.

4) To not discourage any questions a volunteer, friend or family member may have.

The coroners I worked with had these qualities and it made a big difference to me so I could help the families or friends to the best of my abilities. It also helped in the closure process for the families or friends. I believe that Kara has these qualities and is the best choice for coroner.

Michelle Hall

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