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Letters to the editor

Robin Litt

First, a disclaimer. This e-mail is coming from me, not from the organization I work for. I hope you’ll join me in publicly supporting the Bair Ranch project, which aims to permanently secure 4,800 beautiful acres as open space FOREVER. The final vote for the Eagle County commissioners will take place on June 1. At that time, they will decide whether or not to put $2 million from their open space fund toward the project. There is already overwhelming support from state and federal funding sources. In addition, the Open Space Advisory Committee worked diligently and supported this projected with a 9-1 vote.

Nonetheless, this will be a close vote on June 1. That’s why I’m asking you to help. Please jot a short e-mail to the Vail Daily and the Eagle County commissioners voicing your support. As simple as two sentences. My name is … . I live in … . And I support the use of county open space funds of $2 million for the preservation of the Bair Ranch.

E-mails to the commissioners should go to eagleadmin@eaglecounty.us. You don’t have to be a resident or registered voter in Eagle County to make your voice heard on this issue. Please copy your e-mail to the Daily at editor@vaildaily.com.

If you have questions about this issue, please don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me back. You can also go to http://www.evlt.org (the land trust’s Web site) for information and overview.

I feel very strongly that this is the RIGHT use of the open space dollars the county has set aside. This beautiful parcel at the entrance to Glenwood Canyon could easily be turned into condos or mini-ranchettes if we don’t act now.

Robin Litt

Women’s way out

My name is Cindy, I’m a sophomore student from BMHS, and I’m involved in Voices Carry, a group focused on helping our community. My community project, called “Women’s Way Out,” is about domestic abuse against women. Through this I want to express every type of abuse, and yes this abuse does exist. It’s just that the victims are so scared to speak aloud.

My project contains research about the Domestic Violence Resource Center and one interview with a battered woman.

In real life, domestic abuse happens every day, not just in our community but in many other countries.

There are many examples of domestic violence, according to the Internet:

1. Sexual abuse: from threats and intimidation to sexual assault and rape.

2. Physical abuse: biting, punching, kicking, burns and broken bones.

3. Mental and verbal abuse: name-calling, put downs, mind games and humiliation.

4. Emotional abuse: enforced isolation, being kept away from family and friends.

5. Economic abuse: being kept short or without money for the necessities for rent, food, etc, and the spouse won’t let her work either.

6. Manipulation to take away her children: they use this kind of abuse to keep the control and to threaten.

7. Control of the isolation: control of everything that she does, like calling someone, etc.

8. Alcohol abuse: blaming alcohol is another way in which violent men justify their behavior. The fact is drunk or sober men abuse and violate their partners.

9. Perpetrators often come from violent backgrounds: many men who abuse their partners, do not come from families with a history of violence and others would never be violent to their partners, this myth servers as another excuse for men.

Without help, the violence usually gets worse. The end result can be death. Sin ayuda, la violencia usualmente aumenta, el resultado puede llegar a la muerte.

To get HELP call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 949-7097. For more information call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.1-800-787-3224.Para mas informacion llame a la Linea Nacional sobre la Violencia Domestica: 1-800-799-7233.

Cindy Villegas


Right thing

Viewpoints from minds and hearts younger than mine convince me that the Bair Ranch purchase is the right thing to do. The Open Space Advisory Committee recommends the purchase of the Bair Ranch easement after logical and comprehensive review. My reasons are based on emotions.

I recently spent a little time with some former Eagle County high school students who have gone off to pursue dreams in other parts of the world. We talked about what had changed in their hometown since their high school graduation and what had changed in their own lives and perspectives: more movie theaters, more appreciation of their families, newfound realizations about all there is to do in this valley, and how much they missed the beauty of their home surroundings. One young lady described that “take-your-breath-away feeling, better than a dream” you get as you see the mountains in the distance while driving toward home.

Interesting conversations ensued about trying to untangle conflicting perspectives on prosperity and success, and money and morality that are so evident growing up in our valley.

I’d like to think we can be an example of self-restraint and responsibility on occasion. I’d like to believe that we, as a community can make a decision that is not about our own gain or access, that is not about market-driven economics or immediate gratification. I’d like to think a decision can be made based on our humble stewardship to our incredible surroundings. I want our children to return to this valley and find a little of the legacy that lured us. The splendor of the Bair Ranch as open space is enough for me.

Susie Davis


Thanks for vote

Dr. Franciose and I would like to thank all of the voters who made the effort to vote in the election for new ambulance board members. We believe that your support for us indicates that you want to have physicians involved in such entities where their experience may have value. We appreciate your support and we will strive to work on this board in a responsible manner.

Our passion is our work in emergency medicine and trauma care/surgery. Presently, our area has been blessed with a pre-hospital system where cooperation between our Fire Service Systems (Fire) and our Emergency Medical Systems (Ambi) has resulted in excellent care in the ‘field’. These systems have evolved with hard work and extensive planning by professionals from both areas. We believe our “ambi” board role is to facilitate all activities that will continue to ultimately provide the best patient care in the pre-hospital setting along with appropriate fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer and patient. Cooperation, communication and “TEAM” efforts will allow us to continue the excellent EMS service that we all enjoy.

We would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for these seats. Their willingness to volunteer their time and talent to such an entity indicates the importance they place on our EMS system. Finally, a great big “THANKS” to John Milligan and Dr. Kent Petrie for their long and valued service to the Ambulance District. Their key service and support has been greatly instrumental in shaping our EMS service to its present level of excellence.

Larry Brooks

Reg Franciose

Not a fan

I read Richard Carne’s column of May 4 and tried to discern if there was a point buried in the vituperation and sarcasm. Alas, no coherent point or argument was to be found. If you have a point to make, make it. If you have an argument to present, present it. Dispense with the sarcasm. Ad hominem attacks have no place in civilized discourse and are a cowardly and intellectually vapid way to attempt to make a point.

Tom Chastain

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