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Letters to the Editor

Emily Miller

Hello. My name is Emily Miller, and I am 10 years old. After owning a time-share in Avon since 1990, my family moved from Philadelphia to Eagle County five years ago. We wanted to live in the Rocky Mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. My family is what you call “outdoorsy.” We love to hike and bike and ski. We love to go on picnics. Several summers ago, my mom, Anne Wenzel, started a new reward system for our family. For every mile my brother and I hike, we get a dollar. If we hike without whining, we get bonus dollars! Last summer I did a lot of hiking, and I earned $60 for my college savings account. Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon is a favorite hiking spot for my family. This year, when my dad told me that the Bair Ranch in Glenwood Canyon was at risk of development and we needed to raise money to save the land from development and preserve it as open space, my brother and I donated the hiking money that we earned in April and May to help save Bair Ranch. Saving for my college education and preserving open space is about the same thing– having a future I can look forward to. Close your eyes. Think of the most fun and most beautiful natural place outside. Take a minute to look and remember how beautiful it is. Now imagine it with streets, people, and houses. If we want to preserve open space for recreation for our children and grandchildren, for wildlife habitat, for clean air and clean water, for beauty and quiet, then we need to be proactive and save our most precious open spaces now – before it is too late!There are so many other places where new houses can be built. I really hope you will save the Bair Ranch, which is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind place. Preserving open space means that beautiful natural places will still be around for me to enjoy when I grow up. I am “the future” that you are preserving open space for.Emily MillerEditor’s note: Emily Miller planned to speak her thoughts to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners, but they had finished with public comment at a session in May and did not take public comment June 1, when she was in attendance.BlessedWhile it is very nice to see photos of our handsome county commissioners on the front page of the Vail Daily, you really should have had all photos of the awards night recipients.I would like to congratulate these special students for working so hard – they should be proud of themselves and we in the community are. Also, special and bounteous thanks to all the generous donors to the scholarship funds and to all the organizers and fund-raisers who are out there pounding the pavement. You are all the greatest – it’s a privilege to know you all!I would love for the Vail Daily to track these kids and let us know in 10 years what has become of them!We are a blessed community.Barbara A. Treat

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