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Letters to the editor

Chris Lammers

This is in response to Steve Henderson’s commentary on Tuesday, June 15. Do you really believe that oil supplies are going to be around for 2,000 years? We have drilled everywhere to find it and now we are going after small deposits in sensitive ecosystems to support our craving. America would shut down if we had no more oil or even if oil prices rose to levels of the rest of the world. America makes up 4 percent of the world’s population and we use 26 percent of the world’s oil. With developing nations, the demand will increase dramatically. Following the rules of supply and demand, prices will rise with demand as supply drops. How are you going to pay to fill your SUV when prices are $5 a gallon, or more? It is sad that this is the way that environmental concerns will change someone’s mind. You have to make a case that it will cost them a lot of money to pollute. It is sad that people like Steve can’t see the earth, water and air deteriorating every day, caused by irresponsible people and outdated technology. I am not saying that everyone needs to buy hybrid cars. I am saying that people and especially advertisers should focus on selling points of a car, such as it will cost less to operate and doesn’t pollute. Cars aren’t all about horsepower and that my car is bigger than someone else’s. It just doesn’t make sense for a family of three to buy a gas guzzler that was meant to haul around eight people. Granted, all hybrids are small, so they can be fuel efficient. They would be safer if people like Steve weren’t testing out all the horsepower they have pushing a large truck around. Car manufacturers are making hybrid SUVs and trucks that are soon to be out on the market that will be just as safe. It is a fact that burning oil pollutes and that we have drilled most of it out of the ground already. Small pockets remain in hard-to-reach spaces, and drilling there makes for environmental destruction. If it doesn’t matter to Steve that drilling will change habitats for animals that they known for thousands of years, I guess it wouldn’t matter to Steve if an oil company put an oil rig in his back yard. Steve would be able to adapt to those changes like the animals, and it wouldn’t bother him at all, like it doesn’t bother the animals. I guess it wouldn’t matter to Steve if an oil company put a oil rig in the middle of I-70, humans’ main migratory route. The earth has endured a lot of pain to support a human population of 7 billion. We have the technology to help out the planet so my children won’t have to stay inside when it snows because the snow is to acidic. I don’t want to see my children go outside and be burned by the sun in a matter of minutes. I don’t want to pay a huge tax to live in America so that we can clean up our environment when we realize that there is a problem. The technology is available and would be cheaper and keep improving if more people would care about the environment and invest in it. There is no need for people like Steve to criticize this technology and try and stop it from developing. Chris Lammers Avon TeamworkI just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the town of Vail, B&B Construction Co., customer service, code enforcement, the sign code department, the VCBA and the business community in general for their exemplary work ethic and cooperation during the Vail Village construction period this spring.It was particularly gratifying to see the positive attitudes and the overall willingness to help businesses that was displayed by the town and the collective work force:– All suggestions were taken positively and acted on immediately. — The customer service crews were happy, helpful, and pleasant to both the business people and our town guests; and they directed people throughout the village in a safe and courteous manner.– Scott Bluhm’s weekly update meetings were informative and the work schedule given was adhered to. — The extra effort taken by Suzanne Silverthorne and her department in making all signage understandable for our guests is commendable. Most importantly, all parties involved took the approach of commission (what can we do positively) and not one of omission.For myself personally and many of the business owners, we thank all involved for their successful efforts.Steve RosenthalPresidentVail Chamber & Business Association

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