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Letters to the editor


This most recent midterm election clearly demonstrated the dangers of partisan politics, and why it is folly to vote in support of a one-issue president who has manipulated the general populace into believing that there is only one issue of importance.

Before the election, with the exception of the late Sen. Wellstone, there was no mention of Bush’s devastating war on the environment, no mention of his blocking any investigation into his past financial transactions, no mention of his mishandling of the economy, and no mention of his blocking any investigation into what may or may not have been known before 11 September.

And to illustrate things to come under this administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, the new Homeland Security bill that was just submitted to the Senate for vote is not the original bill that had been previously introduced. The new bill that was stealthily and cynically introduced has little to do with the security of this country.

There are now special interest provisions that border on the outrageous, that reek of partisan politics. Homeland Security is not a partisan issue. The new 484-page version is expected to be before the Senate for a mere 48 hours, giving the Senate no time to review the bill. And most will not read it.

There has been no debate, the new bill has not been through any committee, there have been no hearings, there have been no witnesses to testify in support or against the bill. It did not go under any such scrutiny that bills normally go through.

And of course, anyone who opposes the bill will be branded as unpatriotic by this administration, a response seen so tiresomely often.

The original bill had previously gone through all the traditional channels, and the funds had been provided by the Senate Appropriations Committee, unanimously, a group of 15 Democrats and 14 Republicans.

This bill would have hired more FBI agents, improved bomb detection at airports, increased border patrols, equipped and trained our first responders, and increased security at nuclear power plants.

But Bush vetoed it and actually forced the committee to reduce homeland security funding by $8.9 billion, and again forced a delay of another $5 billion in funding.

And now his new version, expected to be passed within 48 hours, that most will not see.

The disappointing characteristic of the midterm elections was not that the Republicans won both houses.

It was that most people don’t recognize that Bush is of no political party. He is, by his own words, “the CEO of corporate America.” CEOs hold no allegiance to any political party.They have about as much loyalty to an ideology as an Afghan warlord.

The disappointing characteristic about the elections is that Republicans are incapable of voting across party lines to stop such a despicable and unpatriotic administration.

Thomas Hohn


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