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After spending endless hours watching the Democratic National Convention, I’ve come to the smashing conclusion that our nation’s domestic and international problems can be solved from right here within the Vail Valley. I urge all my neighbors to write in the bipartisan ticket of Arthur Kittay and Butch Mazzuca. If you have any questions as to how I’ve come to this conclusion, I will be hanging from my Kobe game jersey on the new flagpole in avon, while using my abacus trying to formulate a mathematical equation as to how Michael Moore gets into his pants in the morning.Timmy LewisVailIt’s all DemDemocrats are the true dividers! I’m tired of hearing the Democrats infer that Republicans are the dividers and they would be the uniters. This country is divided because almost half the population still thinks Bush lied about Iraq. It has now been proven by the 9-11 commission, the Senate Intelligence Committee, Russian intelligence and British intelligence that Bush simply communicated what all the intelligence stated, and DID NOT LIE. If the Democrats truly want a united country, they should apologize for falsely accusing the president and bring the political debate back to issues. It’s funny that the country was almost as divided during the Clinton impeachment when half the country though Clinton should be held accountable for committing perjury (which he actually did) and half didn’t.Steven LeeVailAs a WesternCongratulations to Cliff Thompson on his recent article about Horse Mountain Ranch and Magnus Lindholm. He did a pretty darn good job laying out the facts about a complicated and nasty business. But if Louis L’amour had been writing the story, it might have been titled “Land Grab at Horse Mountain.” L’amour would tell the story of a rich European cattle baron trying to force the nesters off of Horse Mountain Ranch. Finally, in desperation the nesters pool their meager resources and hire a gunslinger from Dodge City. The gunslinger strides into Wolcott and calls out the cattle baron’s foreman. With his foreman in Boot Hill, the frightened cattle baron retreats to Europe, leaving the ranch in the hands of his beautiful daughter who has secretly been in love with the son of a nester. And they all live happily ever after. Now, in real life we don’t always live happily ever after. Perhaps a Gerry Spence may show up to do battle with Lindholm’s legion of lawyers, but maybe not. So, children, the moral of the story is: Greedy cattle barons sometimes win out in this life, but watch out for the “next life.” Can you imagine Lindholm slinking up to the Pearly Gates with a scarlet ‘G’ on his forehead and a lawyer on each arm? There stands St. Peter with his arms folded across his chest and a smile playing on his lips.Gerry DooherEdwardsNo respectHere on vacation with my family, I attended the free concert at the Ford Amphitheater (last week). Riders in the Sky were very entertaining, funny and talented and we enjoyed them in the first half of their concert. By the second half, the cacophony of sound from those gathered in the food court was distracting and absolutely rude. Their loud and inconsiderate behavior was noted equally by the performers and attentive audience members. Is such behavior tolerated at “paid for” performances of the symphony? Do different standards of courtesy apply in Vail? As a visitor from the South who was raised in New England, I was saddened by this lack a common respect. I don’t think I want to pay for a symphony ticket as planned for later … and run the risk of a repeat “performance” from the social set.Susan SmithGreat letterBravo to Buddy Shipley for his letter to the editor. Many of us are available at any given time to express our opinions on almost anything. However, not very often are we willing or able to back it up with the extensive research that he has done.Marcie KittayEagleJust askingOne has to admit it sure is fun to read letters to the editor and especially the Tipsline in the Vail Daily, with their varied and clamoring comments about subjects near and dear to our hearts. “A true American” bit of July 29 had a few heavy and bleeped words to Mr. Rogers and Mr. Pope. Would it be possible to use dashes instead of dots for the deleted words? The dots are difficult to translate. The author, whose panties were certainly knotted, must have had a few too many, as I was hoping for more elucidation on the subject of his hate. He might want to go to “truthout.org” for another perspective about our troubled world. Be a better informed citizen! And don’t forget to vote.Fletcher MacNeillVail

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