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Charlene Hicks

For the most part, in reporting on the case against Kobe Bryant, the Vail Daily has attempted to remain objective. In regard to the court transcripts mistakenly released into the public domain, however, I’ve noticed a shift of bias in favor of the prosecution. Most stories by national agencies (i.e., ESPN, MSNBC, and CNN, among others) correctly describe the evidence in question as damaging to the accuser and as tending to exonerate Kobe Bryant. Your reports, in contrast, focus mainly on the accuser’s perspective. This presents a skewed and unfair portrait of events. The defense is not claiming that the accuser lied in order to receive $20,000 from the victim’s compensation fund, as your headline story today suggests. Instead, her receipt of this unusually large sum of money indicates that she is being paid off, directly or indirectly, to continue with the case. Further, the suggestion from some of the sources you quote that the accuser’s medical bills are high due to the psychological “trauma” she has sustained is ridiculous. A cursory examination of the accuer’s conduct after the alleged attack reveals that she was not, in fact, traumatized by her encounter with Kobe Bryant. Moreover, the accuser had serious psychological and drug-related problems long before that incident. Your articles also completely omit any mention of the fact that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s own laboratory completely disagrees with the prosecution’s theory concerning the presence of a third-party’s DNA on the accuser’s body. Indeed, the defense will present at least one expert from the CBI at trial to refute the prosecution’s far-flung theory.In short, your heavy emphasis on the feelings of John Clune and other attorneys sympathetic to the accuser without a counterbalancing and equally adament presentation of the defense’s position is unprofessional. It does not present a true and accurate portrayal of the case. Out of fairness, I urge you to report on events and evidence favorable to Kobe Bryant with the same degree of solicitude that you have shown of late toward the accuser.Charlene HicksPalmyra, Va.Editor’s note: The Daily in fact has repeatedly reported on the defense team’s plans to have a CBI expert testify on their behalf about DNA from another man found on and in the young woman’s body, as well as her underwear.Grand eventOur heartfelt thanks to the Sonnenalp of Vail Foundation for hosting the sixth annual Scramble Against Cancer on July 19 for the benefit of the Sonnenalp Breast Imaging Center at Vail Valley Medical Center’s Shaw Pavilion.For six years, Vail Valley Medical Center has been the beneficiary of this grand event. The funds it provides have given us the critical margin of philanthropy to equip our Sonnenalp Breast Imaging Center with state-of-the-art technology. With their support, we are able to offer the best in prevention, education and treatment to a growing population of individuals in this region.On behalf of all of us at Vail Valley Medical Center and the patients we serve, I want to extend our deepest appreciation to the board of the Sonnenalp of Vail, employees of the Sonnenalp and Singletree Golf Club, the many sponsors of the event, and the volunteers who graciously shared their time and talent to ensure the success of the event. All of you are part of this achievement.Joan BlickVice President, DevelopmentVail Valley Medical Center Scary momentsWe would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the kind and professional people who came to our aid when our 21-month-old son, Jensen, sustained a head injury during a fall. The Sunday morning crew at the Eagle Diner – you all are great. Thank you. David Romero of the Eagle Police Department, your assistance during the first few scary moments were greatly appreciated. Your staying throughout the entire incident did not go unnoticed. Thank you to your wife, Kristie, and your daughters as well, who gave up breakfast with Dad so that you could be the consummate professional that you are. Although we didn’t get your names, to the other police officers who were there, we say thank you as well. The Eagle ambulance crew, specifically Brian and Amy, were professional and went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us stay calm during a scary time. Thank you also for taking the time to speak with our older son, thereby making him more comfortable with sitting in the back of an ambulance. And longtime local, Walt Olson – you’re an amazing guy. You took care of Porter, and paid for our breakfast. You’ve got a large stash of karma coming your way for the kindness, calmness and friendship that you showed us. Dr. Kamper and the ER crew were fantastic from start to finish. All worried parents would be lucky to come under your care. Thank you all very much. Heather and Michael Rawlings VailNo to new liquor storePlease allow me to voice my objection to a fourth liquor store in Edwards.I realize that the county commissioners cannot deny a liquor license for lack of good business sense (i.e. three ice cream stores in Edwards?!) but they must realize what a fourth liquor store will mean to our community.When the little liquor store next to Fiesta’s felt the pressure of three other liquor stores, the proprietor decide his niche market was minors. That’s who he sold to, our kids, until he got cited for selling to underage drinkers and ultimately had his liquor license revoked and went out of business.The increased vehicle traffic, pulling in and backing out constantly, also is a hazard to our children, particularly because this proposed liquor store is adjacent to the one successful ice cream store, Marble Slab. Have any of you seen the abundance of children eating ice cream and hanging out there?The increase in “hanger arounders” (for lack of a better term) are also a concern for me and many other parents. Liquor stores attract a certain amount of unsavory characters. Again, the close proximity to kids is a bad idea. …Ultimately, I would like to see the commissioners wisely turn down this liquor license application. We need another liquor store in Edwards like we need another phone book!New New WallaceEdwards Why, indeedOne can only assume that Mr. Rogers was asking for a response when he asked why Mexico is being economically passed by other countries once below it in per capita economics. The countries that he mentions, Russia, Ireland, Spain, South Korea, have made successful attempts to begin to solve their own problems. The oligarchy that is the Mexican government simply exports its excess population to the U.S., calling it a human right and then depends on the money sent home each year to feed the remainder of the serf class that it perpetuates. What makes the Third World the Third World? Overpopulation, lack of education, corrupt government and low wages. … D.A. King Marietta, Ga.

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