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Rosemary Rawson

Wow! Just read Eileen Rowe’s rant on Polly Letofsky, and I’m wondering who she talking about. Insensitive? She clearly never saw Polly with breast cancer survivors. Privileged? She grew up in a single-parent home that was often barely scraping by. Ignorant of women working two or three jobs? Polly typically worked that in Vail, in Auckland, in Minneapolis, in Boston. India was tough, no question, but all of the nuance she relates about how alien the culture is and how gruelingly poor the poverty, she found inspiration and humor there. That was not the part the reporter cherry picked for her article. I challenge Ms. Rowe to walk three days on the road to Bombay, much less the three months that Polly did.Made no difference to breast cancer victims? Ask the women of Thailand and Malaysia where public forums and special programs were started with the money GlobalWalk raised. She has frequently expounded on the walk, not that she wasn’t supported, but how wonderfully she was supported by the poorest of the poor. She grew weary during the many, many interviews that she had so little time to explain the breast cancer part of the walk, so intrigued were reporters to know how many pairs of shoes she had walked through. Ms. Rowe’s note of the poverty in Somalia, Haiti and Latin America were amusing, because of the 22 countries Polly walked in, those were three she did not.I don’t know what prompted Ms. Rowe’s rant. I know what prompted this. I’m her mother, and I’ve been there every step of the way.Rosemary RawsonTucson, Ariz.Teach themIn response to “Afraid” in the Tipsline: Obviously, this person is against alcohol in general, along with the health benefits that wine provides. As far as our children are concerned, I teach my child daily what is good and what is bad. Alcohol is legal to anyone 21 or older. Hopefully, we can teach responsibility and respect to our children, so that when they reach the age of 21, they can make responsible decisions for themselves. I can only suggest that “afraid” keeps the newspaper away from his/her children so they are completely out of touch with the real world. OK, maybe the sarcasm wasn’t necessary. As for the Tipsline: I always wondered why people don’t stand up for the way they feel and address themselves, but need to remain anonymous. Thank you for your opinion.Janine Glennon Great jobThe Avon Public Library Summer Reading Program would like to thank the following people for their program presentations: Friends of the Eagle Valley Library District, Alpine Bank, Spellbinders, Betsy Bowen, Colorado Cooperative Extension, Gypsum 4-H kids, Corey Meyers of the U. S. Forest Service, Cindy and Casey of the Gore Range Natural Science School, Frank Doll, Jim Himmes of Meet the Wilderness, Steve of Nova Guides, Tom of 4 Eagle Ranch, and Liz Campbell of Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. All these wonderful groups and organizations made our programs fun and exciting. For the months of June and July we had a total of 28 programs with a total attendance of approximately 1119 students and adults.We also wish to thank all the parents and day camps that helped encourage reading during the summer. We hope to see many of you return to the library and discover the joys of being lifetime readers.Brenda Bober and Cathy Ciffelli Children’s LibrariansAvon Public LibraryHowling over columnRegarding the recent column by Allen Best and his romantic desire to see wolves on W Mountain. I know of no faster way to turn the remaining ranchlands of Eagle County into subdivisions. Susan Nottingham Act of kindnessI write this letter as a thank you and a reminder to us all that we need to continue to support our local businesses. Last week a very kind act was bestowed upon me. I went into Gotthelf’s Studio in Avon to see about having a very special ring resized. The ring was my Nana’s. Ever since I was born I have known that some day her ring would become mine, but never in a million years did I ever think that day would come so soon. Nana was suddenly taken from us in a fatal car accident, only five days after visiting Colorado for my wedding. I am now, unfortunately, the owner of a family heirloom. With tears in my eyes I explained to Rudy, a jeweler at Gotthelf’s, why I have the ring and how important it is to me. I left it with him to be resized. I thought I would have to wait at least a week to get my ring back. I left the store feeling more melancholy than before, sad that I wouldn’t have that reminder of my Nana on my finger to touch and gaze at every time I felt that twinge of pain and hurt coming on. To my surprise, I received a phone call later that day from Rudy saying I could come pick up my ring. I thought I surely had misunderstood him. However, in just a few hours, I had this very special part of my Nana with me again. When I asked him what I owed for such a wonderful service, he simply held out his arms and said he understood how I felt, that a hug would be payment enough. Rudy’s kindness to me came at such a critical time and will never be forgotten. It is through acts like these that customers become loyal supporters. Thank you, Rudy.Genevieve SansoneAvonGood stuffDear Matt Zalaznick: Yikes, I feel for you. As you probably know you’re going to get blasted in Tipsline by the ignorant masses after your “The Saved and the Savages” commentary (Sunday, Aug. 1). Just wanted to let you know there are many people who support you and not to get discouraged. Your views are intelligent and well-spoken, a nice change from the typical uninformed rhetoric that most of this valley’s writers and residents support.Keep up the good work.David ThomasEagleLetters to the Editor appear in the Vail Daily, a newspaper based out of Vail, Colorado.

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