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Letters to the editor

Steve Rosenthal

I am writing to clear up any misconceptions that might have been created by a Vail Daily article last week. Scott Miller, a staff reporter, covered a meeting of the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Council (VLMDAC). One of the topics focused on what type of fulfillment piece would be used to answer inquiries from next year’s prospective summer guests.The VLMDAC decided that it would produce its own marketing piece for the summer of 2005. In otherwords, it will not be using the Vail Guide to send to those potential customers who request information be mailed to them.The Vail Guide, however, will continue to be produced by the Vail Chamber and Business Association. Through an association with Orographic Publishing, sales of advertising space began last week. Chris Amoroso and his associate, Angela Rossi, will be contacting Town of Vail businesses to secure their advertising support as well as verify the free listing given to all Town of Vail business license holders.The Vail Guide, which includes all businesses in Vail, is entering its seventh year of publication and will continue to be the only complete communication piece for our guests in both summer and winter.We hope this clears up any confusion created by last week’s article and we look forward to your support.Steve RosenthalSteve Rosenthal is the president of the Vail Chamber and Business Association, and a member of the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Council.Minturn futureToday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m. the Minturn Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider The Minturn Towne Home project, a 27-unit planned unit development (PUD) to be located on the steep hillside behind the Saloon in Minturn. Approval of the PUD at this meeting and at the Town Council will finalize the number of units, number of parking spaces, height of buildings, spacing of buildings, and the design of access roads of this highly visible project at Minturn’s front door.The town of Minturn has allowed the Minturn Towne Home developers to exceed, by 7 feet, the 28-foot limit imposed on all other residentially zoned lots in Minturn. Several of the units will be as tall as the Enclave on Main Street in Minturn using similar technical loopholes to try to conceal vertical height. The distance between four-plex and five-plex units, 10 feet, will be approximately half that required at the Enclave. Garage doors have been allowed as close as 10 feet to the edge of Taylor-Railroad Avenue, while all other residentially zoned lots must maintain at least 15-20 feet from street right-of-ways.With the pending sale and development of major parcels of land owned by the federal government and potential development of Vail Resorts’ 36 acres and other large properties, approval of this PUD without major changes will reinforce the existing inadequate review process. Approval will also condone the town’s elected and appointed officials’ unwillingness to enforce their own rules and unwillingness to proactively protect the town from the effects of ill-conceived development.With the mines long gone and the railroad mothballed, Minturn’s primary current attraction and revenue source is the character of the town itself. If the history of the town and preservation and revitalization of its character don’t interest or delight you, maybe a financial forecast will: High property values and low-quality development is a recipe for a future downward correction in property value. Come see for yourself the future of Minturn.Karl KruegerMinturn No strollThis is a response to the letter to the editor written by Eileen Rowe in response to Polly Letofsky’s walk around the world as if it were a stroll through Ford Park.Why is it that when someone accomplishes something great, be it big or small, there must always be some miserable person who’s opinion must be shared with all?This woman would lose her breasts again as she wrote before living the life of women in some foreign parts of the world, no one asked her to, nor did anyone ask her to walk with Polly nor contribute to the cause. She is very bitter, and obviously oblivious to what Polly accomplished. I can say she has probably not read a single journal entry nor looked at the pictures nor read any of the stories other survivors have posted on her site. If she had, she would have educated herself on knowing that Polly sold ALL of her personal belongings to make off this “adventurous stunt.” Polly accomplished more then she ever expected, and raised the awareness better then anyone could foresee; all this from a woman who is 5-2 and weighs 100 pounds. This woman would probably find something to gripe about Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon or Sir Edmund Hilaryís ascent to Mt. Everest. I find it sad that she is a survivor but does not seem happy to be alive. Peace be with her.Frances McClintockMiamiNo peelingThe Eagle Fair and Rodeo was a blast Friday night! What fun! Thanks to all the sponsors.To the ignoramus who peeled off my political bumper sticker, the First Amendment guarantees my right to free speech. If you don’t like it go register to vote and vote in November, but if I see you touching my car or my stickers or my yard signs I’m going to deck you! I’m pro-choice, I own guns and I vote Democrat!Denise RankinGypsumBest route I would like to ask my fellow community members in Gypsum, and visitors, to please continue to use Valley Road in passing from town to Chatfield Corners, the schools and Cottonwood Pass. If they feel the need to pass through the Cotton Ranch golf course community, please respect the speed limits and watch out for our children and pets. Blackbear Drive has a 20 mph speed limit and is not designed for the same speeds or traffic as the Valley Road. If you want to get somewhere faster, take the highway, not our residential street. The Sherrif’s Office still patrols Cotton Ranch regularly and it is not a safe route of passage for scofflaws and those who do not respect the rights of others. Your consideration is appreciated. Chip TallonChip Tallon is the president of The Village at Cotton Ranch Homeowners Association.vail colorado

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