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Letters to the editor

Neil Muncaster

The Bush-bashing in your Commentary and Letter to the Editor sections by the poor losers of the 2002 election is getting so overblown it’s becoming ridiculous. Most of these articles grossly distort the facts in order to make their anti-Bush viewpoints. Take, for example, the July 27 letter by Jeff Hopp, who claims that the national media is not biased against President Bush and for the ultra-liberals. How does he explain the fact that The New York Times and Washington Post combined had 70 articles about Senator Wilson’s claim that Iraq was not trying to purchase uranium from Niger and that Bush was misleading the nation about this? Yet those papers have now had only two articles when the Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that Iraq’s attempt to purchase was indeed the case, and that even Wilson’s written reports from his trips to Niger contradicted his public statements. This was one of President Bush’s reasons for taking out Saddam, and a justifiable one. Mr. Hopp also bashes Fox News, yet they seem to be the only news organization to detail the new evidence that Saddam did indeed have a very close association with Al Qaeda – again, another of the president’s reasons for going after Saddam. When was the last time you saw NBC, CBS or ABC have a liberal and conservative together arguing their viewpoints, as you so often see on Fox News?Another letter in the July 27 Vail Daily issue by Tom McCalden states firmly that the “ultra conservative” Economist magazine does not now support Bush going to Iraq as they previously did, when, in fact, they still do support the move. The Economist issue that was referred to only states that George Bush and Tony Blair overstated the intelligence information and they should be held accountable for this error, with which I agree. Mr. McCalden also jumps on the Kerry party line that more effort should have been taken to get the international community involved in Iraq. In fact, for many years the U.N. and foreign diplomats had tried to rein in Saddam without success. The Sept. 11 disaster revealed the urgency in doing something about the terrorist situation. The only opponents were those countries who supported the terrorists (e.g., Syria) and the French-German-Russian coalition whose citizens and companies were making billions of dollars through their illegal construction and service contracts with Saddam and through the huge oil-for-food scandal the French, especially, who boot-licked with Hitler during WW II and more recently with Saddam, had too much to lose by supporting a war with Iraq.Neil MuncasterVailCivil effectAll along, Kobe Bryant’s accuser has told us that this trial is not about money. With John Clune now telling the world that his client “The Kobe Bryant accuser” is going to get “justice.” That opinion is now bogus. In my opinion Mark Hurlbert, the DA, read the warning signs in the evidence long ago and has endeavored to distance his presence from the Kobe Bryant trial. He handed over the lead of the prosecution of this trial to other attorneys to avoid the coming backlash at a failed prosecution. I feel confident that had the DA known on July 18, 2003, the full extent of the DNA evidence that has now come to light in this case, he would not have brought the charges against Kobe Bryant. Due to time constraints (required by DNA testing), Mark Hurlbert was unable to know all the DNA evidence that is currently known at that time. I feel sorry for the people of Colorado, to have so much public money wasted on this expensive charade that is going on in Eagle, Colo. The current thinking by John Clune is to skip the criminal trial, and then go straight to a civil case – re: money – which is what he’s after. Clune wants to preclude the chance of losing in a criminal case, thus making the winning of a civil case an uphill battle. Even Judge Ruckriegle is asking the prosecutors to come to a plea bargain. I am sorry, I feel the world in time will come to believe that this girl is a gold digger who has given the entire state of Colorado’s legal system the runaround, along with everyone else.I doubt if we are even going to see a trial.Michael PineHollywood, Calif.Wiser spendingWant another reason why conservative Republicans (like myself) should vote to send George home to Texas? Well, the $144 billion spent thus far in Iraq could have brought our nation much increased security by: safeguarding our ports ($7.5 billion); expanding the Coast Guard ($4 billion); screening cargo containers ($2 billion); protecting airliners from missiles ($10 billion); universal state-of-the-art airline baggage machines ($5 billion); 100,000 additonal police officers ($7 billion); security for roads and railroads ($3 billion); nuclear security ($30 billion); two new Army divisions ($24 billion); double special operations forces ($15 billion); secure Afganistan from future terrorism and maybe find Osama ($19.6 billion). That list would leave our nation much much more secure against future terrorism AND with the leftover $10 billion (or so), we could triple the assistance we give to foreign nations and win back the support we have won with programs like the Peace Corps. Support that George has squandered by bullying his way around the world like a Texas outlaw! So, conservative voters of Eagle County, we are a lot LESS safe now than we were before George invaded Iraq. Vote to send him home to Texas in November. Tom McCalden Wolcott Dream ain’t freeThis is regarding illegal immigration to the valley, and in general. Even though I am a native Coloradan, I feel that it is a good thing, and here is why: The American Dream is not free for the asking. It is not an ethnic or hereditary birthright. It belongs to whomever works for it and wants it bad enough. Nearly every recent immigrant that it has been my pleasure to know works very hard and very well doing things most people would deem beneath themselves. All this should be common knowledge, but it seems from the present political climate that most of us overlook it. We choose to focus on the problems such as health care, schooling, etc., for undocumented persons. And sure, documented citizens are taking an unfair hit on taxes to pay for everybody, but I don’t see any lines outside soup kitchens around here, so it probably means that some of us have to drive an A6 instead of an A8.To those who would consider themselves patriotic because they see the immigration issue as a threat to the American way of life, consider this: This great country of ours was not founded by slackers. It was founded by hard-working immigrants who strived to be the absolute best at what they do. I see no difference between then and now. My ancestors were Irish. They were discriminated against and had to dig ditches and build railroads just to get by. … If you consider yourself entitled by the color of your skin, then you will adapt or you will fall behind. Be the best at what you do, and you will have no worries. Maybe you can’t do the job as inexpensively, but remember that the market for high-quality work done efficiently will always be there. Immigrants are here to stay, legal or not, so start remembering history and realize that in the long run, it will make this country stronger. Don’t forget that your ancestors crossed the border, too.Nathan CummingsVail

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