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Letters to the editor

Kim Langmaid

On behalf of the plants and animals living at Vassar Meadows and the generations of people who will find the area as a sanctuary of wild nature for years to come, I’d like to thank Vail Resorts for their vision and generosity in protecting this land.As a resident of Vail, I am in support of the vision for Vail’s “New Dawn,” including the conceptual “Front Door” project. It is time to refresh our community’s commercial infrastructure and a trade of 5 acres in an impacted zone adjacent to Vail Village is a good trade for 357 acres of ecologically valuable wetlands next to Sylvan Lake State Park. Take a look back over the past two years and recognize the significant successes in land conservation in Eagle County: a new county open space fund, land conservation easements at Taylor City on Tennessee Pass and at Bair Ranch in Glenwood Canyon, and now Vassar Meadows will become public land under the protection of USFS and Colorado State Parks. Momentum is being gained toward the vision of an ecologically minded and responsible citizenry living amidst one of Colorado’s most biologically diverse counties. Let’s celebrate the contributions of Vail Resorts, Eagle Valley Land Trust, The Conservation Fund, Eagle County commissioners and the Open Space Committee, Eagle River Watershed Council, U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Parks and all of the other organizations and individuals who are actively working toward and helping us all realize this vision.Kim LangmaidVailCleanup ideaAn idea that comes to mind after reading (Saturday’s) article on river dumping would have the county provide a few ground level, construction site type Dumpsters at strategic locations around Eagle County. In order to mitigate abuse, they would be monitored by CCTV or a guard, and only be accessible for, say eight hours a day Tuesday through Saturday. They would have to be in locations easier to use than going down to the river bank. The county recently spent $2 million on preserving open space, so I am sure there should be funds for the preservation of clean rivers. Stuart ZimmermanEdwardsGreat SHINDIGThe Eagle River Valley is home to roughly 150 not-for-profit organizations that in one way or another, are dedicated to making this region a better place to live. Thankfully, for all our organizations that depend – all or in part – on contributions, ours is an extremely generous community. The recent SHINDIG, the annual fund-raising event for the Eagle Valley Land Trust, underscored this fact. Because of widespread community support, this was the best SHINDIG ever in terms of funds raised, fun had and new friends made.A huge thanks to our cash donors, including FirstBank, Honeywagon, Warner Development, Evans-Chaffee Construction, Beaver Creek Resort Company, and Land Title Guarantee Company.A tremendous “thank you” to our major sponsor, THE VAIL DAILY, along with other in-kind donors including NCR Broadcasting (The Eagle, Choice, KSKE), Eagle Valley Events, Vail Resorts, Boulder Sausage, Beaver Liquors, Grappa, the Lazy J Ranch, and Cowboy Catering.Big thanks to donors to our silent auction! Heading this list of individuals and businesses are Bob and Jill Warner, who offered a houseboat/waterskiing weekend on Lake Powell; Squashblossom, which provided a beautiful sapphire necklace; and the Vail Valley Center for Aesthetic Dentistry of providing a dental package. Other auction item donors included Baggage Cheque, Mountain Sights, Fiesta’s Cantina, Yoga for Athletes, Christy Sports, 10th Mountain Hut Association, Beaver Creek Stables, Colorado Custom Log and Timber, Foxfield Agility Center, High Canyon Adventures, Debby Webster, Beaver Divers, Wags and Whiskers, Joe Macy, Tom Steinberg, Bob Hernreich, Rich Rogel, Gore Range Natural Science School, Bob Gardner, Bag and Pack Shop, Eye Pieces, Fly Fishing Outfitters, Lord Gore Restaurant, Cosbar, Karats, Chris Anthony. Also providing items for the auction were Vilar Center, 4 Eagle Ranch, Artelena, National Velvet Dry Cleaning, Restaurante TiAmo. Sweet Basil, Peter Bergh, City Market No. 442, Larkspur, Cogswell Gallery, Squashblossom, Le Petit Skier, Pedal Power, Paddy’s, Back Bowl, Aalta Sports, Colorado Mountain Express, Eagle Ranch, Fechin Inn, Steve Litt, Venture Sports, Mountain Burger, Cordillera, Plata Jewelers, and Roxy.All in all, this silent auction had something for everyone, thanks to the diversity and creativity of area merchants and friends of the trust.An annual highlight of the SHINDIG is the Golden Bear box contest, in which people have the opportunity to win a pauvee bear necklace generously donated by the Golden Bear. While only one of 100 boxes contained the necklace, the remaining contained items provided by Mountain Burger, Cascade Village Theaters, Cosbar, Larkspur, Back Bowl, Clickhair.com and Paddy’s. A huge thank you to the local businesses that provided these items!The success of an event is a direct result of the work on the people who put it on. The success of this year’s SHINDIG is a reflection of the tremendous efforts of event chair and Land Trust board member Robin Litt, along with her dedicated committee members Marie Albertson, Patsy Batchelder, Jane Hart, Kara Heide, Diane Levin, Beth Runyon, Jennifer Scroggins and Rosie Shearwood. My sincere thanks to this outstanding committee for their incredible energy, commitment and great ideas! Thanks also to our volunteers for the evening: Becky Puhl, Cathy Dumolt, Sandra Hoffman, Annie Egan and Carleen Lokey.Thanks, too, to the people who attended the fourth annual SHINDIG. I hope you had fun while supporting the trust’s simple and single mission of preserving open space in Eagle County.Cindy CohagenExecutive DirectorEagle Valley Land TrustUltra thanksA big thank you to all of the volunteers at the recent Vail Ultra Mountain Bike Race. With weather conditions wreaking havoc on the bikes, the support crews were most appreciated. A special thanks to the guys from Mountain Peddler Bike Shop who toiled to get my chain unlocked for quite some time. Your efforts allowed me to finish the race. You guys are the best!Kevin Deighan VailSen. Flip FlopMy name is Jane Kenny, and I approved this message.Dear Senator Kerry: The world is at a very dangerous point in time, but our government has kept us safe for the past three years. After 9/11, when President Bush declared the War on Terror and took the fight to the enemy, he provided the strong and steadfast leadership we need at this critical point in time.The terrorists have one goal – to destroy us. President Bush understands that fact and he has not wavered in his commitment to win the war despite all the criticism he takes.So far, the Bush/Cheney government has: strengthened our homeland security; captured hundreds of terrorists in this country; cut deeply into terrorist organizations’ sources of funding; destroyed terror organizations abroad, killing or capturing thousands of the enemy; liberated millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq; caused Libya to peacefully give up its weapons of mass destruction. And all that in three years. These are impressive accomplishments and we’re still moving ahead with the successful War on Terror. Most Americans do realize how complicated the government is. We’re not stupid! Most Americans also have a lot of common sense. We know we need strong, consistent leadership during threatening times.President Bush is consistent. You, on the other hand, Sen. Kerry, can’t seem to make up your mind. You like every side of every issue. You voted for the war, then voted not to fund the troops. One day you said we must destroy the enemy, but then you said we must wage a “sensitive” war. Just how does one go about doing that, sir – challenge the bad guys to a game of softball or checkers? President Bush never wavers, never waffles. I want a leader who will defeat the enemy, not one who wants to make nice to the enemy.For my part, I want to keep the strong, consistent commander-in-chief we have. I am confident that Americans, who surely do understand the complexities of government, are certain they have the strong leader they need during these times. At the end of the day, good old American common sense will kick in, and the American people will overwhelmingly vote to keep the strong leader they have rather than replace him with a guy who really doesn’t know where he stands or what he believes in. Jane KennyJacksonville, Fla.Visiting relatives in EdwardsVail, Colorado

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