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Letters to the editor

Jon McMaster

I think Henri Stone needs to e-mail RNC headquarters and make sure she has her talking points straight. The message that Reichsfurher Bush is pushing is that the war in Iraq made us safer. Henri seems to point out in her column that the war in Iraq has made us less safe by delivering WMDs into the hands of terrorists. Just two years ago the Republicans said the war was to secure the WMDs and keep them out of the hands of terrorists. Which one is it? If they don’t make up their minds soon someone may accuse them of flip-flopping like that evil Sen. Kerry.Henri seems to suggest that the problem with the invasion of Iraq is that by only invading one country in the Middle East we made it easy for them to move the weapons to another country. I just don’t think Mrs. Stone should shy away from the obvious conclusion that is supported by her “facts.” Simultaneous U.S. invasions of every single country in the world! How could the terrorists get away from us if we are everywhere at once? What better way to ensure the safety of the 300 million people in this country than by endangering the 5.7 billion people that inhabit the rest of the planet? How can a foreigner attack us on our own soil if we won’t even let them leave their home countries? What better way ensure the loyalty of our allies than by putting a scared and nervous 19-year-old American with a machine gun on every street corner in the world? That way all the WMDs in the world will be in the hands of the only country with a God-given right to possess them, the U.S. A beautiful pax Americana will spread over the world, and foreign countries will fall into their proper place, supplying the U.S. with resources to be consumed.Also, her suggestion about how traitors like Michael Moore would have been treated in WWII was right on track. I think we should take another page from WWII on how “dangerous” elements within in our own country are treated. Despite having no evidence of treasonous acts, the U.S. government imprisoned tens of thousands of innocent Japanese and Asian Americans in internment camps in the West during the length of the war. It must have worked; you didn’t see any attacks by saboteurs from Japan in the U.S., did you? This method would work perfectly for Mrs. Stone’s current “treasonous” Americans. We’ll just build a wall around everyone that lives in one of those liberal, flip-flopping, commie blue areas of the country. Since coincidentally they also happen to be all the urban areas of the country, we won’t have to deal with those pesky urban poor anymore, either. That way, after the walls are up anyone who steps out of line in God-fearing, patriotic, red America will be instantly deported to the internment camps. Why would any patriotic American question a war that has wasted $100 billion and taken the lives of over 1,000 Americans and over 15,000 Iraqi civilians? A true patriot never questions the leadership of America, no matter how much damage they do to our country and the world. If you disagree there are always more cells in Guantanamo Bay. America Uber Alles. Jon McMasterVailHow it really isEveryone has a right to opine. They do so at the risk of removing all doubt as to their own ignorance. Matt Zalaznick’s commentary on Aug. 26 is a case in point. His ignorance of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict was exposed for anyone with any understanding of the situation to see. Perhaps Matt should spend the time to educate himself to the basic facts of the history of this conflict. I would suggest Joan Peter’s book, “From Time Immemorial,” as a well footnoted and easy to read history of Israel. For the benefit of Matt and anyone else who is unfamiliar with the facts, permit me to point out the following:The League of Nations designated all of present-day Israel and what has become Jordan as the Jewish homeland. The League appointed Britain as the authority over Palestine and Britain determined that to be fair to the Arabs living within Palestine, four-fifths of Palestine should be turned over to the Arabs, and the Kingdom of Jordan was born.In 1949, Israel with the approval of the United Nations became a nation and was immediately attacked from all directions by a multinational Arab force. The government of Israel guaranteed the rights of all Arabs living within Israel and begged them to stay. The Arab military commanders asked them to temporarily leave Israel until the Jews could be “pushed into the sea.” The Palestinian refugees have never been allowed to assimilate into any Arab country, save Jordan, and they live today segregated from their Arab brothers in camps. The Palestinians are used as political pawns by their own brothers. During the same period when the Palestinians left Israel, 900,000 Jews emigrated from Arab countries where they faced increased persecution from Arabs due to the emotional response to the Zionist success in holding back the combined Arab force; 600,000 of these Jews from Arab countries arrived in Israel with little more than the cloths on their backs. Unlike the Arabs, the Jews welcomed their brothers and assimilated them into their new country.Before 1967, Israel existed within borders that did not include Gaza, the West Bank or the Golan Heights. Was this not everything that the Arabs say they now want? When the Arab armies again massed at the boarders for a new assault, the Israelis launched a pre-emptive strike and captured what are now improperly referred to as the occupied territories. By the way, all of Sinai was returned to Egypt when Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel. You may remember that Sadat was later assassinated by Muslim extremists. Territories may have been returned to Syria and Jordan had they agreed to peace, but these nations preferred to remain in a state of war.Under the leadership of Jimmy Carter and then again under Bill Clinton, deals were brokered between Israel and Yasir Arafat to return the disputed territories to Arab control as a land for peace deal. The PLO then revealed its true intentions, reneged on the deals and began the intifadas with all their violence against Israel.So to summarize: Israel existed within the boarders that the Arabs say they now would agree to before 1967 and they were forced into a struggle for their very survival. Israel has been turned down twice when it was willing to bargain land for peace. The Arab leaders have stated time and time again that they will wage jihad until Israel ceases to exist. The slogan “from the river to the sea” is a common refrain in the Arab world to describe the Palestinian state they desire. Israel has taken the high ground in every negotiation, but there can be no deal when the only thing that will satisfy the Islamist is Death to all Jews. It should also be pointed out that Arabs who wish to live peaceably as Israelis are routinely killed by their Arab brothers. Arabs that live within Israel enjoy more civil rights and a higher standard of living than anywhere in the Arab world.David MillerGypsum Campaign themeHow many times and ways do we have to be told? The Senate investigating committee, the 9-11 commission, Richard Clarke, Bob Woodward and so many others have gathered data and confirmed that there was no link between Iraq and al Qaida. Likewise, there was no threat from nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. This remains an ill-conceived war that was undertaken to satisfy some crazy whims or ideologies of Messrs. Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush.They have blithely caused death and destruction, alienated so many people and nations throughout the world, spent billions of dollars and accomplished nothing positive except the demise of one evil leader. While doing so, they have galvanized many confirmed terrorists and induced many other “ordinary” Iraqi citizens to resort to terror. And we now have a country – Iraq – that will continue to suffer death and destruction while our servicemen continue to be killed. While ignoring all of the above, Mr. Bush is now telling us of the need to fear for our lives. And in a further effort to be re-elected, he is concentrating on belittling the candidacy of John Kerry. Those seem to be the only themes and election strategy that the Republican Party can devise. What a sad state of affairs. However, despite anything and everything, many Republicans will vote for George Bush. But how about you independents? You are the ones who make democracy work. Please vote. David Le Vine

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