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Letters to the editor

Joy Overbeck

Seeing the grotesque propagandist Michael Moore on the “Today Show” (Sept. 1) defending the scenes in his silly film depicting pre-war Iraq as a paradise for its people to Katie Couric once again underlined what lying murders of truth this man and his movie are.To quote John McCain, don’t you believe it. Vanity Fair writer Chistopher Hitchens points out in his article on Moore’s film in Slate (http://slate.msn.com/id/2102723) that the evil U.S. bombs in the film montage seen after the children blissfully flying kites are actually hitting Sadam’s palaces and military and police centers, not innocent civilians as Moore insisted to Couric. Adds Hitchens, “I don’t think Al Jazeera would, on a bad day, have transmitted anything so utterly propagandistic.”Of course, Al Jazeera and the militants in the Arab street love Michael Moore and his movie, all of them character assassins allied to try to defeat George W. Bush. This depraved partnership alone should be enough for any thinking American to reject the nearly inexhaustible lies in the Moore movie.Here’s another: Moore insists that the relatives of Osama bin Laden were allowed to leave the U.S. during the flight ban after 911, and without questioning by law enforcement. The 9/11 Commission in its report exposed that whopper as completely false. The report said most were interviewed and none were of interest to the investigation. They left many days after 9/11. Who let them go? The infamous Richard Clarke himself, White House counterterrorism chief at the time, has since said he personally authorized them to leave the U.S., according to the San Jose Mercury News (July 11) and other sources. How come Moore didn’t tell us?And the seven-minute kindergarten-reading delay after Bush was informed about the 9/11 attacks – the delay that Moore drubbed as bumbling indecisiveness? It’s never been reported by the Bush-hating national liberal news media (though the editor of this paper pointed it out recently) but John Kerry himself said on “Larry King Live” that he “sat stunned, unable to think for more than 30 minutes in the Capitol until he and others were whisked out of the building to safety” following the attacks. So Kerry was frozen four times longer than Bush. No wonder he looks like he was just thawed out of cryogenic suspension.The scary part is that some undecideds may be convinced by Moore’s lying, mad dog attacks on Bush and the soft seduction of cinematic persuasion that they should vote the president out. That’s just what Moore told Katie Couric straight out that he wants his fictional “documentary” to achieve. This vicious hate-monger flatters himself that he can decide our presidential election with his lies.Think of it. A pack of Stone Age Middle Eastern freedom-haters, sworn to kill us, allied with a slick American filmmaker to determine the election of our president. If Kerry gets in, he has said he will withdraw a significant number of troops right away. Think how ecstatic that will make al Qaida, the last Baathists fighting us in Iraq, and their ally, Michael Moore.Don’t buy the lies. Do your research on the Internet and keep President Bush on the job.Joy OverbeckEdwardsAppreciate it!All the Red Cliff artists send thank the Vail Daily for the great coverage of (the recent) seventh annual Studio Tour. The articles were great, the map you published was in the hands of many of the people who attended, and it was a successful weekend. Thank you, and especially Cassie Pence, for getting the word out for this unique, local event displaying the creative talents in our small town.Sydney Summers And the Red Cliff Studio Tour artistsAppalling wasteIt is certainly not surprising to read of the outcome of the Bryant case, but it is astonishing to realize the Hurlbert and Hoy had or should have had knowledge of the utter weakness of the evidence in the case they intended to present. Whether it was a staggering degree of self deception or a lack of competence, the DA and sheriff’s offices leapt to poor judgments and went forward in an appalling waste of power and resources.Both should be held accountable.Geof KirschBeaver CreekBryant fiascoLet us hope that Mark Hurlbert, Terry Ruckriegle, as well as all the other incompetents who did things such as releasing sensitive information to the press will resign or be fired without further delay. Our taxpayer dollars have been wasted, a probable rapist has been freed, and a victim’s right to justice has been botched.Peter MackechnieEdwardsFight pillagingWe as a community need to come together to fight against out-of-control development. This is where we live so you would think that it would be common sense to protect this land. I am a 12-year-old boy and I live in the Eagle Valley, and I have my whole life and plan to do so the rest of my life. It makes me sick to my stomach to see this land being pillaged and ruined by people that don’t really care about this land and people that only want the money. This is ridiculous. We cannot let another Magnus Lindholm scenario happen again. We have to preserve our amazing mountain valley. We have to save this place. People like Lindholm claim that things like he did in our valley are good for the community. There is no possible way that this could be even halfway decent for our valley. Think, does our valley really need a super Wal-Mart. Do we really need to have more buildings? We as a community must preserve this amazing place so we can enjoy it for many years to come. Our entire economy relies on tourists coming to our valley, so does it make sense to scar the earth where we live, when the land is what our economy relies on? We must fight development in our home.J.T. SchmittEdwardsAngry? You betYour article “Eagle residents: Good riddance” states that Eagle residents and others reacted with relief, and some anger, at the end of the criminal case against Kobe Bryant.Well I am sure Kobe Bryant is saying, “Good riddance to Eagle, Colo., too.” And I don’t blame him, either. Some, like longtime Eagle resident John Oleson, said Bryant shouldn’t have been charged in the first place. “I think he’s innocent, and he shouldn’t have been charged in the first place,” he said.What do you expect? Kobe Bryant arrives in this town … in good faith and checks into his hotel room. He is immediately identified as a multimillion dollar basketball player for the Lakers by a 19-year-old … . I believe she did in fact voluntarily had sex with him and then plan to demand a large sum of money or file rape charges. Why is she still trying to file a civil suit? She no longer has any credibility and has used up her 15 minutes of fame. …As the case began to develop, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert’s case began to unravel: botched investigations and unprepared on the hearing dates, the contamination of DNA tests. The cards were against Mark Hurlbert from the start.By the time the jury was selected and with opening statements on Tuesday, Mark Hurlbert placed his tail between his legs like a whipped dog and requested that the court drop the case against Kobe Bryant. Forlorn and dejected, Mark Hurlbert faced the media with his face-saving public announcement, thanking everyone for covering up his incompetence and arrogance on a case that never should have been filed in the first place. Mark Hurlbert knows that when he lost the Kobe Bryant case, he will for sure lose the upcoming election. Nothing he says will save his job. This why Mark Hurlbert had to drop the Kobe Bryant case. How droll can he be, thanking everyone involved? Look at how many outside law agencies he needed to prosecute this case.No wonder why the reaction in this town suggests anger at authorities bringing forward case only to drop it at the 11-hour, and weariness of press coverage. Mark Hurlbert has a lot of gall and audacity to dare act like the town lynch mob DA on a “Celebrity Witch Hunt” with the help of his law enforcement cronies tried to convict and hang Kobe Bryant from the nearest tree like a Wild West horse thief. If those celebrities and tourist visitors stop coming to our small podunk town, we very could shrivel up like an expired silver mining town and blow away like a Colorado shrub brush. Now that Mark Hurlbert has ruined the life of Kobe Bryant and lost the case, he will follow the footsteps of the Los Angeles DA. …Linda WhiteEagleThanks for comingThe artists of Red Cliff thank all of the many people who so generously gave of their time, on such a gorgeous weekend, to drive up to Red Cliff for the seventh annual Red Cliff Studio Tour. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Barb BomierRed CliffFingerpointingI wish to challenge the ridiculous notion of John Kerry as a “flip-flop.”President Bush has had the political luxury of only holding a national office for three years. In that short time, he cut funding for job training programs and community college aid and now says he will increase them; cut or froze Pell Grants and now says he will increase them; he opposed the creation of a Homeland Security department and then was for it; was opposed to the creation of the 9-11 commission and then was for it; disagreed with outgoing President Clinton’s warning that Osama Bin Ladin was the greatest threat to our national security, then said Osama Bin Ladin and al Qaida were the greatest threat to our national security; then Osama Bin Ladin only got mentioned once at the Republican Convention.”Wait, 9-11 changed all that.” Well, so did the end of the Cold War. In those relatively peaceful years, John Kerry wanted to cut defense spending. So did Bush Sr. and then Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. In Senate testimony in 1990, Dick Cheney recommended termination of the B-2, F-14 and F-15 Eagle airplanes, the Apache and the Army helicopter improvement program, the M-1 tank – need I go on? John Kerry has voted for all those weapons systems at other times, along with $4.4 trillion in defense spending when he felt it was warranted and not filled with political pork.”Well, he voted against $87 billion for our troops.” He voted for the initial measure to fund the troops using available money coffers and the repeal of the tax cuts for the wealthy. He voted against the second measure, knowing it would pass, that used deficit spending which has greatly contributed to our deficit and passed the bill to our children. The deficit also did not get one mention at the Republican Convention.”He was for the Patriot Act, and then was against it.” He voted for the initial act, with all its flaws, because of the urgent need for intelligence gathering reforms in response to the new threat. He later voted to repeal the nasty parts of the act that include allowing the CIA and FBI to query library records at their own discretion.The president says, “You know where I stand.” Well sir, I know where both you and Sen. Kerry stand. Sen. Kerry will support what he knows is best for the country at that moment in time and in the foreseeable future. You, on the other hand, will proceed with your agenda at all costs without any consideration of the warnings from the populations of your so-called “allies” and the world at large, continue your exclusionary policies such as not allowing people into your campaign rallies without signing a loyalty oath, all the while smearing the good name of someone who has the gall to oppose you. Is this really the action of a “uniter, not a divider”?There’s a saying I learned as a boy in my home state of Iowa. “When you point a finger, you have three fingers pointing right back at you.” It seems the Bush-Cheney camp and those accusing John Kerry of flip-flopping should heed this advice.Jeff HoppEagleVail, Colorado

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