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Letters to the editor

Paolo Narduzzi

I, like many of my Hispanic neighbors, was not born in the USA. My parents and I came to this country from Italy in 1957 by way of Canada. My parents took the Oath of Citizenship in 1963 and as a child I became an American citizen, too. I was not old enough to vote until the 1972 national election. That day was a special day for me. I looked forward to it with more antisipation than I had my 16th birthday (the day I got my driver’s license). That may seem odd to a young person today, but anyone old enough to pass the local driver’s test can get a license anywhere in the world and people can drive without a license in some places. The main reason it was special for me was that I knew that the right to vote in free and fair elections doesn’t happen everywhere, and I wanted to vote in order to change what was happening. I was in the military, in Vietnam, and in my heart I knew that we did not belong there. Most of the voters in that election did not agree with me. I was disappointed but not discouraged. I had a sense then, and I know for certain today, that by voting we influence the future. We stand and state what we believe to be in our best interest. Since then I’ve voted in every election I was eligible to vote in, and I know that my votes have influenced my children’s education, the appearance of the places I have lived, and the well being of the people and the businesses of my community, my state, and my country. The right to vote presents every American citizen with awesome responsibility and the power to influence the future.I ask every citizen to stand and declare by voting what you believe to be in your best interest in this and every election. Participate in choosing your future by registering and voting this election season!Oct. 4 is the last day that you can register to vote in the Nov. 2 election. Registration is easy. Simply go to your local county office building (the same place you registered your car) and ask for a voter registration form. The form is available in English and in Spanish. Return the completed form, show them the requested documents and you will be registered to vote and take part in a truly precious opportunity.Paolo NarduzziEagleBlowing smokeA recently published column by Roger Marolt in an Aspen paper was titled: “It’s getting hotter than Vail around these parts.” In bold type was a quote: “Vail was a truck stop with a ski area that looked like Disneyland. It wasn’t a real town.”This writer’s first thoughts were relative to the name Marolt, and quite possibly the results of long-time Aspen family inbreeding that may have slightly rewarded them with unique experiential reality perceptions, or possibly they are smoking the really good mind-altering substances.”Go to Vail!” is the opening sentence. “That’s just what I tell folks around here who want to install Astroturf in the parks, erect trendy base villages, create skating rinks with theme shops at midmountain and expand the airport to allow 767s to service the valley. Go enjoy all of these amenities in the infernal valley to our north. You can get about twice as much house for your money there, to boot!”Holy smoke, I am inclined to ponder about the quality of what they inhale along the Roaring Fork River.Since this was in a paper owned by the local printed media magnate, I would like to see the entire op-ed reprinted in the Vail Daily.The bragging he does in the next quote: “I, for one, don’t care. I’ve earned my place here in heaven; I make this confession because I have faith that most of you agree that Aspen is a far superior place to live than Vail. I can’t otherwise explain why you would be here, singing in the pricey choir loft.” These quotes are in the first quarter of the two-column full-length-of-page waste of newsprint.”They can never become what we are – a bona fide town with soul and a thriving economy. Unfortunately, we can become what they are. I’m afraid we may lose everything special about this place we love so dearly. Remember, Vail is forever.”Possibly this is sarcasm or written with tongue-in-cheek. It is difficult to rationalize any real cause for this egoistic pomposity.”So the next time someone starts selling you on all of the ‘improvements’ we need around here, tell them to go straight to Vail. It’s a damned good place.” Notice that Aspen copied Vail’s roundabouts after 10 years of argument that what works in Vail could never be a solution to Aspen’s entrance gridlock upon any normal daytime rush hour.”Vail has never met ambiance that it couldn’t manufacture, while Aspen hasn’t ‘kept up.’ Their skier-days have soared. Our real estate values have soared. Easier yet, just compare the average worker bee in Pitkin County to the average honey-sucking, cross pollinating in Eagle County.”All I can say is Whew, something around this article is creating a loud sucking sound.Steve ZorichakVailDefends DAI would like to defend Mark Hurlbert. Kobe Bryant met a girl, brought her back to his room and had sex with her over a chair – while his wife and child where at home in Newport Beach. … Then, he misled authorities by stating he hadn’t had sex with her, and then stated he had, and went on to say it was over a chair and explained this by stating, “That’s just my thing. That’s what I do.” Mark Hulbert appears to have had reason to charge Kobe with rape. Perhaps it was consensual, but Mark Hurlbert had to work with what was given to him. Wealthy people perform criminal acts, too, and we shouldn’t give them slack because they have the resources to outspend the DA 35 to 1.I was in Los Angeles this past weekend for a wedding and everybody was coming to me with the Kobe stuff, knowing I live Eagle County. Educated people were bashing Mark Hurlbert and asking if I was embarrassed to admit being from Eagle County and whether I wanted him run out of town. This guy was just doing his job. Rape or no rape, Kobe is a dirtbag and I think itís a shame Mark Hurlbert is taking a beating in the press. I am honored to be from Eagle County and glad that Iím not brainwashed like many of these folks in L.A. Perhaps Colorado Mountain News Media can write an article that will show the voters Mr. Hurlbert’s entire record so that weíre not judging him solely on Kobe’s PR machine.James SullivanAvon

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