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Letters to the editor



Using your column to attack Councilwoman Diana Donovan for asking some very pertinent questions about the proposed Conference Center, you obviously missed a story in the same day’s newspaper about how the Keystone Resort Conference Center is losing over $1 million per year.

You either don’t read the newspaper you edit, or don’t understand the meaning of leadership. Leadership requires asking tough questions.

Asking those questions does not amount to Diana telling her constituents they’re wrong. It does amount to her making damn sure that the wishes of voters are carried out in a fashion that makes sense to Vail’s long-term health.

Councilwoman Donovan has shown her leadership for years, first on the Planning Commission and now on the council. To have you lambaste her for leading, rather than following, is hypocritical: You won’t be paying the tax, and the Daily will still be charging downvalley businesses excessive rates for advertising even if Vail businesses go broke because nobody wants to pay the sales tax to build the conference center. Our customers already have problems with our 8.4 percent sales tax.

Wendi Losasso

Editor’s note: The Quick Takes commentary directly above the one questioning whether Councilwoman Diana Donovan fully understood that the voters approved of the conference center question in Vail was about how the Keystone conference center was responsible for 34 percent to half of the resort’s lodging reservations. And the Quick Takes column on the previous day discussed the $1 million loss in operating the recently expanded center in this past year and a projected $1 million loss this year. Same author wrote all three items.

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