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Letters to the editor

Frank Flood

All of us take much of the daily routine for granted. I am writing to offer a public thank you to some of our wonderful Vail Valley health and safety personnel.Two years ago, my wife lost a long and valiant battle to cancer. VVMC, Colorado Mt. Medical (Dr. Schorr), Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Valley Hospice were all incredibly professional, sensitive and caring throughout an arduous ordeal. While I thanked them all individually for their care and support, I always intended to share my appreciation publicly.I have another opportunity. Two weeks ago, my 5-year-old grandson and I had a very serious golf cart accident at the Beaver Creek Golf Club. Within minutes of the accident, my golf pro, his staff, my friends golfing that Sunday morning, Beaver Creek Security, our local fire department and VVMC ambulance were by our side as we were transported as trauma patients to the Vail Hospital. What great care and concern they offered. The trauma surgeon and the E.R. staff were there in full swing. X-rays, C.T. scans, blood tests, EKG, etc., swiftly followed. Dr. Lawrence and the entire professional staff were on us immediately and did not stop until they were sure life threatening injuries did not occur. When you can’t breathe and you are in shock and serious pain and deeply concerned over the health of your grandchild, believe me, you take all the help you can get and thank God for it.Fortunately, Peter was only mildly injured. I was kept in ICU for two days until the medical staff was sure internal injuries were under control. Every nurse, doctor, radiologist, etc., was incredibly diligent. The driver and the EMT personnel came to visit the next day, as did ER personnel.We take way too much for granted. Our fun lifestyle in the “adult camp” of the Vail Valley can be snatched away instantaneously.I read from time to time innocuous complaints in Tipsline and letters to the editors. I say, “Get a life and smell the roses.” We live in an area that is not only beautiful and bountiful, it is inhabited by some of the finest, caring, professional people one can find anywhere. Let us say thank you to all those people who constantly devote themselves to helping their fellow citizens in need. I sure was fortunate to have them available in my time of need.Frank FloodElkhorn, Wis., and Beaver CreekRight manThe upcoming election is probably the most important election of our lifetime, and if you thought you vote didn’t matter, think again. Every vote counts and every vote is critical to the outcome of this election. You may not agree with some of the decisions George W. Bush has made as president, but he is the right man for this time. The most important issue to consider when you cast your ballot is the success of the war on terror. If the United States is not successful in the war on terror, nothing else is going to matter – the economy, health care or Social Security. Terrorists don’t have an economy, health care or Social Security. And if they win, you won’t, either.The local election is far more important to you from a day-to-day standpoint than the national election. The county commissioners affect the quality of life in your neighborhood and how your local tax revenue is spent. If you care about the quality of life in Eagle County and the state of Colorado please join me in casting your vote for Heather Lemon, Jack Taylor, A.J. Johnson, Richard DeClark and Mark Hurlbert. These people care about you and the quality of your life in Eagle County and the state of Colorado!Barbara BunnerEagleVail, Colorado

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