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Letters to the editor

Mark McKinney

It was perfectly logical for conservative Americans to vote for George W. Bush in 2000. Just as it was right that all Americans rallied to the president during our time of national crisis. However, in spite of the existing atmosphere of permanent crisis, not all conservatives feel compelled to temper our convictions.Many true conservatives question the legitimacy and the wisdom of the war on Iraq, how it has been waged, and what it is now costing us, economically, politically and spiritually.We don’t agree that getting Saddam was more important than getting Osama.There are conservatives who are still angry about the handcuffing and stonewalling of the 9/11 Commission, and the Bush administration’s attempt to prevent its very existence. Some of us do care who really wrote and are profiting from Vice President Cheney’s energy and environmental policies, and are unhappy with the drastic changes in direction and protection.Conservative parents share the distress of Republican governors over the unfunded “No Child Left Behind Act.” and its effect on our schools and our children.Many of us question the fairness of the Bush tax “relief,” and are greatly concerned about the debt we are leaving our children.Conservatives believe in the American Dream, and we know that it can’t be available to our children if health care is not.Being conservative means believing in traditional values, such as these.Sometimes being conservative means believing change is necessary.Mark McKinneyVailGrown into jobAt the first county commissioner candidate forum sponsored by the Homestead community, I had a good opportunity to see the five candidates in action. It was pretty clear to me that Commissioner Arn Menconi emerged as the clear leader.Driving home I thought about what a difference four years can make. When Arn Menconi was first elected four years ago, the general feeling was that he was a well-intentioned, possibly naive rookie. Anyone who watched and listened to Arn that evening would have seen a man who has clearly and comfortably grown into the job.I have had the opportunity to get to know Arn over the past four years. Also, I have had the opportunity to work closely with him on the Board of the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau. I have learned to appreciate Arn’s interest and understanding of our business community’s needs and challenges. I believe Arn not only understands the intricate weaving of our quality of life with the day-to-day successes of large and small businesses but he sees the importance of a long-term sustainable business environment. Arn truly understands that long-term sustainability requires a strong integration of our economy, our natural environment and our community values. Yes, we have immediate and demanding issues in our County but today’s decisions will have lasting impacts. Arn has the vision and the experience to make good decisions for today and for the future. As the candidate forum made clear, issues facing our towns and county are becoming increasingly complex. Arn’s love of Eagle County and daily commitment to make it a great place for all of us to live comes through loud and clear. To meet the demands of the future, we need leadership that is innovative, imaginative and inclusive. I believe that the future of Eagle County will be best served by re-electing Commissioner Arn Menconi. Stan CopeEdwards

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