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Letters to the editor

Amanda Jensen

My Country, Oh my dear Country,Where we are free to bitch, moan, and scream”The flagpoles too big,” the people exclaimedWhile our brothers lie dying and maimedFighting for the very thing they take in vain. Our name, our flag, its all lost respectTo a man with greed in his hand And our soldier’s blood lost in that land..Far away ñ where the oil isYou know it’s all about big bizAnd what about this war?What exactly are all these people dying for?So Halliburton’s assets can grow?Hmm … Now, is it 1.3 or 1.4 BillionThat is unaccounted for?This whole warPackaged, marketed, and soldPlaying on our emotions from that tragic day9-11, it saddened us soUntil we became angry and said “Someone has to pay”So our Prez took the cuePointed his fingerAnd cooked up a big pot of bullshit stew.Drug our children into the pitsWhere he’s never beenCuz instead of serving his time in VietnamI think he was at the Ritz.Drinking and playing his life awayDepending on daddy, never having to pay,Always getting his way,Not unlike that one Election Day. He’s cutting taxes, while incurring a huge debt.Funding for this war certainly isn’t coming out of his pocket. It’s our moneyTaken from the excess SS binAnd just when all those baby boomers are heading for retirement.Budgets slashed in schools around the nationMore children are in poverty and George Bush spent 500 days on vacation?The likeable George W. BushHe has no real voiceJust a puppet in the great big raceOf money and powerWhich became a new monster with the falling of the twin towers. When they got into officeThey all promisedMore jobs for the massesNow lets look at the facts:2,000,000 jobs lost91,000 jobs gainedAnd those few gained have only offered a slight reduction in the painFor the folks with no health insurance for their families And a huge reduction in their salaries. Mission Accomplished?What does that mean?But since that all show dayWhen the prez declared victoryHundreds more mothers and fathersOur sisters and brothers have lost their livesAnd for what?It wasn’t just a little white lie.I mean geez, it wasn’t even the right guy. A war that was publicized under the guise Of phrases like:”Weapons of Mass Destruction”And “The War on Terror”He certainly is good at titlesSay, maybe he should have been a writerSo this nightmare could be fictionInstead of The New American VisionWe are already in so deepThe stakes are getting steepWe can’t do this againSo dear Goddess I do demandThat America as a wholeFinds it in their hearts to say “NO”And let Uncle Sam find a new beau I think we have had enoughLet’s give the other side a tryAnd maybe …Just maybe finally each American will have a slice of the pie Amanda JensenVailSave the valleyMost people I speak to moved to the Vail-Eagle Valley because of the mountains and open space. Why then do we need to develop every last acre in this already congested valley?I am talking about Eaton Ranch. We do not need more big boxes, shopping centers and commercial offices to distract from this beautiful area.We have very little open space left on the valley floor, and I hope and pray that the Vail Valley foundation succeeds in raising enough money in the next year to rescue this last bit of natural beauty (72 acres) just west of Edwards. Please help support this project!Bobbi HagermanEdwardsVail, Colorado

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