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Letters to the editor

Al Montano

I feel it is important for me to make the citizens of Eagle County aware of the attributes of A.J. Johnson. I have worked with A.J. for over 20 years and I know him to be honest, hard working and a man of integrity. He is intrinsically motivated to do his best in any endeavor that he undertakes. He has the ability to bring community leaders and the public together to resolve issues and build teams with common goals, and his leadership is demonstrated through the teams he builds. He is known by his peers to accomplish the most difficult jobs that very few would take on themselves.He is the most effective and compassionate leader I have ever had the pleasure of working for. As a Hispanic citizen of Eagle County, I am proud to have worked for one of the greatest leaders Eagle County has ever known. I know he will be an exceptional Eagle County Commissioner. He will be steadfast and determined to work for the people, not the special interest groups with secret hidden agendas.A.J.’s accomplishments are too vast to list here, but next time you need emergency assistance, think about the emergency radio system that works in the most remote areas of Eagle County. A.J. Johnson can be commended for the implementation of this system with the capability to link all emergency agencies in this county together on one system. This is the caliber of project and team work that A.J. Johnson is known for.He is an asset to this community and fully understands the scope of the problems at hand and will work hard for all the people of Eagle County.Al MontanoDoesn’t pay offIt amazes me how violent actions never work in favor of the starters and even come back to haunt such subjects who utilize such strategy to create attention or win battles. There is a Latin saying: “The curse always turns back around against the wizard.” The proven fact of undesirable consequences from violent actions are a present reality that many choose not to pay attention to, attempting to justify more violence.The horrific act of terrorism to the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, could be considered a successful attack by the initial point of view of Mr. Bin Laden. However, it made the USA more united, developing great sense of patriotism in every individual living in this country including noncitizens. Never were so many American flags raised so high with pride, and America stood up taller than the buildings taken.President Bush’s act of war against Iraq, justified by the unsuccessful search of weapons of mass destruction, continue to cost the lives of American soldiers and innocent civilians.Look at the ELF organization, for example. They like to terrorize things to promote attention against enterprises destroying the environment. Those jack asses burned down Elk Lodge, resulting in a rebuilt, bigger and better lodge with the cost of another part of a forest with those huge Canadian logs. Most of their stupid acts justify the reasons for the attacked institutions to go on destroying the environment.Recently we all have read about the vandalizing of Bush campaign signs. The amount of publicity that those acts gained made the political campaign a big target for the media and the free propaganda has been a back shot.People in general have to learn with the experience of others, being good or bad. It appears the bad are the ones resulting in better education. Peaceful actions, common sense, respect for one another and smart input must be the solution for a better world for our children.Eli DeSouzaVail, Colorado

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