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Letters to the editor

Craig Wiedl

Don: For years I’ve enjoyed your editorials. Always a good and enlightened read. I took interest in your “Quick Takes” column regarding the Vail conference center in yesterday’s Vail Daily, Dec. 28.I’m writing about your frustration with the Town Council for not moving forward with approval since the voters have already shown their assent, even if by a small margin.I can’t remember the budget amount approved by the voters for the conference center, but I think it was in the range that’s being forecasted now. Your presumption is the conference center was designed with that amount in mind, when in fact there were several design paths the architects initiated. At the meeting I attended, six options were presented. Some of them would probably cost more than the budgeted amount, and some probably quite a bit more.Just because the majority of citizens at the informational meetings voiced approval of the “natural” design, and the decision-makers opted to follow suit, does not necessarily mean this design can be accommodated with the approved budget. We have very capable people on the Town Council, all veterans in their particular fields, and all capable of making prudent fiscal decisions. These folks would like to determine, approximately, how much this could cost before we cause additional time and resources to be committed. Let’s not yet engineer something that could need to be sent back to conceptual planning because after spending tens (or more) of thousands on design and engineering, and months creating and pricing the design documents, it’s far over budget. Where would the extra money come from? It would be irresponsible for the council to proceed without verifying the potential cost was consistent with the voters’ expectations. Please forgive any factual errors I’ve made.Craig WiedlVailArgument for domeWith all the flak about the costs of a new convention center and how to build the “natural” look (round roof, etc.), everyone and the powers-that-be are overlooking a technology that can solve those problems. This technology has been around since 1974. Thousands of these building have been built all over the world. These buildings are fire-proof, hurricane/tornado-proof, earthquake-proof, insect-proof, mold/mildew-proof, even avalanche-proof! “Proof” being if anything is something-proof, it is that which man can build and still be cost effective. FEMA and the Red Cross approve our buildings as disasters centers since they are “as proof,” as anyone can build them. Tornado winds have been measured at about 300 miles per hour. Our buildings have a safety factor of about 1,200 miles per hour, four times the maximum wind ever recorded for a tornado. Our building can be built with a diameter of 1,000 feet and require No interior bearing walls. How does that affect the costs of interior design? It’s pretty obvious to me that interior design can be accomplished with a better design and considerable less cost if the design is NOT dictated to by where a “bearing” wall HAS TO GO. Fire insurance premiums for our buildings run one-eighth, or less, than premiums for conventional buildings. The heating/cooling costs for conventional buildings run 50 percent to 75 percent higher than our buildings. Because of our superior insulation, we only require about half the size of the mechanical/electrical equipment and therefore use only about half of the power required for conventional buildings. That’s a considerable saving by itself. Then there is maintenance. We don’t usually have ANY for about 12 to 15 years, and then it usually is only a coat of paint. By the way, what is the longevity of your conventional building? Thirty, 50, 100 years? Ours run CENTURIES! When you add up all the costs over many years, our buildings save you, THE TAXPAYERS, 50 percent to 75 percent compared to conventional buildings. That means, our savings WILL PAY FOR YOUR BUILDING in 15 to 20 years. IS THAT WORTH CONSIDERING? We built a church for $1,200,000 and it paid for itself in just 13 years from these savings. I could go on and on, but I won’t. If you and the powers-that-be will just do a little research and really learn about what I’m talking about, then and only then can anyone make an informed decision. It’s really very easy. Get on the Internet and visit Monolithic.com. Check out the first page that comes up and click on Monolithic Dome BBS Index. Start from there. Then click on Monolithic Dome “R” Fairy Tale and learn what insulation is really about. There is a lot of “proof” to look at – if you care about what your convention center could really be ,you’ll check this all out. Then get on to talking to the-powers-that-be so that they will see the light and maybe, JUST MAYBE, VAIL WILL GET A CONFERENCE CENTER that won’t go over budget and won’t cost you (VAIL TAXPAYERS AND FUTURE GUESTS) higher taxes and money not available, which could make or break the success of this project! P.S.: And this CONVENTION CENTER IS a building the Monolithic Dome Institute could build.Murray V. Heminger Jr. What if?Please think about this for a minute: The U.S. is spending $5 billion a month in Iraq, $60 billion a year. So far, as of this writing, our government has committed to spending $35 million in relief efforts following the earthquakes and tsunami in Southern Asia. Equal to what we spend in five hours for Iraq.What would happen if this administration and Congress announced that they were diverting $1 billion (six days of war) from the war funding to the relief effort? Not “new” money or more borrowed funds, but money cut from the war budget to aid the millions of people suffering in the Bay of Bengal ond throughout more than eight affected countries.Truely swords into plowshares.How would the Muslim world react to money spent to relief suffering rather than killing them? After all, Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world. Could this go a long way toward convincing the world that the United States is truly a kind and generous nation?And how many lives, even of American troops, could be saved by spending the money to provide emergency relief rather than wage war?Please think about it.Thank you for your attention.Bruce GillieVailMedia’s messageMake no mistake, the apocalyptic disaster on the other side of the world is a grim reminder of just who is in charge on this planet. The death toll from earthquake and tsunami has already exceeded (100,000) human beings and will most likely keep climbing. This terrible fact, and the widespread devastation and destruction is mind-numbing. As I watched, horrified, the unfolding television accounts of this disaster, I for one was appalled by the insensitivity, crassness and just plain stupidity on the part of all national television media that for several days gave almost equal time (between tasteless commercials for products that we did not need or want) to first pictures of piles of dead bodies then pictures of piles of unclaimed luggage at Midwestern airport terminals.Despite the goodness and generosity of spirit of most Americans, “the medium is the message”; and therefore it is no wonder that much of the rest of the world truly hates the United States for what appears (on television) to be a self-absorbed and clueless people in terminal denial.Peter BerghEdwardsVail, Colorado

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