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Letters to the editor

Josef Staufer

On Dec.13, the town of Vail Planning and Environmental Commission voted five to two to uphold the town staff’s recommendation to deny the application of the developer of Crossroads for Special Development District No. 39. I understand that the developer is appealing to the Town Council to overturn the findings of the Planning Commission. I sincerely hope that the council will uphold the decision of the Planning Commission. The proposed development would irrevocably change the character of Vail. If the developer is right in his claims that “alpine” is out, why is it that the first stop our guests make is Gasthof Gramshammer, if they are lucky enough to get in the door? Let’s not forget that “alpine” has made us and had Lionshead stayed with the program, they would not have to spend multi-millions now to make it attractive. I never thought I would become a cheerleader for Vail Resorts, but they have spent millions to make the Marriott Hotel look attractive and are now embarking on projects, spending hundreds of millions to make Lionshead compatible with “the romance and charm of Vail’s own alpine heritage” ( their ad in the Vail Daily). They obviously have got it, and I hope that the council will continue to protect “the romance and charm of Vail’s alpine heritage.” The developer’s slogan is “Bring people back to Vail.” If we need pin ball machines and bowling alleys to bring people back to Vail, we are in sorrier shape than anybody could imagine. The application should be denied on all grounds included in the staff memo dated Dec. 13, 2004. In addition, all zoning rules should be applied equally to all applicants. Village Inn Plaza Phase III was required to drop one story at East Meadow Drive with a setback of over 20 feet; 60 feet height without any setback is preferential spot zoning and therefore unacceptable. The distances shown between buildings on the west side ranging from 45 to 83 feet are mostly achieved by taking the neighbor’s property into consideration and the setback on the developer’s property is mostly zero. I appeal to you not to let greed ruin our town forever. Josef StauferVailMerry Christmas!Matt Zalaznick, I just read your column of Dec. 29 and I’d high-five you if I could! (OK, OK, I’m a day late in reading but it’s been a busy Christmas season.) The reality is that Christmas has been and, will always be, a significant part of my life. I’m offended by those who do not wish for this tradition to be a part of everyone’s world who live in the United States of America. I respect your perspective as a Jew and I have a true experience that puts this into perspective. Several of my close friends are Jewish and understand my feelings towards my wish to freely say “Merry Christmas.” In response, I will hear Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah! I think that is great. The point being is that I should be allowed to express my feelings and, in response, one should be allowed to express theirs. I applaud your understanding of this right (and need) for all of us to stand behind what we believe. This isn’t rocket science and I hope the administration of Eagle County schools will understand that education includes several elements that are not rocket science! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of your readers. Thomas M. PiercyDenver Safety measures?We consulted your Dec. 25 edition for information about New Year’s Eve in Vail and were amazed to discover that “adjustments in bus service … to create a safe and fun atmosphere” included the not insignificant adjustment of cancelling the in-town bus service completely from 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve until 6.30 a.m. next day. This will ensure that many people will be walking late at night on icy roads between Vail Village and Lionshead. Hardly fun, certainly not safe.Consulting the manager of the town bus service, we were told that he cancelled the service because drivers could not be kept safe from drunken young revelers. Apart from the fact that such a decision should not be taken at the operational level, isn’t it the function of the town’s police force to ensure public safety?Then we discovered that people under 21 will be banned from the pedestrian village, which has been declared a special event district. Presumably, whoever made this declaration also has power to suspend the constitutional rights of citizens aged between 18 and 21 granted by S. 1 of Amendment 26. Such high-handed, authoritarian behavior belongs in petty dictatorships. It is out of place in Vail, whether viewed as a family resort or as a sophisticated international resort.Dorothy CordesVailVail, Colorado

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